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Multiple Chemical and/or EHS Sensitivity

Electric Field Exposure - Human Health





                1.           ELECTRICITY AND YOUR HEALTH

                                Why is EMR a modern Day Problem

                                Chemicals and EMR

                                EHS MCS - Two sides of the Same Coin ?

                2.           JOINT ACTIONS  of  EMR and CHEMICALS

        Multiple  EMR and Chemical  Exposures                   

        Combined Effects

                                Synergy of EMR and Chemicals

                                Drug Dose  Anomaly

                                Children at Risk


                3.            DETECTION OF EMR

                                Call the Electrician ?

                                Safety Standards

                4.            ELECTROSTATIC CHARGES

                                Electrostatic Attraction

                                Radon Gas Particles

                                Electric Fields – not to be overlooked

                                ESD and Electric Field Effects

                5.            OUR TOXIC CHEMICAL ENVIRONMENT

                                Chemicals and EMR Combined

                                Two Powerful forces


                6.            CHEMICAL  and EMR SENSITIVITY SYMPTOMS

                                Symptom List

                                Avoiding  EMR induction 


                7.            OUR ELECTROMAGNETIC ENVIRONMENT

                                Phenomenon of EMR

                                Multiple Aspects of both Chemicals and EMR


                8.             SOURCES OF EMR

                                List of EMR Sources

                                Motor Vehicles


                9.             ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE  (EMI)

                                EMI of Electro-mechanical systems

                                EMI of  living Systems


                10.           EMR as  BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE AGENT

                                Chronic Fatigue  

                                Human Sleep



                                Low Blood Sugar – Hypoglycemia

                                Mental  Health and EMR Connection

                                Schizophrenia  and  EMR  Connection

                                Symptoms Difficult to Describe


                11.           ELECTRO HYPERSENSITIVITY   (EHS)


                                Weather Sensitivity

                                Light Sensitivity

                                Personality Type

                                Behaviour – Road & Other Rages


                12.          DETECTING EMR

                               Technical Methods

                               EHS Management

                               EHS  – Environmental Health Indicator


                13.          CHILDREN and EMR

                                Childhood Leukemia

                                Mobile Phones


                                ADD –ADHD

                                Autistic Spectrum Disorder 

                                Diabetes - Hypoglycemia –Autism


            14.             CHEMICALS and EMR  BIOEFFECTS – THE DUALITY

                                Chemically Induced Bio-effects – a profile

                                EMR Induced Effects  _ a profile

                                Medical Diagnosis

                                The EMR Health Debate


            15.             ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE


            16.             MOBILE PHONE  RFR BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS

                               Microwaves affect DNA

                               Mobile phones - Cordless phones

                               Brain Scans Reveal Mobile phone Effects 


            17.             MICROWAVE /RADIOWAVE SICKNESS  

                                Changes in Brain


            18.             EMR  BACTERIA  MOULDS VIRUSES


            19.             COMMUNITY – PERSONAL COST


            20.             TECHNOLOGY  ADDICTION-WITHDRAWAL

                                EMR/RFR  Induction habit forming? 

                                Withdrawal/Increase In Symptoms

                                Brain Chemicals Involved


            21.             SOCIAL  NEEDS for EHS CASES


                                Modified Appliances?

                                Mobile phone free zones?


            22.            AVOIDING/REDUCING EMR EXPOSURE 


                                List of EMR Sources


            23.            INDOOR AIR QUALITY

                                Air Filters

                                Indoor Plants

                                Negative Ion Generators 


            24.            MEASURING EFFECTS on INDIVIDUAL

                                Cognitive Function        

                                Body Voltage

                                Grounded Sleep Study


            25.            REMEDIAL ACTION – SUGGESTIONS

                                Mineral Distribution/Apherisis Experience

                                Mineral Deficiency

                                EMR and Minerals

                                Pseudo Iron Deficiency

                                Minerals and Cell Function


            26.            FREE RADICALS  and ANTIOXIDANTS

                               Evidence of EMR Caused  Free Radicals


                               CFS and Free Radicals & Antioxidants

                               CFS  authentic cases

                               Diet   -  Fatty Acid Deficiency



            27.           WILSON’S SYNDROME

                                A link to EMR/EHS ?


            28.           WHAT IS ELECTRO-HYPERRSENSITIVITY  (EHS)

                            CASE REPORTS

                            EHS MAINTENANCE  GUIDELINES

                                Electro Sensitive People

                                Electrical Sensitivity

                                What’s in a Name ?


            29.           ELECTRO - HYPERSENSITIVITY  (EHS) 

                                EMC and EHS

                                Medical Entity

                                Not All In the Mind

                                EHS Recognition/Perception

                                Symptoms – Difficult to Explain       

                                Who May Develop  EHS – All at Risk?

                                Development Stages

                                Symptom List

                                Mental  Health  ( See also #10)

                                EMR/EHS and Colour Sensitivity


            30.             DIMINISHING EMR  LEVELS  and SYMPTOMS

                                Test Your  EMR Environment


            31.             DENTAL WORK and EMR


            32.             EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE OF EHS

                                 Electronic Pest Control

                                Electronic Air Freshener


            33.            SUGGESTED REMEDIES FOR EHS SYMPTOMS



            34.            WHAT YOU CAN DO

                                Important Advice

        Support Groups


            35.            POSITIVE ACTION


            36.            UPDATES




This document is designed to create awareness of  two environmental pollutants   and the result of their individual   and  combined effects on human health. Electromagnetic radiation and toxic chemical pollution


There is now  a wealth  of empirical and scientific evidence available on the health effects of  each of  these pollutants. Very little is written though,  about the  combined effect or the synergism of  these two  pollutants and how this may impact on the exposed individual.


This material reveals  how exposure to  the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the atmosphere  surrounding  all electrical sources can  induce ‘eddy currents’ within the body. These electrical currents  interfere with the natural  biological processes and adversely  affect human  health.  It reveals the many sources of EMR  to which  we are involuntarily, routinely exposed at home,  work and play.


The document is also designed to create awareness of the neurotoxic and immunotoxic  chemicals in our environment and  how exposure to products  containing these biologically active  chemicals  can adversely  affect  human health again -  in accordance with empirical and published scientific evidence.   It reveals the many sources of  toxic  chemicals  to which  we are  exposed routinely at home,  work and play and the subsequent adverse biological effects  which may occur and  how these effects also  can eventually debilitate and or  incapacitate  affected individuals.


More importantly,  this document  is designed to inform of the  combined effects of both EMR and toxic chemicals and how  failure to recognize this fact may hinder the  recovery process.


The information here  is not to be used  for  diagnostic or treatment purposes. Health professionals should be consulted on all  health matters,  persistent symptoms  should be reported  at all times. Where there is reference to certain remedies having been  used with success by individuals, please discuss these with your health professional.


Some repetition of information  is unavoidable due to the extremely  complex nature of this  topic.  



EMR   -        electromagnetic radiation

EHS     -       electro hypersensitivity

MCS   -        multiple chemical sensitivity

CFS     -       chronic fatigue syndrome

VOCs  -       volatile organic compounds

T/EMI -        technical electromagnetic interference 

B/EMI -        biological electromagnetic interference

W/ IS -         weather and  ion sensitivity



Electricity is  an energy force generated naturally by solar activity, the movements of the earth,  moon and planets. It is a vital  energy source which permeates our environment and upon which all living organisms depend for survival.  “Electric and magnetic fields are found  throughout nature and all living things. They hold matter together.  They  are necessary for the operation  of the nervous system.” ( From a US government publication on EMR.) 


The study of  the bio-electrical processes  is in its infancy in the Western world,  while Traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM) has been aware for over  5000 years  of  the bio-electricity  in all living organisms. TCM recognizes bio-electricity as the  means by which  all living organisms  interact  with the natural background radiation of  the  environment. This interaction is vital to the  normal process of growth and decay of living organisms  It  is intrinsically involved in the commencement  and the completion of the  life cycle,  regardless of the species. This is a  process which  takes place ad infinitum.


If the  organism (including human beings) should  suffer  discomfort during the  process of interaction with natural energy sources,  at a subconscious level ,  it will instinctively avoid that location, given a choice.  Wildlife are known to take such action.


However, there is the artificially generated  electric and magnetic energy  we have introduced into the environment  with   which  we also interact and which   is far more difficult to avoid due to our prolific use of this energy.  In most cases interaction with  artificially generated electricity  also occurs at  a subconscious level. There are though,   people  who do become  conscious of this interaction – often  painfully so.   It is this group of people  who actively seek assistance in avoiding  EMR,   having found it to be the cause of their ill health or incapacity.     


Artificially generated electricity is  utilised extensively in the  home, workplace, in transport  and areas of entertainment.  Surrounding our homes are power lines  and within the walls and ceilings are cables  which deliver  electricity  on demand,   wherever it is required.  Surrounding  these sources of electricity  are  detectable and measurable electric, magnetic and electrostatic fields termed  electromagnetic radiation  (EMR) – the influence of which can adversely affect human health and wellbeing. 


In  addition to power line frequency EMR   and  increasing in magnitude is   the  microwave/radiofrequency radiation  associated with telecommunication technology, including  mobile and  cordless phones and their base stations. Credible scientific studies   now link  certain frequencies and levels of electric and magnetic fields in which people work, sleep and study, with  a number of human disorders and  illnesses. These include conditions ranging from chronic fatigue and  Alzheimer's disease to leukemia and other cancers.  Revealing an association  of   serious illness with EMR/RFR exposure, is the  volume of  empirical evidence  documented by support groups and a number of groups  of health professionals, worldwide.


Though there remains  some scientific uncertainty as to exactly how this exposure can cause ill-health, warnings have been issued by scientists against unnecessary exposure to children,  especially.   Mobile phones should not be used by children under 8 years   at all, with restricted use for those from 8-16  years  and then for emergency use only. This is the latest advice from Sir William Stewart (UK) prominent researcher in this field. Computer games and use should also be severely restricted as empirical evidence of adverse effects  from prolonged use indicates. 


Reports have become more prevalent  from  people who are now  aware that exposure to EMR  exerts an added  stress on their system, affecting  their health often to a marked degree.  By taking various  measures to reduce  the exposure,  these same people have  experienced a lessening  of stress  and debilitating health conditions such as migraine, sleeplessness, irritability, memory lapses and chronic fatigue. They are  now in no doubt at all  that EMR exposure has had a considerable adverse impact on their health. 


This document is designed to reveal how  exposure to  the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the atmosphere  surrounding  all electrical sources can  induce ‘eddy currents’ within the body, which interfere with the natural  biological processes and adversely  affect human  health.  It reveals the many sources of EMR  to which  we are routinely exposed at home,  work and play and the subsequent  biological  effects   which may occur,  and  how these effects  can eventually debilitate and or  incapacitate the affected individual.


The document is also designed to create awareness of the neurotoxic and immunotoxic  chemicals in our environment and  how exposure to products  containing biologically active  chemicals  can adversely  affect  human health.  It reveals the many sources of  toxic  chemicals  to which  we are  exposed routinely at home,  work and play and the subsequent adverse biological effects  which may occur, and  how these effects also  can eventually debilitate and or  incapacitate, affected individuals.  Adverse effects can result  from either long-term or an acute exposure.


The majority of reports of  environmental illness are from people who have  been under long term chronic exposure, the illness developing and  possibly having  been  treated symptomatically over this period, the cause undetected. .  


Unless there has been a  severe, recognizable exposure to EMR or chemicals, the  effects of EMR and to a lesser extent  chemical pollution  often occur on a subliminal level initially,  are extremely subtle and therefore  not readily recognized by most people as being caused by an external agent.  If  behaviour and mood changes are among the effects the affected individual may blame the boss, the job, the children/spouse, other drivers on the road while unaware of the true cause. This is the case with most people.


Why Is EMR  a Modern Day Problem ? 

A frequently asked question regarding  EMR    is  “ Why is electricity such a  problem  today when it has been  in use for  so many years ? ”    To answer this we need to look at  how the  atmosphere has become  increasingly  saturated with EMR over the years, due not only to the availability and  prolific  usage of  electrical  energy  but  to the innovations  and changes in design and function of    electrically operated technology.   As well as bedside, table, desk   and standard floor lamps, hand held appliances and  vacuum cleaners are  now double insulated for electrical safety,  eliminating the need (and cost) to  ‘earth’ them.  The practice of  double insulating  products,   while  complying with electrical safety standards, at the same time  also allows  greater intensity of  electromagnetic radiation  (EMR)  emissions than would be evident  with  ‘earthed’ appliances.


Examples of the increase in EMR in the kitchen alone: a modern stainless steel  electric jug was found to  emit magnetic fields  many times greater than those of a less modern ceramic electric water jug.  This was found to be the case  also  when comparing  an old and a  new hand held iron,  little wonder many people profess to hate ironing!   Microwave ovens and   modern electric cookers all have clocks and automatic  timers that  emit considerable EMR levels.  The atmosphere is also  now saturated with artificially generated microwaves and radiowaves  which serve the community’s communication needs  for essential services,  as   well as their indulgence for  trivial  mobile phone calls.  In the modern world there is little if any respite from EMR exposure as electrical energy is used in every facet of  our lives.    The biological adaptive system of the human race  has not evolved at the same pace as  our exposure to  artificially generated,  high levels of  EMR.   We therefore are failing to adapt to the increase in environmental pollutants including EMR, with the resultant toll on human health. Those  who have developed electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) and or multiple chemical  sensitivity (MCS) clearly demonstrate  this fact. 


Empirical and scientific evidence  has  convinced  many  people including  health professionals and scientists, that random, involuntary exposure to EMR  is detrimental to health, having the potential  to either trigger,  cause or exacerbate  physiological and psychological disorders,  chronic disease  or life threatening cancer.


Chemicals and EMR

Both  electromagnetic radiation (EMR)  and  chemical compounds  are environmental  contaminants  known to have  a significant  influence on biological processes  and  human health according to scientific  and empirical evidence. It is not uncommon  for people to be hyper-sensitive to  EMR as well  as  sensitive to  chemicals.  Exposure to  both  bioactive  agents simultaneously  may cause a synergistic effect which increases  the impact of the  reaction  in the exposed individual. This  biological  ‘overload’ situation occurs  where the individual  cannot tolerate  further exposure and often requires a number of days, perhaps longer to recover. 


EHS and MCS,   Two Sides of the Same Coin ?

There is speculation that Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity (EHS) are one and the same condition, triggered by either  exposure  to chemicals or  EMR. This view is suggested by both Gunni Nordstrom (The Invisible Disease)  and this author.   Sufferers know that their sensitivity to chemicals (MCS)  can be triggered by EMR and their  EHS  can be triggered by inhaled vapours  or ingested or absorbed chemical substances.


If  either factor, EMR or chemical pollution,  is overlooked  when the patient is seeking treatment,  progress toward  recovery will be  hampered. To illustrate, the patient of a consulting physician /allergist, when tested was found to have multiple chemical sensitivity  (MCS) specifically  phenol, formaldehyde and  benzene.  After elimination of  products containing these substances her symptoms lessened significantly    but returned   at times in situations where chemicals were not evident. Doctor suggested the patient may be  sensitive to EMR.     On  investigation of the patient’s home environment, electric and magnetic fields   were detected  with a Gauss meter and electric field detector in the suspected  situations  and once these  fields were eliminated or avoided,  the  patient’s symptoms diminished or  ceased completely. These included migraine, memory problems and arthritic type pain,  muscle stiffness and depression.    


An increasing number of people worldwide  have developed sensitivities and  allergic reactions to  artificially manufactured chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in a wide range of consumer products, known to be neurotoxic and genotoxic.  Many of these people,  hypersensitive to  both chemicals and electromagnetic radiation (EMR), experience symptoms that are common to both of these biologically  active agents.   (42)


Chemicals abound in nature and  are utilized  by flora and fauna for the natural  processes of growth and decay.  Animals know instinctively which plants contain the chemical substances they need for healing their ailments. Chemicals are also synthesized in the laboratory in vast quantities  and utilized by the human race for an infinite variety of applications.  Chemicals  are found in every room in the house and the medicine cabinet  in the form of drugs for pain relief and other medicinal purposes.  For instance  while the  herb known as feverfew  reduces pain and inflammation,  the drug aspirin,  synthesized  from a petrochemical molecule  is  used by millions for the same purpose.   Many people are allergic to aspirin. Doctors now insist on a full disclosure of all remedies taken by a patient as  drugs and  even natural  remedies are found to interact, not always favourably.


Chemicals are used for  pest control, cleaning,  sanitizing and for enhancing  our appearance in the form of cosmetics.  Many people are allergic or sensitive  to   both artificially and naturally  produced chemicals.    The natural,  aromatic terpenes  in some plants cause problems for some people.


The increasing number of  people reporting  adverse effects from both EMR and  chemical pollution  strongly suggests that a significant proportion of the community are at risk.


The experiences of those people who have developed EHS  and who also  have a history of MCS serve as a clear warning  to the majority,  that both  electromagnetic radiation (EMR)  and  a vast  number of  chemicals  are environmental  contaminants capable of  causing a range of health effects that can lead to  serious states of  neurological and physiological disease  as well as various cancers. 


