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20 May 2002 - For the once annual update of my site, I've made a few changes.  I've added The City of Angers Page and the Random Curiosity Page.  I also changed the questions in the guest book.  Hope you enjoy it; I spent a lot of time on it when I probably should have been doing my homework.  I've noticed that this last semester I've gotten Quite lazy, so it takes a while for stuff to get done around here.  It's probably the weather, and maybe a little to do with the fact that I'm graduating in exactly 5 days!!  But at least I updated it this year. 

28 August 2001 - This will probably be the last update for a long time, but not the end of the Stealthy Elephant. New site for the Eclectic Collection, Doushite? Why Ask?. It's a very cool site, so go visit it. Also if you have checked out the Stealthy Elephant's Random Chaos, you will notice that the Stealthy Elephant is going to France in a few days. Using its stealthy skills and connections, the Elephant has found a way to keep you updated on its adventures in Angers. Take a look at The Adventures of the Stealthy Elephant in Angers, France.

10 August 2001 - Welcome to my second attempt at creating a website I like. My last one was fun, but I didn't really like it. I'm just not inspired as to what I should put on here. I have no idea what would really be of interest to other people. I could do that Stories About My Friends And Family thing, but those are the only people who look at this page and who wants to read about themselves?

An Eclectic Collection of Stuff I Enjoy

Naatak Films - This is the website for my absolute favorite movie, Bugaboo. It's an independent film all about randomizing and junk. http://www.naatak.com

The Rice Boy Page - A collection of wannabe rice rockets. It's pretty entertaining to see what other people thought would be a cool idea. http://www.riceboypage.com

The Shamu Adventure - I know you are all going to make fun of me for this one, but let me say first that the only part of it I look at is the Shamu Cam, nothing else. I like watching the whales swim around. http://www.shamu.com

The Hallsted Family Webpage - Mike graciously let me post some of the pictures from my trip to Tokyo. So if you want to see a very small collection of my photos go here. If you want to see a bigger collection, you'll have to come to me. http://www.hallsted.com

Jodette's Belly Dancing Academy - I've started taking belly dancing classes here and it is so much fun! I'm not anywhere near as good as Jodette. It takes this thing called coordination and apparently I have none. http://jodettes.freeservers.com

Doushite? Why Ask? - If you like anime you should go here. This my friend's site and he updates it often. There's also stuff other than anime here, like Project MiL, I'll let you check that one out yourself.