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Instructional Objectives For Language Teachers

Too Narrow


Too Broad

Lists of specific learning tasks students are able to do

Descriptions of expected students performance at the end of instruction

Statements of general goals

Adds two numbers that are less than 10

Adds whole numbers

Develops proficiency in mathematics


Instructional Objectives

Provide direction for instruction

Provide guidelines for testing

Convey instructional intent to others



Teaching procedures: to explain how to use the preposition on.

Intended learning outcomes: Use the preposition on before days, journey, etc.



Different verbs can be used: understand, know, list, distinguish, etc

Two types: Single statement (1)                        Funnel statements s



1.      Improves his/her writing skills about national topics.

2.      Composes a well-organized 500 words paragraph about tourism in Oman.


  A statement of specific student performance:

Lists at least three disadvantages of eating junk food.

  General objective clarified by a sample of specific student performance.

Understand the meaning of terms

1.1 Defines the terms in their own words.

1.2 Identifies the meaning of the term when used in context.

1.3 Distinguishes between terms that are similar in meaning.