Cancer and  EMR

A number of scientists  have noted that  the rapid increase  in human diseases since the 1920's is closely  related to the expansion of  our use  of electrically operated  technology.   

Of some  considerable concern  is the human exposure to the the microwave and radiofrequency radiation, (MW/RFR) emitted by  telecommunication apparatus.   EMR /RFR exposure is now linked with many diseases including cancer.


In Australia, Dr John A.G. Holt noted that the mortality rate of breast cancer in this country increased coincidentally with the increase of  electromagnetic  wave pollution, caused by very high and ultra high transmissions, including those  from communication satellites


Dr Holt has no doubt that cancer  selectively absorbs energy,  therefore people already carrying cancer, when exposed to EMR,  will acquire more energy  than the cancer-free person. He has formed the opinion  that this effect is  responsible for  the increased mortality rate  from melanoma in this country.   (MJA Vol.1,  67th  Year June 1980)


Melanoma and EMR.

The cumulative damage to human skin from repeated exposures to solar radiation results in alteration to the growth pattern of the basic skin cell and ultimately in faulty skin cell regeneration, progressing to malignancy.  We have been warned and advice has been promptly taken, to protect  young children especially, from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays as malignant melanoma of the skin (MMS) is initiated at an early age. There is a latency  period for the development of MMS as with other cancers. However this advice may not have gone quite far enough. There is evidence  that the artificially generated UV rays from  TV, computers and fluorescent lighting is linked with the development of malignant  melanomas  which develop  on parts of the body normally not exposed to sunlight. To quote from one research source “ the conventional focus upon sunlight as the cause of melanoma has blinded a number of researchers to  the increasingly important association between  melanoma and environmental factors such as artificial light, dietary fats and photosensitive chemicals  added to foods  and some medicinal drugs.  (Hidden Hazards,  R. Laura  J. Ashton ©1991)


Dr Bruce Hocking (Australia) found in his  study that the mortality rate of  childhood leukemia  patients was higher among those children living closest to the local TV transmission  masts while those  living at a distance  survived longer.


Dr Marjorie Lundquist (USA) researched the increase in childhood cancer in that country   and found a curious jump in the number of reported cases  in childhood brain cancer on a national scale,  since the advent of radio broadcasting.


Epidemiologist Dr Sam Milllham (USA) has related the greater incidence  of childhood leukaemia to  the electrification in developed countries.   He  has formed the opinion that 60 % of childhood cancer cases could be prevented. 



Multiple  EMR and Chemical  Exposures

It is the experience of people  who have developed MCS and EHS that the discomfort, pain and illness can last for  hours, days, weeks and longer,  as a result of multiple exposures to  both EMR and chemicals.   


Scientific studies show that EMR bio-interference  can  either stimulate or suppress  normal electrical brainwave and cardiac  activity  as well as other  biological functions.


This clearly, reveals  the susceptibility of all living organisms to an adverse  health impact resulting from exposure  to the EMR. 


An area of scientific research  begging for attention  is   the extent of the bio changes  which occur when a person is exposed simultaneously,  to more than  one bioactive chemical or more than one bioactive frequency of EMR, a common occurrence.


Combined Effects

DR William Ross Adey (USA)  is one researcher who looked at  the combined effects of chemical pollution and EMR  which he believed, over 12 years ago,  we should address with some urgency. In  his paper   Dr Adey  says    “Bioelectromagnetic research reveals clear evidence of joint actions  at cell membranes of chemical cancer promoters and environmental  electromagnetic fields.” (1)


CT scans of brain function reveal the influence of chemicals  on specific areas of the brain.  Many of the symptoms produced by toxic chemical agents are identical  to  those reported by  EHS patients.  There are studies that reveal  damaged to  white  blood cells and abnormal red blood cell activity, during  the influence of EMR exposure. (17)


It therefore appears that  certain  frequencies of   the electromagnetic spectrum, can exert an adverse influence  on biological systems, either alone or in combination with toxic chemicals.  (4).    While the natural  activity of the electro-chemical system takes place we are in good health and unaware of  such activity.   It is when the individual is  over exposed to either chemicals or electrical energy or both,  that  an imbalance  or malfunction   occurs creating a  stress load  that is  greater than the  individual can tolerate.


Whilst  chemicals are  a substance and  electricity is a form of energy,  both agents  interact with living systems producing effects that may be quite  obvious or  so subtle that they pass unnoticed.   That is,  the effects may occur at a conscious level,  or below the level of consciousness. Dr William Rea has termed the latter -  ‘subliminal stress.’ (29)   In fact, chemicals and EMR together, can form a synergistic effect  - an effect that is greater than that which each could produce alone. The synergy  factor is seldom, if ever,  addressed when limits of exposure to humans, of either chemicals  or EMR are considered. Tests are conducted on one chemical substance in isolation of other chemical  substances as is one frequency of  EMR is usually tested in isolation of other frequencies.


The laboratory studies  do not reflect the true nature of the environment in which people  are developing illnesses. This is where laboratory studies fail to provide answers and   where EHS experiences really count.


Synergy of EMR and Chemicals

The synergy of EMR and  chemicals or drugs is illustrated for example    when we see that microwaves can potentiate the effect of  a number of drugs including the tranquilizer Librium.  This interaction of EMR with drugs and toxic or potentially  toxic agents should not be overlooked.   Gunni Nordstrom addresses this issue in her book The Invisible Disease. (See Bibliography. ) (12)  (37)  


An early researcher and prolific inventor of electrical devices, Nikola Tesla ,  was aware of the affinity of electricity with chemicals.  He too suffered strange maladies  that defied  medical treatment of the day.     He may well have been a victim of  his own experiments as  his exposure to the fields of energy with which he  worked  can reasonably be seen to have precipitated his strange health conditions.


Rachel Carson in her book “Silent Spring”  (1963) alerted the community of the changes that had taken place in the flora and fauna in the countryside of the USA,  as a result of the prolific use of DDT and other pesticides and herbicides, then in  use. Those changes were so profound that birth defects  and reproductive capacity  was seriously affected in a number of  bird, reptile and animal species.


Carson’s  work was not taken seriously for many years, long after  her own death from cancer.   When it was eventually  acknowledged, the effects she described and her warnings of the consequences of continued use of  these powerful chemicals,  were sobering  indeed.   (51)  


Radiomimicry is also mentioned  in the book Secrets of the Soil, ( © Bird and Tomkins). The authors compare the damage caused to the environment  by use of agricultural chemicals  as  multiple  the effect of  one  atomic bomb  used in world war ll.


Everyone is now aware of  the health toll to the individual and community from   the harmful effects of  tobacco and asbestos, but it took decades before  early warnings were  believed. If the scientific and empirical evidence of EMR induced health damage continues to be denied by all those  concerned, we may yet see a similar scenario as  Carson  revealed – only on a far greater scale.


Drug Dosage Anomaly

Another indication of biological hyper sensitivity  is  that for some electrically and chemically sensitive  people,  the usual  prescribed drug dosage is found to be excessive – they find that  less than the recommended dose proves to be adequate.  Empirical evidence has established the truth  that  MCS and EHS patients often  do  not tolerate  the usually prescribed adult dosage of certain  medications. There appears to be a connection between their hyper-sensitivity and  their ability  to tolerate recommended doses of medication.  We know of at least one EHS, MCS, CFS allergic patient whose medical record card  is now marked  -  “Pediatric dose only”. 


A Canadian Health Agency made an  unsuccessful attempt to  have  the National Population Health Survey for the year 2000, include  queries  related to cellular telephone use.  This was prompted by a paper titled: Potential for Interaction  Between Specific Classes of Drugs and RF fields from Hand Held Portable Telephones   “.  Principal author,  Jack Mc Lean believes  that the questions  will  have to be asked  as the issue  will not go  away.   It is hoped  the phone use queries will be included in the year 2002 survey. The paper is said to summarise  evidence  of interactions of radiofrequency/ microwave radiation with drugs such as amphetamines and various barbiturates. There are papers on  the drug/radiation interaction  by a number of authors including: Drs Allen Frey, Kenneth Oscar, Henry Kue, Henry  Lai, Daryl Hawkins, J.R. Thomas and G Maitland.  


Those people who have experienced ill effects from contact with chemicals  used in food, air, water and  other sources often find these adverse effects occur  at very low levels of exposure,  considered  to be harmless by health authorities. Though this may be the case for a single chemical what remains to be seriously addressed is the    aggregate of chemicals ingested, inhaled or contacted  simultaneously or consecutively in any  period of time.  It is this combination and the cumulative  effect of chemical  and EMR, both biologically active agents,  that  has a far greater effect than each would alone 


There is an affinity between EMR and chemicals. They act in synergy with each other. That is, the effects of  EMR will be  enhanced  by  chemical exposure and vice versa resulting in a greater degree of  biological  stress from this combined effect. It has been found that an individual  sensitive to formaldehyde will have a more severe reaction,  if  simultaneously exposed to radiofrequency radiation. 


While  sensitive to  EMR many people  may also be  sensitive to the  chemical components of many products in daily use. Careful attention to food  packet labels for additive content,   is necessary to avoid  exposure. Chemical  components  in clothing, paper products  and furnishings  which  'outgas' chemical vapours  can cause a mild sense of intoxication, (somewhat akin to ‘glue sniffing’) when inhaled.   Chronic exposure may cause neurological conditions as does the exposure to EMR which can mimic the effects of some chemicals  potentiate the effects of some medically prescribed drugs  and  interfere with the uptake of others.  Physical or neurological response to  EMF varies with the individual.  There can be a delay of up to 24 hours before effects  occur.


Children  at Risk 

Children’s  health, because they are still growing,  is particularly at risk of serious damage. There is evidence that  chemicals can cross the placenta affecting the developing fetus. Extreme care should be taken regarding the toxicity of chemical compounds  in nursery products, disposable napkins, toys,  sporting equipment, educational aids and the printing ink used  in  all   printed matter, school classroom lighting and furnishings, flooring coverings   and  computers.  The latter, is a particular a source of  Volatile Organic Compounds a VOCs  which   ‘outgas’  contaminating the air. Computers should  be  run for a number of hours  in  well ventilated rooms  before actual use,. This procedure   is   now recommended by some responsible manufacturers.


3.                DETECTION OF  EMR

Surrounding all sources of electricity, of it’s generation, distribution and use,  are zones of   Electromagnetic Field Radiation  (EMF/R)  usually referred to as EMF or EMR which are  detectable by specially calibrated  instruments. 


Designed for purely technical considerations,  Electric field meters, Voltage testers and Gauss meters detect  the presence of  and quantify  electric and magnetic fields,  providing useful information.


These  same fields are also detectable, with varied results, by the innate electrical ‘sensitivity’ of all living systems, including humans. The results will be determined by many factors including the weight, height shape and individual physiology of the person and the electromagnetic frequency encountered.


Most people are  aware of  Safety First’  procedures  which contain  warnings that  electric current is  likely to cause startle, shock and burn effects  upon actual physical contact with   electrically ‘live’ objects.  Few are aware that  we detect at a distance  and  at a subconscious level, electric and magnetic fields at levels that do not produce these effects.  They do however,  cause biological effects that can lead to ill health.


Call the  Electrician When All Else Fails ?

Worthy of note – a lady in the U.S.A. publicly stated that  her electrician cured her not her doctor!  After years of coping with debilitating health conditions with no relief from orthodox medical treatment,  she became aware of the EMR health factor.  Her house was surveyed for EMR ‘hotspots’ and where necessary protective  measures were taken.  The result has been   a return to this lady’s former good health status. This is but one of many similar cases  ./(4) (9)(26) (45) (34)  (39)


EMR Safety Standards

There are no  meaningful  health  standards  for  EMR emissions. The current guidelines of  5000 milliGauss  magnetic field  exposure  considered ‘safe’ by government  authorities  is meaningless when there is evidence that levels as low as 3 and 4 milliGauss are  associated with childhood leukemia. The Australian Radiation and Nuclear Energy Protection Agency (ARPANSA)  is currently studying the literature in preparation to setting a health standard for EMR emissions.  We trust that  Australia will  lead the world in setting a standard  that will produce the desired effect of reducing EMR exposure at all levels of  domestic use, occupational use and in the distribution and supply of electricity.


4.            ELECTROSTATIC CHARGES ( Static Electricity) 

Electrostatic discharge (ESD)  effects, a sharp ‘zap’ or ‘mini shock’  is readily recognizable and  known to cause minor  discomfort  for some people, yet it can be  painful for others and can cause clumsiness and irritability.  Therefore this aspect of  (EMR) known to cause discomfort  and disorder  and to upset our ‘equilibrium’ has  been chosen to introduce the more complex  aspects of  the EMR health  factor which  follows.


Electrostatics is one component of  electricity with which most people are familiar.    Static electricity,  or more precisely,  electrostatic discharge  (ESD)   is well known in certain industries and for purely technical and commercial reasons  is avoided at all costs.  It is noted that the most sought after page on this website  is that containing  ESD information.   Empirical evidence reveals that  ESD it is a problem for many people.


Interest in  electrostatics   is  prompted   quite forcefully  during  Electro Static Discharge (ESD)  episodes, where the individual experiences a sharp electrostatic shock.   The mini shock or ’zap’  is  felt,  often with painful results at the moment,  when accumulated electrostatic charges on the body surface are  actually discharged  by touch,   to an adjacent  surface.  This event can actually produce a spark of some magnitude.


ESD  sparking  is  capable of igniting  volatile liquids or causing  explosions.   Technicians working on computers  wear a grounded wrist strap to avoid ESD that has the capacity  to  degrade computer  hardware . 


Electrostatic charges are attracted to and accumulate on the body surface  and on synthetic fabrics  and plastic surfaces.  These charges are  caused by the friction of  two surfaces being  rubbed together  and also where friction of air molecules take place in the atmosphere. On a dry, windy day the surface of the plastic garbage bin  and plastic garden furniture are found to  carry  quite a charge.   Most Electro HyperSensitive  people are quite familiar with ESD.  School children  are seen to react in a hyperactive manner  when high static charges  abound,  in dry windy weather.   Empirical evidence reveals that accumulated electrostatic charges  carried on the body can influence  behaviour and  mood, it  causes irritability and lowers  work performance.  E-static induced  clumsiness renders a person more accident prone.  ( See: # 33  articles ‘ESD’ and ‘Electric Field Effects’ also  ESD Journal & Electrostatics  Magazine ( regarding technical application of  ESD avoidance)


Electrostatic Attraction  -  Radon Gas  Particles 

Static electricity appears to cause more than a ’mini’ shock or ’zap’ according to the following. 


In NATURE magazine Vol 349 February circa 1992,  a correspondent,  F.P. Ziemba,   In  a letter to the Editor,  explains his  discovery  of  how naturally occurring radon gas particles  are attracted  by the high electrostatic fields  which are found at the surface of computer and TV screens. He believed this  was the cause of many complaints of  computer screen operators .   He found  high levels of ionizing radiation  on the surface of the display screen  of computers and   TV viewing screens.


Radon gas enters houses by ventilation and  cracks in foundations and  is more prevalent in air-conditioned  premises where  underground rock decay is also evident.


The Ziemba findings  precede the study of  Professor Henshaw  (UK), by approximately 10 years.  Professor Henshaw  announced in  year 2000  that  cancer,  in particular lung cancer may well be attributed to the ionizing particles from pollutant aerosols which are  to be found around high voltage power lines. ( High static charges can be felt near high voltage power lines in dry weather conditions.)  He warns that the greater incidence of  lung cancer occurs within the path of prevailing winds  which carry these ionized  particles.    


Electric Fields – Not To Be Overlooked

Professor Henshaw and his colleague Dr Peter Fews  states that the most  serious physical  health problems may be expected  from exposure to the electric fields  associated with high voltage power lines.


J. Robert Ashley,  an electrical engineer with experience in both the academic and industrial sectors) says that  more work is needed to measure people's exposure to electrical fields which is 10 to 20 times more likely to explain the link between power lines and childhood cancers than is the magnetic field.  He comments that  many studies have been compromised by failure of the investigators  to separate the electric and magnetic components of EMFs.

A somewhat neglected area of research is  the electric field  component of EMR and how this  may influence  the development  of human disease.


See: article  # 4  ‘ESD’ and ‘Electric Field Effects’



As mentioned earlier this document  is designed also to create awareness of  the  combined   environmental health risk of EMR and the chemical pollution we encounter in our  daily routine.  There is ample evidence that  adverse health effects are associated with  the host of chemicals used in the production of  clothing and building materials, household products, printed materials, paper products, domestic and agricultural pest

control,  food and   timber preservatives, personal and  household fragrances,  and chemicals used in the  food  industry and the water purification  systems.  These chemicals can adversely affect humans from conception  as Dr Judy Ford, an Australian  geneticist  has found and in fact  toxic  chemicals actually impedes conception  in many cases.  This could be nature’s way of protecting the species.


Chemicals and EMR combined 

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)  and it’s components  as well as neurotoxic and immunotoxic  chemicals of the type  we encounter daily can have an adverse influence  on human behaviour and function.  Each  of these two biologically active agents alone  have been found to promote  a raft of debilitating symptoms. There is an overlapping of these  symptoms produced by both EMR and toxic chemicals.  Due to the undeniable  affinity between chemicals and EMR, exposure to both contaminants,  in combination,  results in a synergistic or compounded effect,  with risk of a serious health outcome. 


