In 1989,  while researching the  topic of  electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure and health,  the author discovered  some  difficulty in readily accessing such  information.  It was found also that an  increasing number of people  were seeking advice  regarding EMR exposure.  

In an attempt to fill this knowledge gap, with tacit approval of  some members of the medical and scientific professions,  the EMR Committee  was established under the auspices of  the   Sutherland Shire Environment  Centre.  This committee  was convened  by   Betty Venables  from 1990 until 1996 when  she  then established and now co-ordinates the  EMR Safety Network-international.  Since the inception of this work the following aims have been paramount :

Betty Venables currently holds membership in  the following associations: 


Her efforts include a number of  written submissions  in  response to government  inquiries into  EMR and other environmental pollutants.


The entire  book Electromagnetic Radiation and Your Health    B Venables ),  published in 1999  ( See YOUR SAY page for a critique) was  accepted as a supplementary  submission to her original submission  (No 111) to  the Australian Government Senate Inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation (June 2000).


The EMR Safety Network-intíl  has also been instrumental in gaining community representation on committees dealing with EMR and  health. Currently this  includes  the  Electromagnetic Energy  Reference Group (EMERG) attached to  the EME Public Health Issues Committee (CEMEPHI)  which advises the Government on EME health issues.

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