For both EMR and  chemicals  there are officially recognized  levels  of exposure that are said to be non-toxic and ‘safe’ and therefore  are not recognized as having an adverse effect on health. However, documented scientific and empirical evidence  reveals the reverse to be  true.  If  an individual has become ‘sensitive’ to the irritating agent,  an extremely low level only of exposure is required to elicit an effect  causing biological stress capable of either debilitating or  incapacitating that individual.   DR Gunnar Heuser, (USA) a  researcher and clinician  has termed this process  the  ‘kindling effect’.


Both chemicals and EMR have the capacity to either stimulate or suppress biological functions. This is clearly observable in the unsteady gait, hyperactivity, lethargy or mood changes  which can  occur after eating foods containing  chemicals  known to cause hyperactivity  or those which cause lethargy. 


The cumulative  damage to the system of effects of even  low levels of both  chemicals  and  EMR  has  the  capacity to cause biological changes which are linked with serious, life threatening illnesses including cancer.   (17)  (2)


Two  Powerful Forces

The adverse effects on living systems of very  low levels of  both electromagnetic fields  and neurotoxic  and immunotoxic chemicals  is denied by the mainstream medical profession and  the related industries while at the same time adverse health effects are the actual experiences of many people. Their pleas for  medical recognition of their condition and subsequent action  to reduce involuntary exposures has been  unheeded for years. This  official position   may be  about to change  due to the  action of the South Australian Government which is  holding an inquiry in this year of 2004,  inviting submissions from the public on chemical exposure and injury.


For confirmation of the profound  influence that both EMR and or chemicals can have on living systems at the most basic level, we need to look no further than the scientific laboratory.  Here scientists use  either  chemicals or electricity  to stimulate  cellular activity.  Once advised of  the little known health effects of electromagnetic energy and  chemicals,  separately and in combination, people are advised to  reduce exposure to  both agents, in the interest of good health.



In the following list, the symptoms in italics   are  common to both   EMR and chemical exposure while those in regular type   are the few which  have not been found to be  common  to  EMR  and chemical agents.


Symptom List

EMR Immediate Effects: Pressure on eardrum, pressure on head,     stabbing pains in head, prickling sensation on head, feeling as though  nervous system has speeded up.


Neurological and behavioural effects of exposure to neurotoxic chemicals.

General Effects:

Appetite loss,





Carbohydrate craving

Motor Effects;






 lack of co-ordination,

 reflex abnormalities.

Sensory Effects;

Impaired colour vision,

 night blindness,

 increased olfactory and auditory threshold,

 ringing in the ears (tinnitus),

 equilibrium changes,

dizziness, pain and tactile disorders,



cold sensitivity.

Mood and Personality Effects;

Sleep disturbances,




 increased irritability,





 sexual activity loss,


Cognitive Effects ;

Concentration impairment,


memory problems


 learning and speech impairment,

mental slowing,

reduced initiative,



{ Source: International Labour Office: Encyclopaedia of Occupational  Health and Safety.}


In addition  a whole raft of neuropsychiatric conditions,  including  schizophrenia, manic depression, eating disorders,  learning difficulties, behaviour problems and chronic fatigue are triggered by various environmental  cues including EMR.. (54, 48)


The duality of symptoms associated with EMR  and   chemical exposure  clearly indicates  the need to  consider both agents in regard to  health aberrations as they can reasonably be seen to adversely affect health. 


Satisfactory results with orthodox medical  treatments for chronic conditions  have eluded many  people  for years  until they became  aware that  both EMR and chemicals might have been  involved,  either alone or in combination, in the development of their low health status.  In many cases beneficial results were obtained once these factors were considered and  effectively dealt with. Details of  strategies used  in this regard will be found  later in this document.


Avoiding  EMR  Induction 

Induction occurs when  an unattached length of wire is placed  in close proximity to,  yet is unconnected to,   a  cable  carrying live electricity, in these circumstances  EMR  is said to be ‘induced’ over distance, into the  unattached piece of wire.  

The same  effect takes place with a  living organism  placed in close proximity to  a source of electricity.  The influence of EMR  extending from that source  can induce EMR, over distance,   in the   living organism. 


It is well known that  when a person  makes physical contact with an electrically ‘live’ device, electricity will be conducted over  and through the body which  will experience startle,  shock or burn  and  the person will  immediately break that  contact to avoid serious injury.  Under extreme circumstances electrocution  will occur.


While  a person  occupies  the same space as a  zone of influence of EMR, and in  the absence of  the tactile  sensations of   shock startle or burn,  subtle  but powerful physiological effects could be  taking place  by  induction of EMR into that persons system.  A person may be standing or sitting or sleeping beside a wall where electricity cables are located or a computer or refrigerator may be situated  close by. He/she would be  generally unaware that anything is occurring during this time that might be detrimental to their  health while in actual fact they are  located within a range of  influence of  potentially harmful EMR.


The electro hypersensitive (EHS)  person however,  who has become consciously aware  of non-contact, EMR  induced, unpleasant effects, takes action  to avoid short and long term  debilitating effects.   In other words,  they no longer   spend long periods of time  near electrical  field  services.


Of major concern though,  is how the majority of people, particularly children,  are physically,   routinely subjected to  exposure, quite  unaware of the fact that adverse EMR  effects are occurring on a subliminal level and so they  may spend time in a location that  is potentially hazardous to their health.  This could  mean  that   their   bed, school desk  or  workstation  would need repositioning to  avoid these  undesirable levels  of  EMR.


Dr William Rea, of Texas, USA, has  said that many people who fall into this latter ‘unaware’ category  may be prone to  develop  ‘end organ diseases’ which  are linked with EMR exposure, such as;  some brain tumours, leukemia, non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma, breast cancers,  cardiovascular problems, birth defects, miscarriages, reproductive problems,  changes in electrical activity of brain, central nervous system effects, neuro-degenerative diseases.  In the  case of childhood leukemia,   Dr Neil Cherry  has stated that 60% of   such  cases could  be prevented  by reducing  EMR exposure to children.  (35) 


It is now becoming obvious that being consciously  unaware of EMR exposure does  not  render the individual immune to   EMR  bio-stress,  and its’effects.



Electromagnetic fields  or waves of energy are produced by the electricity is utilized by  all electrically operated devices,  appliances, radios  and  telecommunication systems.  As a result are  now becoming  aware  of  the electromagnetic fields  of radiation, (EMF/R) extending  over a vast  range of frequencies which we encounter both  day and night.


The  Phenomenon of  EMR

Electricity produces a phenomenon known as electromagnetic field radiation (EMF or EMR) which emanates from  the source of electrical activity,   for  some distance - The strength of the EMR  reduces  proportionally to that distance. One needs only to step into the zone  of influence of EMR  for the process of  induction  to take place, which  creates   an electrical interference to the bio electricity of the system of the exposed person  with the potential  for  causing harm to health. 


For the purpose of avoiding EMR for general health benefit,  a distance of one metre is usually recommended yet  people who are electro- hypersensitive (EHS) and depending on their degree of sensitivity,  can readily  detect the energy of EMR at much greater distances than one metre  from its source.   This illustrates the  exquisite  sensitivity of the living system as compared to that of the technical  instrument.


All man-made energy detection instruments such as Gaussmeters, Volt meters and  electric field meters  used to detect and quantify EMR  have their limits, some will detect  EMR  only at close range  while others will  detect  at a greater  range. These instruments   measure  EMR  for  technical  considerations, not biological or health considerations,  and  are quite  incapable of matching the exquisite  and variable  sensitivity of  living systems, including humans.  Some people can  detect microwave energy  from a microwave oven   and mobile phones  at  distances of several metres from the appliance.   Therefore the one metre distance should be seen as a guide only  and the person  should learn to develop awareness of  their body’s reactions and increase the   distance of avoidance  until comfort is assured.    Laboratory  test animals will avoid EMR given the opportunity.  Similarly,   young children  instinctively detect and avoid EMR zones of influence. Some  have been found during sleep to consistantly avoid a wall  beside their cot where subsequent  investigation has revealed  EMR in the wall.  .            

All living creatures whether on land air or sea and including human beings possess  an inate electrical  system which can suffer interference  from man made electricity. 


Though as  yet in the minority,  there are people who are consciously aware  of the presence of  EMR  as they experience  unpleasant symptoms that  they have come to identify with such exposure.  EMR effects can manifest within 15 seconds of onset of exposure,  or may  be delayed  for some hours. These changes are registered, biologically by  living organisms, as either muscle, nerve or skeletal pain or neurological or behavioural changes. Usually these people  also report  an adverse health outcome, the onset of chronic fatigue , severe lethagry, collapse, headache, skin irritations, or breathing difficulties,  and inability to perform simple tasks.  Recovery  from thes effects  may  take some hours  after avoiding EMR. Changes in brain function can be detected for  an hour after a mobile phone call of  just two minutes duration.  Any  biological damage from these exposures are cumulative.


All  electrical   power lines  and electrical and elecronic  apparatus, while  operating  or even in  ’stand-by’ mode  emit EMR into the surrounding  region. Though yet to be acknowledged by authorities as such, EMR is an environmental pollutant  of considerable  magnitude. There is a wealth of  scientific literature  attesting to the fact that  EMR has an adverse  impact on  the health of  living  organisms.   Paradoxically, EMR has been found to actually assist in the healing of bone fractures that resist treatment, reduce depression and the tremors of Parkinson’s disease.


Once believed to be harmless  to health, EMR is now known to consist of  a number of   a frequencies  and components which are biologically active and has the  potential to adversely impact on human health. With this knowledge we cannot continue to  use this energy with impunity. 


Electricity suppliers, designers and manufacturers of all elecrtically operated  products must be made aware  of the potential side effects  of their products. Consumers can  influence change by demanding  products that  are designed   to be free of  the EMR emissions presently known to  cause intolerable  stress to many people.  Rather than dismissing these affected people as hypochondriacs or oddities the medical profession should see the value of their patient’s experiences as a warning  of the potential risk we all face  from EMR exposure.


It must be acknowledged that  while civilization  has derived  great benefit from the harnessing of  electrical energy,  the  ’fallout’  from it’s prolific use in the last 100 + years,  is a real and potential  threat  to the health of all  individuals.  


The fervent hope of people who are  attempting to create  awareness of the EMR health  factor  is that  readers will be prompted to  further study this topic and in doing so  become motivated to  demand a safer electromagnetic environment  in order to  enjoy the benefits of electrical energy.  


Multiple  Aspects Of Both EMR and Chemicals

Dr Neil Cherry has looked at the work of Dr Carl Blackman and  has  noted  that  as we 

consider chemicals  in the plural sense due to their  individual nature we should  also 

consider   EMR  in the plural sense due to its  vast range of  individual  frequencies and not as a single entity.


When we observe therapeutic  treatments employing EMR we see that specific frequencies are used, unlike  the  random exposure to EMR   we experience in every day life.  Electro-hypersensitivity is (EHS) also  frequency specific as has been determined by researcher Dr Cyril Smith  and his colleagues at Breakspear Hospital in London.    He notes that      electromagnetic radiation (EMR)  exposes the whole human body to it’s influence and not  merely a single target organ.   He states that some organs of the body make stronger use of electrical signals than others. Yet every  cell of every organ can interact with EMR  which can alter the chemical action of that cell.                                                                                                        


8.            SOURCES OF EMR

EMR comprises multiple frequencies  and  it has been found that electro- hypersensitivity is  frequency  specific.


All electrically operated technology  emits electromagnetic radiation of such magnitude, that if it were visible to the naked eye,  the atmosphere would be  so dense that  the wall   on the opposite side of an average  size room  would be invisible. Given our insatiable  use  and reliance upon electrical technology there is literally  no place to hide  from atmospheric man-made EMR.  Many  seriously EMR affected  people find it very difficult to find a place to live where  EMR  levels do not affect  their health.  Social isolation and depression  are a problem for  many people.


Regardless of how electricity is generated, either  by wind or water driven turbines or  solar powered panels or battery operated  devices,  the alternating or direct current so generated  will  produce EMR in the cables conducting  this current,   to appliances and apparatus.


List  of EMR Sources

Therefore sources of EMR are to be found in the near vicinity of  all cables carrying electrical current, all electric light fittings, lamps, domestic appliances, all hand held household or industrial tools, electric cookers, vacuum cleaners,  refrigerators,  TV,  radio and  other sound equipment and mobile phones and their base stations - all rail, air, and  road transport systems.   In  fact anything that  utilizes  electricity,   however generated – or plugs into and operates on the mains power,  will produce EMR.     Some people have been found to react adversely even to torch batteries and other battery operated  devices.


Motor Vehicles

Travel sickness is mostly thought  to be  only associated with motion however, accumulation of electrostatic charges on the vehicle appears to also be involved.  

The  steel wire reinforcing belts in  radial tires generate  magnetic fields  as the tyres spin. These magnetic fields are of extremely low frequency (ELF) usually below 20Hertz,  yet   another source of EMR that should be considered  in the  total EMR exposure of an individual . These fields of  exposure  may be of some significance  to the EMR environment and health of the young child and in particular the unborn infant. Most children are driven to schools and sporting events these days in this enclosed EMR environment  which more than likely will include the radiofrequency radiation from a mobile phone  on standby or  transmission  mode.


In most cases it has been found that by attaching one (or two)  anti-static straps to the rear of the car, has resulted in a noticeably more comfortable journey  for  the EHS traveler.  Even a usually  aggressive driver was found to be  unexpectedly  calm and congenial   after  an antistatic  strap was specially fitted to the car  for the comfort  of  a particular passenger.


Toxic chemical vapours  are  a problem in  new cars for the EHS and MCS person.  In 2001 the Australian CSIRO  issued a report listing the chemicals used in vehicle manufacture that are known to be toxic to humans.   Allergy & sensitivity prone  people  are advised to obtain cars that are three years old at least and not  ‘detailed’  for resale as is the usual practice. It is advisable to allow a flow of fresh air through a car that has been parked in the sun for any length of time as there will be a  considerable build-up of toxic vapours within,  during that time.   (See: AESSRA magazine ‘Sensitivity Matters’  September 2001.


Government deregulation of  telecommunication and entertainment services allowing any numbers of  companies to trade,  competing  for custom,  has contributed to the EMR smog we now endure. There have been attempts made in  New Zealand recently by Dr Neil Cherry (now deceased)  to have EMR designated as an environmental pollutant.  The outcome remains to be seen.


Once the reality of  EMR biological effects  is  accepted and that those  effects

may be stimulatory or suppressive,   and that either effect  has the  potential to  cause harm  or to heal,  EMR as a human  health  factor may be seriously considered and its harmful aspect appropriately  dealt  with.


The documented facts regarding EMR adverse health  effects gives  added meaning the quote made by Harvey Cushing (1869-1939 in Man Adapting. “ A Physician is obligated to consider more than a diseased  organ, more even than  the whole man -  he must view the man in his world.”           



EMI of Electro-mechanical  Systems

Like radio, TV stations and mobile phone base stations,  all electronic technology operates  at  specific frequencies. Fluorescent lights and computers, while operating from the 50Hertz mains power  also  produce electrical frequencies in the radio frequency range.  


a).        50 Hertz (50 cycles per second) frequency travels along cables and is used by the electrical power system;

b)         A.M. radio signals travel through the atmosphere at a frequency of  MegaHertz (MHz,  or    hundreds of cycles per second);

c)         FM radio signals travel in the KiloHertz range (kHz or thousands of cycles per second)

d)            telecommunications signals travel in the GigaHertz range (GHz or  millions of cycles per second);

e)         Mobile phones;

f)          Land line phones;

All this technology is prone to  ElectroMagnetic  Interference (EMI) of the technical variety, that is,  interference  which we recognize as static on the radio or  phone or a distorted TV image such as ‘snow’, ghosting, horizontal or diagonal lines on the screen.  


Other  examples of  technical EMR Interference:

*            Medical equipment malfunctioning  due to EMI  from a mobile phone signal;

*          Radio control remote devices  operating  appliances and equipment  other than that   for   which they  had been programmed;

*          Child’s radio controlled toy car became mobile due to EMI from the  breathing  monitor under an infant’s cot;

*          A remote controlled ceiling fan/light  commenced  operating erratically caused by EMI from the remote control  used to open a neighbouring garage door;

*            Wheelchairs have  become unexpectedly mobile  due to EMI  from mobile phones;

*          Motor vehicle accidents have been traced to EMI from nearby  TV or radio transmitters,  affecting the vehicular electronic systems;  

These are examples of  technical interference, or what may be termed  technical EMI (T/EMI)  of a particular device.


There can be   far more serious consequences of T/EMI.   As the  electronic  navigational and other instruments in aircraft are also prone  to interference.  This poses  a risk of  instrument failure in aircraft. The use of electronic  devices by passengers in airplanes   while in flight,  is  now  banned.  


EMI of Living  Systems

The bio-electrical system of living, breathing  human beings also operate within a specific range of frequencies of the naturally occurring EMR of the  planet, that range is  from 0 to about 100 Hertz (One hundred cycles per second ) These frequencies upon which humans are naturally dependant are also prone to electromagnetic interference (EMI) which may be termed EMI of the biological variety (B/EMI). Should the natural  bio-electricity of the human system  suffer interference the  human  body  responds to it in various ways,  registering   either pain, abnormal behaviour, or any other symptom that is listed under  the title of  ‘EHS.’ (22)  (18)


B/EMI is also  experienced by all living systems including vegetation.  Laboratory rats and  primates  responded  by avoiding  EMR  when given a choice. Caged birds have been found to alter behaviour and  breeding habits  when exposed to  EMR in the  radiofrequency range and wild  birds  altered roosting habits when exposed to the mobile base stations emissions.  The growth rate of certain trees was  found to have changed in the vicinity of an underground  antenna as did the health status of residents in the same area in the USA .


So electromagnetic interference  living systems is a reality, EMI of the technical variety causes   malfunction of technical systems while  EMI of the biological variety causes   malfunction of  biological systems- all resulting from the influence of  the same external  EMR sources.


Where manufacturers  of  technical apparatus must comply with certain  regulations imposed by industry to prevent electrical interference, the human population enjoys no such protection   The electromagnetic interference (EMI) sustained by  human systems  is either unrecognized  or dismissed as too low to have any affect on health.   As a result  of people’s reports of  EMI affecting their health and the supporting scientific studies it has become obvious that  our bioelectricity is not  compatible with many frequencies of  artificially generated  EMR,  with which we are involuntarily,  constantly exposed.



The following statement  alone gives some idea of the immense scope for influencing health that   EMR  commands  in the affairs of Man.  “Every human thought, emotion  and action is initiated by an electrical impulse ‘firing’ a nerve cell ”  From the Green  Home Handbook (Martly & Silver © 1991)  Sophisticated medical, diagnostic scanning devices can  now actually  capture  such electrical activity on film, visual  evidence of the bio-activity of  both chemicals and electricity.  


Most of  the  frequencies of EMR of  artificial origin which have been studied   are  now scientifically recognised as   biologically active  agents. That is – they  are capable of causing either stimulation or suppression of biological (bodily) functions.   Heart rhythms  may be  slowed or accelerated and  brain waves  altered, thus affecting  heart function and  electro-chemical brain activity . (2) (6)  Studies  reveal that radiofrequency – (cell phone  exposure)  can  speed up  brain  function and   a similar effect has been reported in relation to exposure to 50Hertz  power frequency EMR  from the electricity  meter box site.  Also reported  is a slowing down of mental processes from the same exposure. EMR can also be employed as a healing tool as evidenced by the success orthopedic surgeons find in using electromagnetic energy in bone fracture healing.


Parkinson’s Disease tremors have been lessened, migraine attacks and depression have  all responded favourably to controlled EMR treatment.  In the healing situation,  EMR is  applied under strict control and with carefully selected frequencies and duration of exposure.  In contrast, in our daily lives we are exposed to environmental EMR under  uncontrolled exposures of many  and often multiple frequencies. 


So we  see the contrariness  of EMR,  exhibiting a  paradoxical effect ,  where it has the capacity to  both speed up and slow down  brain activity, heal or harm.


The apparent contradictory nature   EMR,  revealed in scientific studies and empirical evidence  serves to  cause  some confusion.   However, introducing some clarity to this  are  the recent findings of  Jan Walleczek at Stanford University (USA) in his studies on bio-electromagnetism. It has been demonstrated  that   acute reactions, changes  to cells in the body,  when exposed to EMR fields  can occur within 30 seconds. This is said to  “offer impeccable  evidence that relatively weak fields  can significantly affect living  cells for ill or good”   (12)


Science  has not yet fully revealed  how the electrical nature of man truly interacts with  his electrical environment,   nor the consequences thereof.  While the study of  bio-electromagnetism  is in it’s infancy  the documented empirical evidence, while increasing in volume,  has elicited some  important insights.


Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)  is a  condition  marked by a  mind numbing lethargy that has  beset many people, a  state from which  some have recovered while others have not.   It is  a state with which many chemically and electro hypersensitive people are quite familiar.  CFS has been linked with both sensitivities.


Don Maisch (EMFacts, Tasmania)  study of  CFS and EMR connection found evidence to support the hypothesis that EMR plays a significant role in CFS. A communication from  German scientist   (Hans-Ullrich Balzer)  states that evidence of CFS like condition in connection with EMR was found  many years ago in Russian studies,  though it was then called Neurovegative  Asthenia.


Maisch found that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)  was lessened in severity  when EMR was reduced in the home of  his study subjects, an experience shared by other people. 


Human  Sleep 

Sleep is described as “a complex biological process controlled by the central nervous system, and necessary  for proper cognitive, metabolic and immune function.”  Thus it becomes clear that  there is a vital link between  the quality and duration  of sleep in relation to human health. Lack of sleep  has always been linked with poor health.

Numerous scientific studies support this statement.   It has been found that poor quality sleep  can have a detrimental influence on  worker performance and safety.   Memory and learning processes are also impaired.   Brain activity is visibly altered  following  sleep deprivation  causing physical and mental health effects  equal to those  found due to  alcohol induced impairment.  Empirical evidence clearly reveals the extent to which exposure to 50 Hertz  electromagnetic fields affects sleep duration and quality.  


In one reported case,  installation of a Demand Switch eliminated all electricity from the cables supplying  the bedroom as designed,  allowing electricity to   flow  only as required by  the touch of the  wall or lamp switch.  As a result  the occupant enjoyed  good quality, refreshing sleep.    However, when  the switch was  at times accidentally  inactivated allowing electricity and thus EMR in the bedroom, this person has found  repeatedly,   though  falling into  heavy sleep, a feeling of ‘jetlag persists for  a  up to 48 hours afterwards.  This case illustrates the effects of EMR from the electricity (at rest)  in  the absence of the magnetic fields.  There are many  cases  documented whereby  removing the EMR from the bedroom at night has resulted in improved  quality of sleep.


Many people  mistake ‘sound’ or ‘heavy’  sleep for good quality sleep.  To refresh the system and allow the nocturnal activity of cell repair mechanism to take place,   sleep needs to be free of interference  of any kind  either by wakefulness or by EMI.  Six to eight hours out of  24, free of EMR interference,  is required by most people to allow the body to recover from daily wear and tear.      


There is  more than one report of people spending hours at night listening to the radio  because they ‘cannot   sleep’.   Having been convinced to avoid  EMR  by removing  the radio from the bedside and to switch OFF  and remove the plug from the powerpoint before  settling down to sleep,  each person found that they no longer needed the radio to while away the (EMR induced ) ‘wakeful’  hours, as they now slept soundly and woke refreshed. 


As many people do,   ‘Joan’ was prone to  needing the bathroom at night.   Chronic headaches  prompted her to  eliminate EMR from her bedroom, after which Joan  was  quite surprised to find that she no longer  was wakened  at night with the need to relieve her bladder. In these cases  we may speculate on how EMR affects kidney function. No studies are available  that we know of.  In three other  cases  children’s  nightmares, bedwetting and irritability  ceased after EMR  was removed from bedroom walls.  Many industrial accidents  have been linked with sleep deprivation.       



Memory is often the first casualty of  EMR exposure  and is  invariably included in any list of EMR induced symptoms.   In most cases,  if the EHS individual fails to  take appropriate action immediately upon recognition of  exposure, there is a good chance that  action will not be taken at all.  Apathy sets in and the person’s  memory invariably  deserts him/her  as to which remedy or avoidance action is required to alleviate the reaction  and so he/she  succumbs to discomforting  and debilitating reactions.


Memory lapses were once believed to occur only with advancing age.  In this modern age though we find  an increasing number of young people having memory problems.  This does  not inspire confidence in the ability of these affected people to handle their responsibilities  in their  field of work or effectiveness  as parents.  


Loss of  memory  is not only about loss of recall of facts and figures and events. It is about  loss of  life’s educational and social skills,  sensibilities, on   how to act in certain  situations.  This loss can  impinge heavily on interpersonal relationships. 



Professor Olle Johansson of  the Karolinska Institute, Sweden  has conducted studies that  confirms the  findings of  Dr Peter  French (Australia) which  reveal the action of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) triggers  asthma episodes.  25 Oct 1999  Contact : <>


Low  Blood Sugar link to Diabetes

EMR exposure is a bio stressor which can cause carbohydrate cravings which in turn  will adversely affect  blood sugar levels.  The incidence of diabetes in all ages of the population is reaching alarming proportions. Hypoglycemia, as a condition apart from diabetes is not usually recognized by the medical  profession,  yet those who have had this condition confirmed by a Glucose Tolerance Test of sufficient duration, know only too well how the ability to function is impaired by fluctuating blood sugar levels.  That EMR is involved in deregulating blood sugar levels there is no doubt and  scientific studies to determine  blood sugar  levels under exposure conditions could prove useful.    (Dr Wilson.)  (41)



This writer has witnessed   a miraculous change in a four year old child who displayed hyperactivity  and abusive destructive behaviour as well as  screaming temper tantrums over a period of some months.  The change took place  within 24 hours  after a commercially prepared  baby food breakfast  of meat and vegetables  was offered as well as observing subsequent  three hourly meals. About this time the child  presented with  symptoms of diabetes, frequent urination and unusual  thirst  -  tests for diabetes proved  negative but hypoglycemia was suspected.  On day one of the new dietary  routine there were no tantrums, by day five it was clearly evident  that her  problems were certainly, in part,  related to her blood sugar levels.   While other health factors need addressing the blood sugar level in this case is undoubtedly,  highly implicated. 


This observation alone  illustrates the need for good nutrition and  to manage blood sugar levels adequately in all ages.   Similar mood and behaviour aberrations have been also reported in an adult male  diabetics, the blood sugar levels registered on  a monitor correlating exactly with, even predicting,  his  daily behaviour pattern.


Mental Health  and EMR

This information is for consideration and discussion – not  to be misconstrued  as a diagnosis or a substitute  for  professional diagnosis or  treatment  for mental illness.  

Involuntary exposure to environmental contaminants   such as EMR  and  volatile organic compounds  (VOCs)  can  trigger neuro-psychiatric conditions.  It  may be speculated that they also provoke  neurological reactions  that  mimic neuro-psychiatric disorders. 


Unfortunately  there are disturbing reports  that people are being  misdiagnosed with mental illness when EMR or chemical  contamination  may well be  implicated. Due to  the  nature of the symptoms,  these people are often hospitalized  against their will and treated  with mind altering drugs that may  have  the effect  of worsening  their  condition , where  allergies  and sensitivities are present, though undetected.  

There is a whole range of  neuro-psychiatric  disorders,  known to be influenced by  environmental  factors.  Changes in intensity of various environmental cues  such as light, temperature and magnetic fields act as triggers  for the expressions of these disorders.  Dr Sandyk’s paper  lists 13 references  and the  following list of environmentally triggered disorders :  mania, depression, panic attacks, bulimia, anorexia nervosa,  obsessive-compulsive disorder, suicide, cocaine addiction,  Tourette’s syndrome, schizophrenia, epilepsy.  Paradoxically, bright light therapy  has been found effective in treating depression and   is being considered as a treatment   for some of the other listed disorders.      An example of the  EMR paradox  at work !   (6)  (54) 


Schizophrenia and EMR 

This report  does not attempt to second guess qualified  professional diagnoses   of  patients’ mental illnesses. It does though  comment on actual case  reports  where  great personal distress  might have been averted  had the medical profession  possessed  greater knowledge of the biological  effects exerted   on human  systems as a result of  exposure to microwave/radiofrequency radiation.


In  a number of recorded cases  people have become electro hypersensitive  (EHS) and  while unwell have described  to their doctors how ‘electricity’ is affecting them inn some manner.  These people have subsequently been referred for psychiatric assessment, with a diagnosis  of paranoid schizophrenia to follow and thus treated accordingly with mind   

Altering drugs. These people  have then suffered the stigma  of mental instability  which has adversely affected their lives.  At  no time was it considered by professionals that  there could possibly be  an external source of  EMR involved  in the cause  of the patient’s   complaint nor were there attempts  made to investigate  the patient’s EMR environment.  In one case, when EMR investigation this was suggested  the relative of the patient was told that  this would only serve to reinforce the patient’s paranoia


It had not been considered that a mentally ill person might have developed EHS or that her paranoia might just be reduced in severity by reducing EMR exposure.   


There are a number of reports  of people who have refused  their doctor’s referral  for psychiatric  assessment, knowing full well the outcome,   and who have found relief from their health problems  by seeking and taking advice on  avoiding EMR after having tracked from doctor to doctor  looking for  effective medical  validation and assistance.


Symptoms Difficult to Describe

Sufferers  may describe sensations that sound a little strange, or they may have difficulty finding  suitable  words to describe  their symptoms.  Some examples; “my brain is frying/burning ” or   “it’s cooking my brain “ or my blood is fizzing like lemonade “   or is “boiling” .(See Apherisis Blood Donor )  While these symptoms are not obviously visible, they are  usually  dismissed   by the doctor  as “all in the mind” and believed  by many doctors as delusional.


This most  certainly is  not the case.  Many people are  in actual fact  being  affected by the biologically active  frequencies of electromagnetic field radiation and are decidedly not imagining these effects.   Removal of the offending  EMR source  has often  afforded relief from the symptoms and  drug therapy on any kind was  not  required.  


Thus while the ‘electrical’ effect  is known to be involved in some cases of  schizophrenia  it should not  be presumed that  all who mention  ‘electrical effects’  in regard to their health  are  suffering  a  schizophrenia  disorder.  Some  symptoms described by a schizophrenic patient  can parallel those reported by  the EHS  person.


John Mc Murtrey  has written a paper  on the Congruence of Microwave Bio-effects with Schizophrenia.  He has found  sufficient evidence  from laboratory  and whole animal studies  (232 papers)   to convince any thinking person, that there is a case   for serious  consideration to  be given to a possible link  between reported increases in  both neuro-psychiatric  disorders and  microwave  radiation  exposures.   Mc Murtrey has found  plausible  evidence that microwave  bio-effects can be involved  in the ‘voice complaint’ of some patients.  This  complaint is at present considered to be a delusional disorder by the established  opinion of the medical profession. This opinion may in future be  challenged,   considering that ‘voice complaint’ may be a microwave bio-effect, in some cases.


McMurtrey notes that microwave technology is capable of internal voice transmission and concludes that methods should be developed that   rule  out  microwave  bio-effects involved in delusional psychosis.  He also suggests  that it is ‘unethical’  to continue to ignore  and disrespect  these patients, as microwaves have high congruence with lines of  schizophrenia investigation.    (64}


There is speculation also that the increase in microwave/radiofrequency radiation  (MW/RFR) associated with telecommunications  has coincided with the increase  in violence in the community. Increasing also are incidents of road rage, computer rage, office rage,  terms that are new to our vocabulary as well as   domestic violence and  child abuse and cases of autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Once thought to be  age related, Alzheimer’s disease is now occurring  unexpectedly in younger people and is thought also  to be  related to  EMR/RFR exposure.


“ANNE’S”  Case of  EHS and MCS

The writer has witnessed serious reactions to EMR resulting in unconsciousness  in  a lady who is both chemically and EMR sensitive.  On two separate occasions,  close proximity  to  an electric     portable  air purifier and a  tape recorder resulted in “Anne”   falling  unconscious without warning.   She  has also  reacted  with bizarre  effect to a brief  exposure  to perfumed soap  and  cleaning products including disinfectants, detergents, and laundry powders which include a fragrance.   Cosmetics, deodorants, talcs and hair products containing fragrances also cause  serious reactions. “ Anne’s”   reaction to the soap  was  observed by several people, she folded her arms  and turned in circles  with her eyes closed until she  dropped unconscious to the floor.  She was revived with  an  antidote in the form of sublingual drops  provided by her  physician, which she carried  with  at all times. 


Prior to the  cause of these reactions, being determined by a doctor specializing in  environmental medicine,  “Anne”  had been admitted to public hospital  psychiatric wards  and treated with drugs to which she had low  tolerance, causing her further serious problems.  As some of her reactions were  indicative of  the symptoms of mental illness she had been treated accordingly  by the medical profession  until she  found  the cause of these ‘episodes’ and  now takes appropriate  avoidance action. In addition, long term treatment with a particular amino acid  that  affects another brain chemical, seratonin ,  keeps her system  in a stable condition.


“Anne” is an intelligent, cheerful  lady who has worked hard to achieve her stabilised  condition and  does not allow her disability to dampen her enthusiasm  for life. She has retrained and now works as a volunteer in a teaching capacity.


Once the reality of  EMR biological effects  is  accepted and that those  effects may be stimulatory or suppressive,   and that either effect  has the  potential to  cause harm  or to heal,  EMR as a human  health  factor may be seriously considered and its harmful aspect appropriately  dealt  with.



The person described as  electro-hypersensitive (EHS)  is one who is aware of  experiencing adverse effects or symptoms when others,  similarly exposed  do  not share those same  experiences. This is an emerging problem for our  modern society which requires urgent attention. A recently released book from Sweden is  a compilation of  comments on the personal accounts  of  many  witnesses taking part in  a government inquiry into EHS. Its initial release in 2001 is said to have changed public policy on the EHS health issue in that country.  The value of these accounts is yet to be recognized as they really form a basis for correctly diagnosing many baffling ailments that are  affecting all ages in  the community.  See  Bibliography for details of  the book  Black on White -  the Swedish Experience.   


The EHS  condition cannot be set apart from  other electro-magnetically induced conditions.  Rather it may be seen as the effect that is the forerunner to more seriously debilitating or incapacitating conditions. Unlike those as yet unaware, the person who has become consciously aware of his/her sensitivity to EMR is likely to then avoid exposure,  therefore postponing the probable end organ disease that can occur,  given time.


EHS  may develop as a result of a sudden acute exposure  which has been  reported after  some medical  diagnostic procedures, magnetic therapy, electric shock or chronic,   long term exposure.  It has also been reported after severe chemical exposure.


Apathetic Attitude to Self  Preservation

During EMR exposure the EHS  person may develop a feeling of apathy or lack of sensibility as discomfort or pain increases, and simply cannot be bothered  to vacate the area  of EMR  causing his/her pain and discomfort. A seemingly unreasonable attitude – but an all too common  factor  of the EHS condition.


Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity can plague some EHS people who are unable to tolerate  bright lights or sunlight. One  sufferer  could only tolerate a 40Watt globe indoors to begin with then her sensitivity escalated to the inability to tolerate sunlight, a  component of which causes her pain and is as  yet to be identified.  She has found skin cancers and moles react with deep  burning sensations when exposed to sunlight The effects  are not  screened out by clothes or other material and are  only diminished by the seasonal  decline in the sun’s intensity. (Chemical Crisis ©1994 D. Crumpler )  Some drugs  cause photosensitivity. 


Weather Sensitivity

The electro-hypersensitive (EHS) person  is often found to  be sensitive to the atmospheric electrical energy of weather changes.  According to Dr Charles Wallach, the terms “ion sensitivity “ and “weather sensitivity” are “interchangeable as atmospheric pressure and  humidity and temperature  may be associated with   air-ion balance.” (The Ion Controversy C Wallach © 1983 ) in which there is a useful score chart from which to estimate the degree of ion sensitivity  which may reflect  the degree of EMR sensitivity. 


Personality Types and EHS

It has been  noted that the majority of  EHS people are highly conscientious and prior to developing EHS were actively and industriously  employed.  Many young people have had their career seriously interrupted. 


Behaviour  and  EHS  -Road and Other rages

A sidelight to computer rage – a 72 year old  lady, with EHS and MCS,   relatively new to PC technology was becoming concerned at the unbelievably strong feelings of rage  which welled up when her new  PC did not respond to keyboard commands.  She developed an anger toward,  and a strong urge to destroy the PC!   The notion that this might be an  impatient, ‘age-related’ problem peculiar to herself  was dispelled by a  TV program revealing  images of  strong young men displaying  ‘office rage’  by actually putting the boot into the PC on the desk and  stomping on the  keyboard on the floor!


One possible cause  for this behaviour  could be the inhalation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) -  the  cocktail of chemicals that outgas  from  the components of new computers as they heat up. VOCs  are not tolerated well  by multiple chemically sensitive (MCS)  people and  to a lesser degree, possibly those people not yet aware of their chemical sensitivity,  including those who display unreasonable rage.     It is therefore advisable, that for three days prior to actual use,   the PC should be  run in a well ventilated area,   to reduce this   chemical  exposure.   Some manufacturers make this recommendation.


12.          DETECTING  EMR

Technical Methods of Detecting EMR

There are specially  designed  instruments, Electric field meters, Voltage testers and Gauss meters,    which detect  the presence of  and quantify  electric and magnetic fields,  providing useful information   to technicians. Most people are  aware of  Safety First’  procedures  which contain  warnings that  electric current is  likely to cause startle, shock and burn effects  upon actual physical contact with   electrically ‘live’ objects.  Few are aware that  we detect at a distance  and  at a subconscious level, electric and magnetic fields at levels that do not produce these effects.  They do however,  cause biological effects that can lead to ill health.


EHS Management  - Aiding Treatment and  Recovery

Study of the literature of the EMR health factor strongly suggests that any person either recovering from illness or who wishes to avoid illness would do well to assess the home electromagnetic environment. The  bedroom especially should be  checked for ‘hot spots ’ of EMR.  For optimum health,  the body requires a stress free environment,  during,  when cellular  repair and rejuvenation occurs. Of course, a healthy diet and regular exercise  is also required  for optimal health. 


Dr William Rea  has seen some people recover  from EHS while others  do not.  He cites five stages of treatment:

(1)    As 60-70 % of  his patients are chemically sensitive, this exposure is  lowered.  

(2)    Nutrition profile is developed – vitamin, mineral  and amino acids and deficiencies corrected -  this often reduces EHS.  Deficiency of the mineral magnesium has been found to be significant in treating EHS 

(3)    Food and mould sensitivities are neutralized by antigens thus reducing  total  stress load  of patient

(4)    Detoxification  by massage

(5)    Patient is encouraged to ‘ground’ his/herself by standing (with bare feet) or sitting on the grass to allow direct contact with the ground  which will discharge to earth accumulated  body voltage even through light clothing.


Dr Rea  emphasized that as well as treatment, it is necessary to avoid all sources of EMR.  He also mentioned that it is  a fact that EHS can be misdiagnosed as a mental illness – noting that we know so little of how EHS affects the mind  - that it may even trigger some mental health conditions.  (6) (40 (33)


EHS  Environmental  Health Indicator

Environmental factors are believed to  play a significant role in  human illness including those affecting behaviour and learning ability.   The recently  publicized  increase   in the  incidence  of  Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is thought to be  associated with environmental pollutants.  Larry B Silver M.D. (USA) published a paper looking at toxic agents in the environment  as probable triggering agents for some disorders.


Looking at the duality of chemical and EMR effects   Dr Silvers  paper can be seen   as highly significant with regard to EMR exposure  and ASD.  If environmental chemical pollutants are impacting on children’s health then  EMR exposure is surely implicated due to the duality factor.


The writer has observed at first hand, the adverse  effects of  depression and unacceptable  attitudes in  both adults and children due to chronic and  overnight EMR exposure.  A complete reversal of these conditions occurred within 7 –10 days of EMR elimination from the bedrooms of affected adults and children .  There is no doubt that EMR exposure  during the nocturnal hours  affected the  ability of the people involved to  deal with emotions of anger frustration  and tolerance  under EMR exposure.


Mothers of ADD and ADHD children  have spoken out about their children’s  intolerance to noise and fluorescent lights in supermarkets.  Many though, would be unaware of the probable involvement of  chemical pollution  and EMR triggering  reactions to EMR in home and school environments.  Dr Silver says, of the possible causes of  neurologically-based disorders  “….. there is an increasing concern that the cause might be the impact of environmental toxins that either interfere with the neuro-endocrine systems critical to brain development or are neurologic toxins.”   He lists the  following as the  continuum of neurologically-based disorders often found together:  Cortical Problems: Motor Coordination Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Language Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and  Regulatory Disorders: Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Depression, Anger Control Problems, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


There is  a report   of a child’s   “sensitivity’  indicating a source of EMR which had a potential for serious consequences. Spontaneous  bruising in this child ceased after  the under floor electricity cables, located directly beneath the bed, were removed. Prior  to this the child preferred to sleep at the very edge of his bed, as far as possible from  the area  of the cables -  his ‘sensitivity’  obviously prompting  this avoidance  tactic.  This is not the only case of  a child found to be instinctively ‘avoiding’ EMR.  There are authentic  reports of a less serious problems such as children’s bedwetting, insomnia, nightmares and nocturnal wandering  all ceasing after EMR is addressed.  

Environmental factors  are said to be involved in breast cancer and  non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.


EHS people’s  reports of adverse EMR induced health effects should be taken seriously by the medical and healing professions.  Often, EHS people are believed  to be  neurotic and delusional once they mention electricity having an influence on their health. They are often offered psychiatric treatment, due to the lack of understanding of the EMR health factor. (See next section) This can lead to inappropriate treatment exacerbating the ill health of the individual  who may also be allergic to  many drugs.  Many EHS  and MCS people are also unable to tolerate intolerant to a variety of  foods and substances  and air and water borne  chemicals.


The EHS patient’s   experiences  illustrate  the effects  that EMR can induce.  The patient is a valuable,  reliable, living  indicator of the adverse effects EMR could  exert on the majority of the population - given time and exposure to the increasing EMR levels of the  twenty first century.     Multiple  sensitivities to chemicals and EMR are a recipe for ill health.


13.                CHILDREN and EMR

A number of studies reveal disturbing  evidence of  the  EMR factor in relation to childhood  diseases: (Blas, K.G. et al., Maternal  and Parental .  Occupational Exposure to 50HzMagnetic Fields and Pregnancy outcome)


Childhood Leukemia

Dr S Milham  deduced from his studies that in developed countries the increase in childhood leukemia  was proportional to the rate of  increased electrification and that 60% of cases could be avoided.


The Japanese  Cancer Centre released  findings in October 2002 of a nationwide  epidemiological study which concludes that children exposed to magnetic fields in excess of (1mG) 0.1 microtesla to (4mG) 0.4 microteslas   have double the  risk of developing  leukemia.   The report includes the  usual cautious scientific comments that not  many children are exposed to these levels of magnetic fields.  We note that in a large population ‘not many’ would amount to an unacceptable number of cases of childhood leukemia and its attendant pain and suffering. 


Mobile Phones

In January 2005 there has been further warnings of the risk to children’s health from mobile phone use.  While the advice for adults is  to use these phones only when absolutely necessary,  children under the age of eight  years should not use them at all and children from 6 to the age of 14 years should use these  phones only in an emergency. There is evidence that the changes  observed in the brains of children on a CT scan during a two minute  call, were still evident after the call was terminated and remained  so,  for  a further  two hours.  If a call is made  close to his/her bedtime,  brain function changes may well alter sleep patterns  leading  to a type of  sleep deprivation.  There has been serious discussion lately regarding   sleep deprivation in children.



A health study in New Zealand, prompted by concerns regarding the radiofrequency radiation from AM and FM radio transmitters in the valley of Ouruhia,  found that  asthma was  prevalent among the  children.


In 2004 in Sydney (Australia) the Accident & Emergency Department  at one large hospital reported cases of acute asthma  and respiratory infection in children  were the most frequent cases handled.    There is  general increase of 25%  in the incidence of asthma in the Sydney Metropolitan area.


There is now also some speculation that RFR associated with  mobile phone technology  may  contribute to respiratory tract  diseases, among others.



Children with  learning difficulties and Attention Deficit Disorder have shown rapid progress with remedial treatments when  TV viewing was severely restricted, especially at night.   EMR exposure was also eliminated from the bedroom. It is recommended that EMR exposure for  all children, whether there is evidence of a disorder or not,  should be avoided after 6-7 pm. This includes TV, computer games  and use of mobile phones as  the biological effects of  exposure  do not cease at termination of EMR exposure – and if extended into the sleep period,  the quality of sleep will  be adversely affected. There are recent studies that reveal how sleep deprivation in children inhibits the processing of information  into the brain, information that has been gathered during the day,  thus inhibiting learning.  


There is evidence that child’s brain is more vulnerable than that of an  adult to radiofrequency radiation  damage.  This has led to advice from researchers that children under 8 years should not  be exposed to cellphone frequency radiation at all and severely restricted up to age 16, to emergency calls only,  due the  children’s  rapid cellular  and  hormonal  system development.  This cautionary approach    is valid also  for those adults who wish to gain  optimum benefit from sleep.


Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Robert C Kane, author of Russian Roulette © 2001 regarding the bio-effects of mobile phone use on the individual,  states : “Every action which occurs within that individual’s  life  during the next week will be affected by the EEG  modifications  resulting from  the portable cellular telephone call”  and “We propose that RF radiation, a new form of exposure of the human  embryo, fetus, and infant, and an acknowledged environmental toxin  under many exposure conditions, may be associated with the increased  incidence of autism.  This proposition is further based on the fact  that these radiating products are periodically and typically utilized  in the embryonic, fetal and neonatal environment.  RF radiation is  the only known toxin exposure, which is wholly correlated with the  repeatedly documented increased incidence of autism: now reported by  at least some researchers as greater than 1 per 100 newborn”  Other researchers  make a similar link between autism spectrum disorders (ASD ) and EMR/RFR   (49) (62)


Diabetes – hypoglycemia – autism 

There is evidence that EMR can elevate blood sugar levels.  A report that reduction of EMR in a school in U.S. coincided with the reduction in the need for medication for asthma and diabetes among students.   It is reasonable to speculate that EMR is involved in both these conditions now reported as  increasing in incidence in Australia and US. .  Research is urgently needed .   Low Blood Sugar or Hypoglycemia is  associated EMR exposure. LBS is involved in behaviour problems in both children  and adults.


Donna Williams, author of Nobody Nowhere, who at age 26 having  overcome her autistic disability sufficiently to  write  her autobiography,  mentions her hypersensitivity to fluorescent lights which she  felt compelled to switch off and when unable to do so, found she  could not stay awake – an experience familiar to many Electro HyperSensitive (EHS) sufferers.    Donna also had a number of food  intolerances and  found her fluctuating blood-sugar levels were closely involved with her emotions.  (40)   Blood sugar levels are linked with  emotional stability.


14                CHEMICAL AND EMR  BIO-EFFECTS – the DUALITY 

EMR is not the only biologically active agent  we encounter  on a daily basis which can act as friend or foe.  There is also the chemically polluted atmosphere with which we are biologically challenged, the effects of which often   parallel  EMR effects, as we  shall see  by examining the profiles of  both chemical and  EMR  exposures .(1)


Chemically Induced   Bio-effects – A Profile

1.  Chemicals are extracted from  many sources, plants, earth  and organic matter and are also synthesized in the science laboratory.


2.  Chemical agents of both natural and synthetic origin are in  our processed and unprocessed  food, beverages and the air we breathe.


There are some chemicals whose biological activity is  necessary for our  very survival.  But there are many toxic chemicals of  both natural and artificial origin, which when absorbed through the skin, ingested or inhaled, are  harmful to health.


A process called ‘outgassing’ occurs which is  the often undetectable vapour  given off by many  synthetic chemicals used in the manufacture of goods. Inhalation of these vapours seriously affect people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and is believed also to insidiously affect other  people.


There may be an absence of  easily measurable evidence such as a visible rash or swelling of tissues. After  toxic chemical  exposure, however  biological/neurological  effects may well be experienced by the person.


A keen observer  may also notice symptoms such as  a muscle twitch or tic or  rapid or  slowed speech.)


Inhalation of chemical vapours leave no visible trace yet have profound effects on brain function with often serious consequences. 


It is well known that aromas of all kinds can trigger memories both pleasant and unpleasant, can alter mood  and  that  the fragrance of certain  flowers can trigger an epileptic seizure.  In Nova Scotia (Canada) a council has banned the use of perfume in  public transport and places  due to the adverse effects  experienced by  many people.  In  Japan it is reported,  certain large corporations disperse selected  aromas, based on aromatherapy principles, via  the air conditioning system to boost  work performance in office staff.     As with EMR  reactions,  a  paradoxical effect may occur with  the reactions  of inhaled substances. 


EMR Induced Bioeffects  - Profile 

Natural electromagnetic fields of energy (EMR)  are generated   by the motion of the earth, sun, moon and tides  to which our  biorhythms are inextricably linked. Electrostatic charges (static electricity)  are generated by the friction of air molecules, thus windy weather  produces  high levels of electrostatic charges.  


Electromagnetic fields of  energy are also  generated artificially by  water or wind driven turbines and solar energy.


There are biological active electromagnetic fields of natural origin  that are  necessary for our survival. There are also  electromagnetic frequencies  of artificial origin with which we are not compatible.


Artificially generated EMR  when inducted into, or absorbed by  living tissue has been shown to be biologically active and  has the potential to  harm human health.  


There may be an absence of clinically detectable evidence  such as a rash or swelling of tissues, after EMR induction or absorption.


While exposure to electromagnetic radiation may  leave no visible  trace yet it has profound effects  on brain  function  with often serious consequences. 


In the  previous two ‘Profiles’  we can see that the words toxic chemicals and EMR are interchangeable with regard to the same  biological and neurological  conditions occurring upon exposure. 


Medical Diagnosis

Medical scanning devices can now  detect the evidence of chemical changes to the brain.   (17)      and a new study from Japan reveals EMR  bio-effects appear to cause interruption to cerebral blood flow.  (19)    There are scientific  means of determining how both EMR and chemical agents affect the biological system.  What is needed   now is for greater recognition of the implication of these two bio-active agents,  in relation to the health of the individual and that of the  community.    


This is an example of the duality of the effects of both EMR and Toxic Chemical  contamination


The EMR  Health Debate Continues

Many within the academic community concede that  biological changes occur  due to chemical and EMR exposure but  refuse to acknowledge the link between these changes and adverse health effects. Credibility is not given to  the reports of observed physiological and /or neurological  adverse reactions of  individuals,  while under exposure to bio-active agents such as  toxic chemicals  and EMR.   These observations  reveal the truth of the matter – that  both  agents impact adversely on human health.


Dr William Ross Adey, through  his research  saw the need  for urgent consideration of the joint actions of EMR and chemical pollutants and the impact on community health. (1)


The significance of the effects  produced by  EMR and chemicals   is the reason both these factors  are  addressed here.   The reader is advised to take careful note.



The few doctors in Australia  who  practice   ortho-molecular medicine achieve  amazing  results by looking at the patients food intolerances, vitamin and mineral profiles and chemical intolerances. Drug therapy does not predominate.   It is not known how many actually recognize  EHS as a clinical entity.  (See ACNEM  reference on  how to contact these doctors.)


Soma Health  Association  of Australia  (SOMA) was founded in 1979  and is committed to  patient welfare in regard to general and psychiatric medical practice.  They promote the practice of orthomolecular medicine.   SOMA produce a newsletter dealing with relevant medical and health issues. See Reference (53)  for website  and details.

The serious lack of information available on EHS  has  prompted some medical doctors to refer  patients to this author. In addition,  some officers within  the power industry have also referred  people  to the writer with regard to EMR related health matters,  though this practice is not actual industry policy.   



Microwaves Affect DNA
A study supported by  the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research and the Swedish  Radiation Protection Institute suggests  that ELF magnetic fields and microwaves under specific conditions of exposure affect  lymphocytes from healthy and electrosensitive donors. ELF under specific conditions of exposure resulted in  apoptotic DNA fragmentation.  “ These effects differ at different frequencies and vary between donors. In some cases, cells from  electrosensitive donors responded stronger than cells from gender- and age-matched control subjects, but the  results need to be confirmed in a larger study group.”

Mobile and Cordless Phones

Our telecommunication services, including  mobile and cordless phones  which operate in the Microwave/radiofrequency range of the electromagnetic spectrum, has saturated our environment  with  biologically active  waves of energy which   many people cannot tolerate.   The  cellular phone system alone,  ensures  that the majority of the population,  those with or without phones,  are at all times, within the range of influence of microwave/radiofrequency radiation(MW/RFR)  from the phone  and their base stations.  This is a basic requirement of the cellphone system in order for each cell  to remain in constant radio contact with its neighbour.


The domestic cordless phone also has a ‘mini base’ station within the dwelling which ensures that the phone will operate within a defined  range. All members of the household, including infants and young children are exposed to MW/RFR while it is operational.    There  is still controversy as to whether this level of EMR  is harmful in spite of the fact that  electrical hypersensitivity reports have escalated since the introduction of the mobile and cordless phone and not only from people who actually use a phone.  This exposure is akin to  Passive Smoking  with similar,  associated results.



Microwave/Radiofrequency  Sickness - a Medical Entity.

In her literature review  paper, author Ana G Johnson -Liakouris  states that “The available literature in the United States  contains information to support the RF sickness syndrome as a medical entity.” Some reported symptoms are headache, ocular dysfunction, fatigue, dizziness, and  sleep disorders.   Soviet researchers attribute the four following effects to  RF sickness:  (1) dermographism (i.e., psoriasis, eczema and inflammatory and  allergic skin problems (2)  neurological (i.e., diseases of the  peripheral nerves and ganglia among males.) (3)  reproductive (i.e.,  problems during  pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium) and tumours  (benign in men and malignant among women.) Other  effects in the Lilienfeld Study were: mood alterations, attributed to the syndrome  and irritability,  depression and loss of appetite.


It has been suggested that the initial  signs of RF sickness are hypotension (low blood pressure )  proceeding to high blood pressure.  From the Archives  of Environmental Health: (May/June 1998) RF Sickness in the Lilienfeld Study: An effect of modulated microwaves ?


Dr Bruce Hocking (Australia) has stated that RFR may now  be classed as a medical entity.


Cindy Sage  (USA) has been  keeping track of scientific papers reporting changes in cognitive  function, memory and learning impairment, etc in relation to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposure.  A correlation between known cases in a given area and the date of installation of radio telecommunication transmitting antenna in the same area, will be tabled  to determine the degree of  RFR exposure   involved in  human illness and its  relevance to  actual cases.(47) 


Environmental RF  exposure  is also linked with the increase in learning and behavioral problems  affecting many children, the mechanism yet to be determined.   

 DR  Michael J. Goldberg, M.D., F.A.A.P. on  ADHD / ADD – Learning Disabilities      Immune Dysfunction     CFS / CFID Autism / PDD SCIENCE -  says of the so-called  ‘Epidemic’  of autism    It can NOT be due to a developmental or genetic disorder  *ONE MUST have a disease process at work.  The ONLY possible CAUSE for this type of disorder / dysfunction has become immune and / or viral in origin.  This was apparent as far back as a major research symposium October 1997 since then basic science keeps supporting "neuro­ immune" as the only logical pathway for most  of these  children.”


As mentioned previously parents of children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) report these children find  bright lights and noise disturb them as do  busy shopping centers.  It appears that the effects of RF exposure at  the very least acts as  an ‘irritant’  to the system of   susceptible children and adults.


Both food intolerances  and electromagnetic field exposures  are known to be involved  with    behaviour problems.  A very recent report from USA indicates some interest in the importance of how EMR can influence blood sugar levels of diabetics. The known carbohydrate craving associated with EMR exposure needs careful  study especially where childhood obesity is concerned, a growing problem in Australia. It may be more than  mere habit that prompts children to crave high energy foods while watching TV, This would apply to adults as well.     


Changes in Brain Revealed  

Holding a mobile phone to the ear  effectively  allows radiofrequency radiation (RFR) to penetrate the brain for the duration of the call.  The resulting biological  effects induced by a call of two minutes duration  will remain for up to one  hour.   In children, scans have revealed this penetration of RF is deeper  due to the skull size and  density as.  Despite warnings from respected researchers that there are risks to health from this technology  health authorities, manufacturers and the public generally choose to deny there is a problem. 


We need to know that the blood brain barrier  (BBB) is  a membrane  which serves to protect that organ from allowing  leakage of  unwanted  blood borne agents  into brain tissue.     It has been discovered that among other things,  certain frequencies of EMR  open  the  BBB, and that  those  frequencies in the mobile telephony range have  the strongest effects.  It has been suggested that   toxic chemical agents introduced  into the  brain  in this manner are the causes of  disease while  the EMR is the enabler.


The term ‘passive phoning’  has been used to describe the effect that  non-users  experience  at a relative short distance from the antenna of a transmitting phone.  Factors such as the  thickness  of  skin, muscle  and  skull of the human head  will determine the degree of penetration of RFR in the individual.  These effects occur at extremely low levels of power, and well below those  which cause heating of tissue -  the  levels at which  so called  MW/RFR safety standards are now set.  


There are  reports from  people who  are convinced of the  link between their  mobile phone use with their health decline, ranging from electro  hypersensitivity to tumours  both benign and  malignant. 


Using hands free devices is recommended while phoning, but only those which  have an air tube to transmit the voice to the ear.  Do not:

use mobile phone unnecessarily:

do restrict duration of call;

do not allow children under 16 years use of the phone;

pregnant and nursing mothers are  also  advised to restrict use to avoid ‘passive phoning’

remember,   anyone in the near vicinity may  be affected during your call.

(See  Bibliography  for two excellent books on this topic. )



EMR is known to increase the growth rate of some cancer cells under laboratory conditions.


It is speculated that  the infections now rife in hospitals, defying established control methods, are  the ‘side effect’ of the EMR ‘fallout’ from roof top telecommunications antenna and the plethora of medical apparatus which emit biologically active EMR/RFR emissions. EMR is known to increase the growth of moulds, bacteria and viruses. DR John Holt of WA Australia  has said that it is a valid hypothesis “that as the world increases  it’s radiowave pollution this will automatically  increase the growth of  every life form.” This includes viruses and bacterial growth,  according to Dr Holt and other scientific studies.(3) (39)


Allergy to moulds  is not uncommon and are  found to cause a host of   symptoms. Eradicate mould  spores  from the environment. Allow light and  fresh air  regularly into areas where mould might buildup. 



EMR avoidance may well render medication superfluous  or reduce the treatment period as well as the possible attendant  side effects of constant medication,  in  some cases. Certainly, the cessation of headaches after EMR avoidance has eliminated the need for daily doses of analgesics for a number of people known to, and including  the writer.  Should EMR induced  conditions lessen, predictably  through EMR avoidance, the saving in  health care costs and personal expenditure would  be impressive .


Mitigation  of EMR with the plausible reduction of many disorders  and syndromes and the subsequent reduction of the need for prescription or over the counter drugs is therefore  highly desirable. 



EMR/RFR  induction - habit forming ?

There have been a number or reports of young people especially, spending an unnatural length of time  viewing TV, using  computers and playing video games. In each instance there was evidence that this activity was adversely affecting the person. Some adults have admitted to becoming  ‘addicted’ to these activities.


Recently in the UK it was reported that  people  were booking into a drug and alcohol  addiction  treatment center in order to break their habit of using text message devices unnecessarily. There is already evidence that  some people  are  ‘addicted’ to their mobile phones  (and computers) especially teenagers ( and many adults) who  feel compelled to make calls that are totally unnecessary.   One teenager  highly  sensitive and allergic to chemicals from  birth  found he needed  not one but two digital phones beside his bed at night or he could not sleep!  Another example  of the paradoxical effect or EMR at work – as most people  do not sleep  well with a mobile phone  beside their bed.


This suggests  that  exposure to EMR  from  some sources can   be ‘habit forming’ and  that the consequences  may lead to addiction to other  substances.  Certainly  there are   studies that show microwave exposure is involved  in blood sugar level instability, carbohydrate  craving  and alcohol addiction.


Withdrawal – Increase In Symptoms

People are often found to  succumb to mild illnesses or unexpected tiredness in the first few days of a holiday period.   This is the result of the body undergoing the  natural acclimatization process to  changed environmental conditions.    Similarly, when EMR has been significantly reduced in premises,  in some instances, some  occupants have found their EMR induced symptoms worsen for a short time following  the changed EMR  environment.


It is as well to be aware that reducing EMR may not give immediate relief from symptoms and effects.   Experience reveals  that the hyper - sensitive individual may find any healing procedure, even EMR avoidance,   can be quite stressful. There can be a ‘withdrawal phase’ after reducing exposure,  an interval  where  symptoms can actually worsen for a short time. To  minimize  stress to the EHS  individual it is therefore recommended that  all avoidance  strategies  be undertaken on a gradual basis,  particularly if the person is very ill.


Complimentary  health practitioners describe  as a ‘healing crisis’  the worsening of symptoms  or the onset  of acute illness  experienced by patients  when an allergic agent /substance  is avoided.  Therefore the EMR withdrawal  period,   which may be  immediate or delayed,  can  be considered as a ‘healing crisis’ also.


Documented are a number of case  reports that reveal a close association between  reduction of   EMR exposure and withdrawal symptoms. This strongly  suggests that  EMR of  frequencies as yet to be determined  may be ‘addictive’  and that breaking the habitual exposure to their influence can elicit withdrawal symptoms.


Brain Chemicals Involved

Biochemical studies suggest that “migraine is a syndrome of withdrawal symptoms to  endogenous opiate insufficiency ” and  that possibly  the symptoms induced in patients by electromagnetic fields   are due to interference with endorphin release.  (52) (63)  

Naturally occurring  chemicals  called endorphins , generated in the human brain have been studied  in respect of their natural  analgesic  function. These chemicals  known as ‘endogenous opiates’  are produced in the brain as  dictated by the  body’s requirements. It has been found  in animal experiments   that the amount of the brain’s  endorphins can be induced by external electromagnetic fields and may be increased measurably during electrical treatment or stimulation Ref; Electrohealing © R Coghill (1992) .


Artificial stimulation  of the endogenous opiates in the human brain has been studied in reference to pain relief (Smith & Alder 1982)  However the same paper  reports  that no effort  had been made to determine  the long term effects  of involuntary,   environmental electric and magnetic  field  stimulation of endogenous opiates.   


Interestingly, a woman with EHS, suffering classic migraine for a number of years noticed a distinct pattern of occurrence. Having coped with family  health and other crises with equanimity, she inevitably succumbed to severe migraine  episodes within twenty four hours  after any  crisis was resolved.   This appears to indicate  a relationship between  the lowering of  stress levels and the onset  of a migraine episode -  which may involve the opiate withdrawal  syndrome as  stated by Sicuteri. .


In another case a woman  with EHS and prone to reactive hypoglycemia, repeatedly  found that she began to crave high energy carbohydrate foods within  ninety minutes  or so of  working in an office with fluorescent lights and  where there was a radio transmitter located on the roof of the building. 


To illustrate further,  a lady discovering she was EHS  suffered   pains in the head when indoors but not  when outside her house.   To reduce  her EMR exposure she removed the fuse from the  overhead lighting circuit at the meter board  and the head pains ceased. She also discovered that she had then lost her  craving for chocolate which she had had since childhood ! The craving returns however,   when the fuse  is restored to the overhead lighting circuit. 


Where EMR is concerned  it suggests that a ‘withdrawal’  effect does in fact take place upon the sudden removal of this biological  stimulus/suppressor.   Dr Cyril Smith has pointed out  that “Fields near  high voltage power lines  could give body currents  comparable to those used to give pain relief, which in turn has been associated with  the stimulation  of endogenous opiates, therefore with long term  exposure one may expect  to find withdrawal symptoms.” 


DR Smith believes  this problem may not be confined to humans. Dairy cows  -  normally content to  graze in the paddocks were observed to  congregate  beneath  high voltage power lines (HVPL).    At first it was thought to be a positive indication that  HVPL exposure was harmless, while actually it  reinforced  Dr Smith’s  scientific study  of how EMF/EMR exposure might  create  biologically addictive  conditions under which, in this case, the cows apparently produced less milk. The Smith & Elder paper  states that “ It is  possible that the continuous production of B-endorphins by electric currents induced in the body for extended periods of time, by environmental circumstances might give rise to  unpleasant symptoms upon withdrawal  from the field, or cessation of the current.”   (Ref pages  56 /47) 


It is important that  EHS sufferers are  aware of the possibility of this  initial ‘withdrawal reaction to EMR reduction, so that should it occur,  they will  know that this is a possible  phase of  EMR  mitigation  and not an indication that EMR  has not been a problem.



In conventional  housing, the installation of the electrical cabling is not designed  in any way to facilitate EMR avoidance, the need is simply unrecognised. Incorporated in dwellings are  many synthetic building materials, paints and decorating fabrics which can prove to be detrimental to the MCS/EHS person. As we have seen he/she more than likely also  has an allergy or sensitivity  to  both chemical and EMR emissions. 


Therefore it is encouraging to find  in the U.S.A.  a federal authority,  The Access Board, which deals with the ready access to facilities, transport, buildings  etc.,  for people with disabilities,  addressing the housing problem of environmentally sensitive people.   A member of the board reveals that over a number of years they have become aware of the thousands of  US citizens  who are sensitized to electromagnetic   emissions  and chemicals released from  building materials, furnishings  and products used to  maintain buildings.


There is already an 11-unit apartment  housing project in San Rafael, California, (U.S.) designed and  constructed for people who cannot tolerate conventional housing.  “ Based on our experience. I can state that there definitely is a need for specially planned and designed housing for people with multiple chemical sensitivities and electrical sensitivities.” James J. Raggio (General Counsel )


A chemically  allergic patient of Dr William Rea (USA) regained  her health through his treatment of detoxification and her relocation  to  a  purpose built home free of all chemical contaminants. After a short time  she unexpectedly relapsed. This was found to be due to the EMR exposure in the new home which had not been considered as a factor in her illness. Again this  highlights the duality of  the EMR and chemical sensitivity bio-effects. And the fact that  addressing the chemical sensitivity does not always eliminate  EHS though in many cases it has  been found to do so.  Therefore people with these disabilities need to have the opportunity to obtain affordable housing that is more suited to their needs.


In fact these people, while signifying the special needs of a minority group may well be indicating the need for a healthier home environment  for the majority of the population which would  assist in  preventing EMR induced disorders and illnesses. (11)



Warnings -  List of EMR Sources 

With children especially in mind we should note the following from the Archives  of  Disease in Childhood 2000;83:289-292.  where Dr Mercola   recommends the following warnings : 

        Medical Groups Denounce TV and Other Entertainment Violence;

        Violent TV and Games Linked to Antisocial Behavior;

        Watch TV and Go Into Debt;

        Surgeon General Prescribes Less TV;

        Heavy TV Viewing Linked to Trauma;

        TV Viewing Tied To Child Injury Risk;

        TV and Childhood Obesity;

        TV Unhealthy For Young Minds;

Increased Risk of Seizures From TV viewing.

While these articles deal  mainly with the social  consequences of  TV viewing we need to keep in mind the additional biological stress of the  EMR to which viewers  are exposed.  { }

Recommneded are the following :

Remove all unnecessary electric appliances from the bedroom;

Everyone especially infants and children should not sleep close to power points  cables or  other sources of electricity, any necessary appliance should be at least 1.2  metres from  the body;

Avoid placing a bed against a wall where an appliance or power  point is located on the opposite side of that wall – EMR will penetrate the  wall;

Avoid placing a bed against a wall where the ELECTRICITY METER  BOX is  located on the opposite side of the wall  as EMR will penetrate the wall;

Switch OFF and unplug from the power point after heating, electric blankets and waterbeds, use a woolen under- blanket to maintain  warmth;

Do not have a TV set or computer in the bedroom. or against a wall where a bed is located on the opposite side of the wall;

When not in use, turn off ALL appliances and remove plugs from powerpoints, including dishwashers, washing machines, microwave ovens and small appliances;

A microwave oven should not be installed at head height...Do not stand in front of an operating microwave oven – While leakage of MICROWAVES from ovens may not occur, this   appliance does emits very high  magnetic fields while in operation and electric fields from the LED display unit continually;  

All electrical cables should be kept off the floor, especially if the floor is concrete – steel reinforcing will conduct EMR;

Do not sit beside dimmer switches - avoid fluorescent desk lamps;

Install an anti-static strap (or two) to the rear of all motor vehicles;

Use a suitably grounded anti-static mat in the home  when ironing, using a telephone for extended  time, or computer or sewing machine or any other electrical appliance. Touch mat at frequent intervals, to discharge electrostatic  charges; 

An anti-static mat is useful if living in multi-storey building  as a possible  means of ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ to reduce  EMR stress. Spend time outdoors, touch  leafy tree/shrub/grass as frequently as possible.   Anti static mat is connected with a specially  designed plug to household earthing system only – ( not connected to a power source ) Touching mat frequently reduces static charge build-up.  Check with your power authority if  allowable in your country.)  Sea bathing or walking on beach frequently,  is ideal;

Wear natural fibre clothing to reduce static build-up or treat synthetic clothing and furnishings with  anti-static solution,  available from hosiery departments or fabric  stores. Be aware that this is a chemical application;                                                                                                                                         

Rearrange furniture to avoid sleeping or sitting near cables  that are  located in the wall or floors.  Space a problem ?  Fit casters to the beds, pull bed  away  from the wall at night and replace during the day.


recharge batteries at a power point close to a resting person.

use mobile phones for long periods of time.

DO USE a hands free device that does NOT  transfer EMR via a cable to the head. An acoustic device similar to  the  stethoscope  principle is preferable.

DO NOT allow children under age 16 years to use mobile phone

Do be aware that any person in the near vicinity of a mobile phone, for the duration of the call is effectively under RFR exposure comparable to that of the passive smoker’s exposure. 

A DEMAND SWITCH installed at the meterboard   is a useful device which  blocks  electricity flow to the  cables in the walls,  eliminating  power to a particular  circuit – until a switch in the ON position indicates there is a demand for electrical power.  Of course,  where alarm systems  or electric clocks are in use, with  a constant  demand  for electricity this device  will be ineffective.   It  is also only minimally effective in multi dwelling  situations. 

Under the right circumstances the Demand Switch  will reduce  EMR exposure at night, assisting  in providing restful sleep. The area of EMR at the  light switches on doorways is also eliminated – reducing, during daylight hours,  a significant  area of exposure to the ‘resting’ electric field,  not usually  considered.   Remember -  that any wire or cable that supplies electricity to any  appliance, device or apparatus that    operates  on   electricity creates an electromagnetic field  capable of producing stress  to  the human system.  Remember also that EMR penetrates wall  materials and  has an affinity with and interacts with  chemicals. Reduce petrochemical exposure by using household products  that contain natural ingredients, wherever possible. A larger section on reducing chemical exposure  follows. (55) (46) (9)

A magnetic field detector, the CELLSENSOR and instructions in  how to check your home may be hired from Rosemary Boon  at ( Phone; 02 9637 9998 (Australia)

Avoid corner residential blocks where power lines border two sides forming a right angle within which  EMR may be unacceptably high within the dwelling. It has been determined that field values within the right angle on such a block can be up to 40% higher than values measured outside the same right angle.

(See also:  Avoiding Chemical Exposure to avoid exposure to combined effects of EMR and toxic chemicals in  your  environment.


23.           INDOOR AIR QUALITY

Air Filters

Formaldehyde, used in paper products, cleaning agents, fabrics, carpets,  cigarette smoke, floor  coverings,  natural gas and  kerosene – irritates  mucous membranes  of the eyes, nose & throat, causes headaches & allergic contact dermatitis as well as upper respiratory  tract problems linked with asthma. It has been strongly suspected of  causing rare  type of cancer  of the throat in long term occupants of  mobile homes.

Trichloroethylene  found in  adhesives, varnishes, paints lacquers, and printing inks. It is considered as a  potent liver carcinogen.    


Indoor Plants  as Chemical Filters

If not contraindicated due to a mould allergy  specific species of  indoor  plant can be used to effectively absorb  indoor airborne  chemical  vapors. These are;

Green Spider Plant, Sanseveria laurentia, Janet Craig, Dracena Marginata, Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum  “Maua Loa ”) Bamboo palm and  Gerbera Daisy.  Electrically operated, carbon filtered  fans are  also  effective, but they do produce  EMR- therefore  observe 1 metre distance.


Negative Ion Generators   Under research.



Cognitive  Function

There are a variety of instruments suitable for  measuring electric, magnetic and electrostatic fields adjacent to or on technology which emits these fields. There is though a deficit  of instruments with which to  measure the effects on people, simply because no one knows what to measure.  Kinesiologists use muscle testing to determine the presence or lack of muscle strength in a person challenged with EMR or other factors known to alter fine muscle tone. James Protsman, an educator, interested in reading  efficiency rates, speed and comprehension, found that brain speed can rise or fall rapidly and is also highly responsive to  (EMR) even at extremely low  levels.  Sitting  24 inches distance  from a computer, he discovered that  his brain speed drops below  his baseline. Progressively  moving closer to the computer reveals a corresponding drop in  brain speed.   Also associated with brain speed  are verbal  fluency, memory retrieval, numerical skills and creativity as are muscle strength and  stamina levels.  These changes in brain speed occur at a subliminal level therefore  we are not consciously aware of such changes.


James  has devised a method to determine cognitive function when challenged with EMR  alterations that some may care to try.   He was convinced that the  key to  these functions lay in the realm of eye-brain physiology.  His subsequent research revealed that brain speed can dramatically rise and fall within the space of a second.   When brain speed is improved, reading  efficiency rates  rise.  EMR is known to  alter brain speed. His book is available Contact:    E-mail address: <  >


Body Voltage

Another method used to locate areas of EMR to avoid  is to measure the body voltage which is  accumulated by induction,  when touching an electrical appliance or its’ supply cable   while it is connected to the power supply.  Using a digital  multi-meter   attach a ground lead to the black electrode and clip securely to a suitable  earthed contact –  attach an 8 cm  piece of  copper pipe to the end of the red  lead. Set the meter at the AC Voltage range.   Firmly hold the copper test pipe in one  hand  while exposing your body to an EMR source near a refrigerator motor, TV or computer in operation. Test while lying on the bed as the steel springs of the  mattress may also be holding EMR.  Aim  for the lowest reading – a level below 20 milliVolts maximum  is recommended. 


Grounded Sleep Study

Another means of monitoring   the effects of EMR on the body  is to use a milliVolt meter to ascertain the accumulated body voltage. A conductive sheet or mat  with a ground cable  securely attached is placed under the mattress of the bed  and the cable  is then securely attached to a well grounded 1.5 metre  length  copper stake in the garden,  where the  soil is to be kept moist at all times. Do not locate the grounded stake close to the household grounding system or  plumbing  system.  Some people have used an old electric blanket (NOT plugged into the mains power supply but attached to the grounded copper stake) to achieve this ‘grounded’ state for their bed.  Check the level of body voltage  before and after  grounding the bed.  The aim is to have zero level but up to 20 millivolts  body voltage  is considered  to be satisfactory.


While application of this ‘grounding’  method appears to have  merit, it is not  practical to consider using it unless one sleeps on the ground or first floor of a building.  The study conducted by Clint Ober (USA) is worthy of note as it clearly demonstrates the bio-effects of accumulated body voltage (E-fields) and the health benefits of discharging these fields while sleeping.  


Favourable reports were received by the author of the study, including a lessening of severity or a total reversal of  the following conditions; increased energy, athletic performance,  cases of hormonal and metabolic conditions, chronic back pain cases stiff arthritic joints became flexible, asthma attacks  subsided  and PMS symptoms  lessened greatly.  These changes occurred over a two-month period. The bed E-field measurements ranged from 3 to 47 volts before grounding.    A clear indication of the effects  that E-fields  have on the body.


“The purpose of this work was to provide evidence that when the human body is grounded it is naturally protected from static electricity and radiated electric fields. The meter reading of the grounded subject  proved this is true. The benefits of grounding the body  were expected to relax muscles and improve sleep. This also proved to be true. ” Clint Ober  (25)


25                   REMEDIAL  ACTION – SUGGESTIONS


Mineral Distribution –EMR- An  Apherisis  Blood Donor Experiences  To harvest platelets during the  apherisis  blood donation procedure,  whole  blood is removed,   centrifuged   then  returned to the donor.  It takes ten  donors to produce sufficient quantity of platelets for one recipient.  The separated platelets are used for trauma cases, and cancer patients  who have undergone  bone marrow  transplants. As explained to one  apherisis  blood donor, “As part of the process the system infuses  some saline solution and also  an anticoagulant to keep the lines clear.   The anticoagulant, which is a citrate compound,  has the interesting  effect of  tying up calcium in the blood stream and cells, removing it from muscle cells in particular. When this happens to the cells they tend to go into small contractions  as a consequence ”.    Apherisis  blood donors  experience a phenomenon  known as  ‘buzzing’ where during the 1 to 1 ½  hour process  the fingers, arms and sometimes even the neck and chest seem to  vibrate a little.  Causing no discomfort,   this effect  goes away  within about twenty minutes after the apherisis procedure  is complete.  Donors routinely take  some  “Tums”  or other calcium antacids,   before commencing the donation procedure in order   to lessen the effects  by increasing the calcium  in the blood stream to begin with. 


One donor  was intrigued when he began  experiencing the  apherisis buzz at night  at times  other than  when donating blood and could not find the cause.  His calcium blood levels checked out as normal and his doctor could not offer an explanation. He then noticed that the buzz occurred only on nights when  he used a new electric blanket. Use of the blanket has been  discontinued.  He Other  electro sensitive people  who have also experienced this “buzz” sensation have contacted the donor.  (Ref: Steve Jenkins December 2000 Email to Roy Beavers: )


`There are records of  cases of electro hypersensitive  people who have  described their reactions to EMR exposure as "blood fizzes like lemonade" and "tingles in the blood ". . In one case there were repeated experiences of a  condition diagnosed as tetany, where tingling  occurred  in isolated patches on  a leg or the scalp preceded by  an intense feeling of tension and  the muscles of the chest constricted  causing breathing difficulties and hyperventilation.  The following day the large muscles of the body  were tender as would be expected following a cramp, this was  accompanied by a debilitating fatigue.   As the heart is a muscle also it must be expected to have experienced excessive activity during the tetany episode .


Tetany can manifest as a mild facial tic,  as muscular cramps or  as a state of spasticity (severe muscle spasms) and can  be triggered by a lack of calcium, magnesium or potassium - and by allergic reaction to foods high in natural salicilates, as well as electromagnetic field radiation exposure. There are documented cases  (and videos) of people experiencing an acute  state of tetany,   resulting from EMR exposure.


When consulted on this matter a medical practitioner was interested that one patient’s  relatively mild,  yet disturbing symptoms,   could be relieved  by taking   biochemical cell salts ( magnesium phosphate 6x). The homeopathic remedies - Dr Bach Rescue Remedy and  magnesium  phosphate (mag phos) can relieve mild  tetany.  Janet Stone (See her report under EHS research ) found that  she has a  cell abnormality  either acquired or inherited,   that prevents normal absorption of   magnesium. By taking magnesium in cell salt form she has  minimised her EHS reactions.


Mineral Deficiency and  EMR Connection

To begin with,  artificial  fertilizers used in intensive farming, have  been found to  deplete the soil of  the essential macronutrients  calcium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine, magnesium and the and micronutrients  also known as trace minerals, of iron, zinc, selenium, manganese, copper, iodine, molybdenum, cobalt, chromium, fluorine, silicon, vanadium, nickel, tin.  


Food that is  depleted of these trace elements, cannot be expected to   nourish  the  living  organism.   Mineral depletion  is a burden the  individual organism may  withstand for a time, the individual’s unique physiology determining whether  these circumstances will lead  to disease.


Minerals are an essential requirement for optimum health and  play  a vital role in the body’s regulation of it’s water balance. They are  often part of  essential compounds  which are  inactive without  their presence and are the catalyst for innumerable  chemical reactions.


The need for magnesium alone is documented in  more than 200 published clinical studies. Professional interest in magnesium as a treatment  for a number of conditions  has increased recently in the USA.   


In view of the fact that  minerals interact in a highly complex manner within the body’s metabolism  a normal balance of these elements should be maintained while factors  that may  disrupt this balance should be avoided. EMR exposure is one such factor.   Minerals are essential in maintaining the integrity of human health. 


EMR and  Minerals

Application of specific frequencies of Electromagnetic energy have  been used to treat depression and the mineral Magnesium (Mg)  has been  used to treat  the depressive/hyperactive  illness known as bipolar disorder.   Both  treatments have met with success.  This indicates a    connection between  EMR and  Mg deficiency and depression. EMR exposure and  Mg  deficiency have both  been linked with  initiating depression. (33) (33) Schacter


Principally, this report  is  highlighting the role of :

Mg deficiency  in mood alteration; magnetic field exposure in mood alteration and the  combined,  effects  of these two  biologically active agents on human health.    


Attention  should be given to the disruption caused by  EMR exposure to the  assimilation of essential minerals in ionic form.


This indicates that via this path:

EMR  exposure challenges the  integrity of human health  avoidance of unnecessary EMR will  protect  the integrity of human health.  

Magnesium is also known to be necessary for vital bodily functions. Deficiency of magnesium produces  symptoms that mirror those reported by people with  electro hypersensitivity to EMR exposure. It is obvious that Mg plays a vital role in EHS.


Dr Michael Schachter M.D., describes the effects that Mg deficiency has on the peripheral and central nervous system, producing an excitability of the nervous systems   and symptoms that are often described by EHS patients as well as those experiencing tetany episodes which have been prompted by EMR exposure. (33)  Magnesium Phosphate in homeopathic form successfully relieves tetany in one patient and muscular  spasms in  others that could be readily labeled ‘tetany’.   The condition of tetany is described as  muscular contractions or spasms  ranging from facial ‘tics’ to cramps and spasticity,   The latter having been observed in EHS patients


The following  excerpts  from studies and reports are all pertinent to the importance of mineral  balance in relation to  human health and how EMR may disrupt this balance. 


Psuedo Iron Deficiency

Dr Hachulla,  in 1994-95 while working in a big hospital in Lille, France  noticed that several patients who came for blood analysis had very unusual parameters - and they were all living in Coutiches under the high voltage power lines.  

The results of his investigations, despite individual variations, show clearly that most of the people living under the line have a "iron pseudo-deficiency". i.e. they have low iron levels in the blood, but no symptoms of anemia and no decrease of ferritin, which normally goes with iron deficiency.


Many ‘psuedo’  conditions are presented by EHS people. Their symptoms indicative of a known disease or disorder while  clinical tests fail to reveal  the expected physiological  tissue changes.   X-rays and  blood tests  failed to   reveal  sufficient  tissue damage to confirm a diagnosis of  osteo-arthritis in a patient. The  severe arthritic type  pain  was found to be caused by exposure to  diesel fumes in  a workplace  setting – and additionally, exposure to EMR  while operating an industrial sewing machine in another location. Once the EMR was grounded at the machine and diesel fumes were avoided, the arthritic-type pain ceased.   


"The medical monitoring of Coutiches, a town in northern France revealed an important finding, the lack of  certain elements such as iron and copper in the blood composition, something that has been observed in farm animals living near high tension wires. There is every indication at this stage that  electromagnetic fields due to the transmission and distribution  of electricity  disturb the  iron and copper metabolism."  (15)


In Australia

On record is the case of  a 14  year old  girl,  diagnosed with anemia who   slept in a  first  floor  bedroom,  where 12 mGauss was  recordered on her pillow.  The bed was 5 metres distance from,  and level with the (low voltage) 415 Volt power lines which bordered the home corner block.  This formed a right angle, a situation known to cause EMR to accrue within that right angle at a magnitude four (4) times greater than that measured outside the angle. The entire family of two parents and three young adults  were plagued with headaches and a number of adverse health conditions.


The young girl’s  condition did not respond to treatment until   she was  sent to live  away from  this location. Eventually the power line configuration was changed  by the power authority under their policy of prudent avoidance, to eliminate the right angle.  (Name and address supplied.) The family’s   health was noticeably  improved.


Minerals and Cell Function

There are scientific studies that reveal  EMR induced  alteration in normal  calcium ion transference at cellular level.  Studies  of chick brain tissue revealed, depending on  the  orientation and intensity  of the local background Direct Current (DC) magnetic field and the applied electromagnetic field,  there occurred  either an influx or efflux of calcium ions from the tissue.  (7) 


Janet Stone (USA)  says ”I have an ion channel defect (chloride and possibly sodium channels) which seems to make me more susceptible to EMFs...almost everyone I know who has reacted has a similar genetic or acquired disorder. Apparently the gating for the channel gets stuck and the cells can't repolarize properly.” Janet found Biochemic Tissue Salts,  Magnesuium Phosphate were beneficial.  To contact Janet  Email  


Obviously,  interaction  of EMR of both natural and artificial origin    has the potential to influence the calcium absorption  process.  It has been stated further that calcium is not the only mineral  which can be affected  under these conditions which is termed ion cyclotron resonance (CR).    ELF interaction  is NOT limited to calcium.   Experimental   data  have been  obtained to date for Li+ , 40 Ca2+,  45Ca2+, K+, and Mg2. ”   ( Lithium, calcium. potassium and magnesium .


From Dr Robert Becker's says "Cyclotron Resonance is a mechanism of action that enables very low strength electromagnetic fields, acting in concert with the earth's geomagnetic field, to produce major biological effects by concentrating the energy in the applied field upon specific particles, such as the biologically important ions of sodium, calcium, potassium and lithium. "  Dr Barry Wilson  et al.,  have studied the cyclotron resonance phenomenon.


Changes in  concentration of copper, manganese, cobalt and iron observed in non-fertilized female rats led researchers to conclude that alternating magnetic fields  may have  an influence  on biological substances which contain metals and on the metabolism  of such  substances as well.


As calcium is a mineral required  for  vital bodily  functions it may be deduced that  any disruption to the  normal  supply  of this mineral alone  could compromise the optimum functioning of  the affected organism.     


As the  pseudo-iron deficiency has been established in people living under the influence of  high voltage power line exposure in Coutiches, we need to now look at what other  ‘psuedo   deficiencies ‘  might result from high or low voltage  EMR exposures.


The Coutiches experience has focused the attention on High Voltage Power lines EMR exposure and a clinically recognizable pseudo-iron deficiency.  It has also drawn attention to  the importance of mineral balance and the need to  avoid disrupting elements, such as EMR, that can cause an imbalance.


We therefore need to look further than the pseudo-ion deficiency in isolation  as marker for EHS. We need to look at  the  range of  mineral ‘psuedo deficiencies  that could be occurring under the combination of  natural and artificial EMR exposure conditions.


In this way we could become closer to the truth that EMR from high and low voltage  and  other power sources is disrupting the metabolism of minerals which induces biological effects  may be   precursors to human disorders and diseases.   (33) (15) (10) (34)



Free radicals are  oxidized,  oxygen and other   molecules,  the naturally occurring by-products of  cellular function. They have the capacity to adversely affect the body’s  function at the cellular level. During our lifetime we are continually bombarded  by  free radicals which  have  been identified as part of the ageing process.  Both chemical pollution and electromagnetic radiation cause free radicals within the living system and  as a result that system  may become overloaded and require assistance in the  disposal of these health depleting agents.


Evidence of Cause of Free Radical Damage

Recent studies by Dr Henry Lai (USA) produced evidence that free radical damage occurred  to rats’ brains during radiofrequency radiation exposure.


Professor Per-Arne Ockerman (Sweden) has seen evidence of free radical damage to erythrocytes in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients.   CFS is a symptom  common to both EMR and toxic chemical  exposure


Due to the high levels of oxygen utilized by the body during exercise, a relatively  high level of free radicals are produced at that time.  The body has the capacity to deal with free radicals  produced while under  normal activity and levels of stress. It  may though, have difficulty dealing with the  excess that  occurs from exposure to  the many chronic environmental   stressors we encounter on a daily basis. These include various  chemicals which pollute  the  air, water, food  soil  and artificially generated atmospheric electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The latter having a quite  subtle yet powerful effect on the system.   In fact it has been found that shining a bright light behind the knee of a subject was sufficient electromagnetic influence on the system to  reduce melatonin production.  Visible light is a frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum.  (26) (27) (60)


Melatonin Protection 

At the same  time that  free radical damage is taking place within our bodies other biological functions are activated which are designed to control  free  radical  activity. 


The function of the pineal gland,  situated deep within the brain, is to produce  Melatonin, a substance known to be a hormone and also a free radical scavenger, which assists in curtailing excessive free radical activity.   Should insufficient melatonin be  produced in the system for some reason, then  free radicals will have the opportunity to cause  biological damage at cellular level.


Excessive free radical activity can occur when an individual is subjected    to certain  environmental conditions, known to cause biological stress and   which cannot be avoided.


This is  where care needs to be taken to include in the diet those foods which have antioxidant  properties  as well as some additional  assistance  in the form of reliable  antioxidant  supplements. Cranberry juice and green tea  are two dietary  products  which  are high in  natural antioxidants.  



Antioxidants are organic substances that,  in concentrated,  supplement form, can be taken orally by the individual in order to curtail the activity of free radicals.  Their task is to ‘mop up’ the  free radicals  before they  cause harm to the body at the  cellular level. 


Scientific research into free radical  damage has  highlighted the benefit of  taking  antioxidant supplements to inhibit the formation of  free radicals  thus   protecting  the system  from cellular malfunction  which may lead to  or exacerbate a diseased state.


Plant derived  antioxidants are Bilberry for the eyes,  Garlic for allergies, Ginkgo for circulation and Milk Thistle for the liver.  Vitamins  A,  Betacarotene,  C, as well as Vitamin E  are nutritionally derived antioxidants.  The  minerals  selenium  and  zinc act as  antioxidants also.  


Thus we are advised by health practitioners to include  in our health regime those specially  formulated  tablets or liquids that act as  antioxidants  inhibiting the  formation of  free  radicals.


While this is sound advice we need also  to reduce  - if not eliminate the sources of  pollution and stress that produce  free radical  activity.


Chronic  Fatigue and Free Radicals   

A scientific study by Professor Arne Ockerman has revealed  the role that Antioxidants  play in the  treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)     Estimation of   oxygen free radical damage  to blood cells (erythrocytes) was used as an indicator  of   the effects of free radical involvement in CFS.


Professor Ockerman has also  found that free radicals are involved with  electromagnetic Radiation hypersensitivity(EHS).   He suggests his method of determining free radical damage, by measuring  erythrocyte  fragility is  important as there is an  urgent need for such  methods  because of the  great importance of  free radical pathology. He also stresses the need for experimentation  in  determining  the  dose,  type and or  combination of antioxidants required for optimum  effect.


Authentic Cases

On record are the cases of people who,  while suffering CFS,  EHS and MCS have used antioxidant supplements with varying, yet satisfying  degrees of success. One man found  facial flushing, which  occurred  while using a computer,  diminished significantly while taking  heavy  doses of antioxidants,  where low doses were ineffective.


Another male,  ultra sensitive to electromagnetic radiation (EMR)   has found relief from taking high quality antioxidants, as  has a woman  with a similar degree of sensitivity. 


Three anti-oxidant  products reported to be very  useful in decreasing  EHS ;

(a) MICROHYDRIN – a radical antioxidant

(b) PHOS  SERINE  - repairs cell membrane  by adding  phospho-lipids

(c) SQUALINE  -  extracted from shark oil  used for cancer patients  undergoing radiotherapy.


One  person used  all three remedies in conjunction with lowering EMR exposure and frequent  bathing, even footbaths,   in salt water, using unrefined sea  salt.  Results:  excellent. 


Please consult a practitioner  conversant with  nutritional requirements and especially   with regard to antioxidant therapy.



It is  important to maintain a  healthy acid/alkali balance of the system.   An alkalizing  soup  recommended by  a Naturopath,  consists of  vegetables said also to be  cancer fighting foods. It consists of  two carrots, two tomatoes, 1/4 cabbage, 2 sticks of celery, one capsicum. Chop vegetables and cover with water, a stock cube free of MSG and preservatives cover with filtered water and  simmer for 30 minutes.  Two servings per day is recommended. This recipe has also been  suggested as a weight loss strategy. 


Correcting Fatty Acid Deficiency

1..Deficiencies of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and another important fatty acid found in fish may result in the metabolic blockage of a key enzyme.  This vital enzyme activity can also  be inhibited by too much saturated fat, excessive sugar, alcohol, high dietary cholesterol content, high levels of stress, exposure to low levels of radiation  and chronic deficiencies of zinc or magnesium.  EVENING PRIMROSE OIL was recommended as one good means of getting around this blockage.


2.."Two important medical studies, published nearly twenty years apart, showed that rabbits and guinea pigs exposed to lethal doses of  X-rays and uranium were  protected to a considerable degree  against harmful effects,  when cabbage leaves were added to their diets."  (Perhaps a useful vegetable to add to the diet, if there are no contra-indications.)  (16)     


There is a long list of remedies that  have provided relief  for EHS – here are a few.



An adjustable wrist band, with an attached bead exerts pressure on a particular acupressure point on the wrist. This is claimed  to alleviate or prevent travel sickness and  has been found beneficial  when worn in a known area of EMR  stress such as train travel. Benefit  also was experienced when the Band was worn while  in a  shopping complex. A modest cost device,  the band is available from Golden Glow  Natural Health Products (Australia) Phone, 1300 36 36 56 or Fax 1300 36 37 33.


27.              WILSON’S THYROID  SYNDROME. (WTS)

As distinct from Wilson’s Disease which is determined by blood test -  WTS is a stress related  condition, found to be associated with EHS which affects the thyroid  function and which lowers the body temperature. It is determined by taking the temperature upon waking and before rising from the bed each morning . If the temperature registers  below normal for three consecutive days,  WTS   has developed.  Despite the lower temperature the person  feels hot most of the time.


Within the myriad of symptoms  associated with WTS  there are many which overlap  those  of  Electro HyperSensitivity  (EHS)  chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS ) and multiple chemical sensitivity ( MCS),  all conditions which create stress levels that lower blood sugar levels contributing to a hypoglycemic state. 


Hypoglycemia is a condition that can lead to diabetes and which is often not recognized by the medical profession as a distinct  medical entity  -  but as a part of the diabetic condition only .


Hypoglycemia is controlled by taking regular meals and snacks of complex carbohydrates and high protein foods. 


Dr Wilson has  suggested that  a protein meal at breakfast is the best way to help stabilize BS levels.  He also recommends baby food  -  the beef  or chicken and  vegetable meal - as an ideal and quick  blood sugar level stabilizer.  A 5 year old child with a history of hyperactivity and uncontrollable tantrums  changed dramatically when given a breakfast of   high protein food.



             CASE  REPORTS   

             EHS  MANAGEMENT GUIDELINES                                 


Electro  Sensitive People

A US government  publication on electricity  use and safety  states that  :

“Electric and magnetic fields  are found throughout nature and  all living things. They hold matter together. They are necessary for the  operation of the nervous system.” 


We may look to the cloning experiments for some indication of the sensitivity of living systems to electrical or chemical stimulus.  Cloning  experiments,  of necessity,  require the application of electricity  or a  chemical in order to ‘kick start ‘  or initiate  the life process of the reprogrammed single  cell that will under suitable conditions, become a fully functioning living system. We have evidence of this fact in  the outcome of the cloning of  ‘Dolly the Sheep’.  

Television  images revealed  clearly the essential requirement  of a carefully calculated  electrical charge for  the Dolly experiment.   In  other cloning experiments it was  revealed that a chemical stimulus was applied  to achieve the same result i.e,  activate  the life process of the cell.  In the Dolly program, as the electrical charge was applied and as the cell began to divide  the TV presenter  remarked that this  - “was the moment life began”. 


These events  clearly demonstrate the exquisite sensitivity  of  living systems to the stimulus of  electricity or chemicals,  at this very basic level.


Electrical Sensitivity 

All living  organisms are ‘sensitive’ to electricity or they cannot  be  classed as ‘living’ .The absence  of  electrical activity in the brain of an organism signifies death of that organism. Therefore ‘electrical sensitivity’  may  be explained as an individual’s normal response to EMR which allows  life to be sustained in that  organism  and optimal  functioning to take place.


Electro-Hyper Sensitivity  (EHS)  may be described  as  an individual’s abnormal response to  EMR which interferes with the system’s  ability to  function normally and  to resist disease.


The EMR exposed individual may or may not be aware of  his/her  hypersensitivity.  He/she may be aware of a health decline, but not the cause.  


What’s in a Name?

There are many terms used for the condition we are concerned with here; Electro Sensitivity (ES) Electromagnetic OverSensitivity (EOS) Microwave Sickness (MWS),  Radiation Sickness (RS) and Electro HyperSensitivity, (EHS) and Electrostress. In the published  literature on the subject,  ES or EHS  are the favoured  terms.   This writer takes the view that  the term EHS is more appropriate  as  it is the  degree of sensitivity we are most  concerned with, not  ‘electrical sensitivity’ per se. It is necessary to remain  mindful that all who are within the zone of influence of a range of electrical frequencies and their magnetic fields,  are at risk of developing adverse  health effects  other than  electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) .


Initially, it is necessary to understand that the living systems of all species rely upon  electromagnetic energy in order to sustain life.  In fact, the absence of electrical ‘sensitivity’ and subsequently the absence of electrical activity in the brain,  is used to determine  clinical death.  The  book Electromagnetic Man  written by Dr C Smith and Simon Best,  is of immense value in revealing the many facets of life upon which electrical energy exerts influence.  (37) 


 It is therefore  perfectly normal for an individual to sense and respond to electricity of  either natural or artificial origin.  It is the abnormal responses to electricity that  result in a hyper sensitivity  -  which is now recognized as EHS, a debilitating  and  often incapacitating affliction. 


This inappropriate response to EMR reveals  a lack of adaptability  in  those people who have become affected and whom we should acknowledge  as  living indicators  of  how others  may well become similarly  affected  over  time.  (23)  (29)



Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and  EHS

Dr Cyril Smith has written an excellent paper on  EMR  Compatibility (EMC) of  both technical and biological systems.   He  describes the necessity for ensuring  compatibility of EMR and  bioelectricity or we may suffer the adverse  biological consequences. He says “The writer has in all probability  seen and tested  more electrically hypersensitive persons than anyone else in the world and this work continues.” His conclusions are “Until it is generally realised that endogenous  electromagnetic radiation  is a natural phenomenon in all living systems and that human homeostatic control  systems can develop faults which may make them react in an inappropriate manner  to environmental electrical signals, it will remain impossible for any progress  to be made in defining a so-called “safe level” because one is not dealing with the toxicological problems of a foreign substance.  Experimental and epidemiological studies which assume a uniform sensitivity to EMF for all persons  will continue  to give contradictory results.  If there is a pre-selection  of subjects, electromagnetic hypersensitivity  can be accurately reproduced under double-blind conditions and in a suitable  environment. The implications of such research over the past decade are  that levels of EMR  which are present  in the environment, whether  natural or man-made, can cause  stress  and contribute  to illness in certain  hypersensitive persons.  By  the time  that such  environmental illness has progressed  to the stage  of meriting  a formal medical diagnosis, it may also have  progressed  to the stage  of irreversibility: early diagnosis is essential.    (38)


A  Medical Entity

The phenomenon of  EHS is not as yet fully recognised by  health professionals, though this attitude is slowly changing.  This change must be  accelerated.  Members of the medical profession are now speaking out about the EMR health factor  with less fear of ridicule and disbelief than their patients, many of whom have  been reluctant to seek medical  advice for this very reason. (21) (17) (30) (27) (36)  Most EHS sufferers are still unable to find adequate  medical support .  Contact  Daan Spijer of the Academy of Nutritional  and Environmental Medicine  Tel: 03 9589 6088 Web Site for the names of doctors  trained to recognize   EI/CI/MCS in (Australia)


Not All in The Mind

Many people believe that EHS is a  psychosomatic condition,  and therefore does not warrant  serious medical attention.  Nothing could be further  from the truth.   

That EMR, in many cases  affects the mind is a scientific and empirical truth, therefore any person with EHS may well display a tendency toward a psychological or psychiatric  disorder.   That people who may have  an inherited  tendency toward  hypochondria and other psychological  disorders  can become electrically hyper- sensitive is also a truth but   most  EHS sufferers  were fit,  productive people  beforehand.  Forgetfulness is a major problem for many EHS people, who tend to ‘forget’ they have a problem and so do not strictly adhere to  avoidance tactics – to their detriment. 


Despite the continuing skepticism surrounding this health issue,  one which can affect every man woman and child,  greater recognition of  the EHS  condition is now evident.  Studies have now been published that validate  EHS as a definite clinical entity.


Microwave News Nov/Dec 2000 reports on the work of three Swiss researchers,  from the Institute for Hygeine & Applied Physiology at the Federal Institute of Technology who presented a paper at the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS)  annual meeting in June 1999,   which supports the view  that electro sensitivity is a  physiological  not a psychological condition. They say that  “A purely psychosomatic  reaction or a placebo effect can be dismissed ”.  Test subjects were found to have the ability to  detect  the presence of 20-60 milliGauss fields both  “consciously and unconsciously” .


In addition,   a study where 86 volunteers were observed for  individual reactions to EMR  exposure,  revealed    “ ………. that the electromagnetic perception of human beings correlated with their individual features, such as EEG parameters, the critical frequency of flash merging, and the electric current sensitivity. Human subjects who had a high-quality perception of electromagnetic waves showed an optimal balance of cerebral processes, an excellent functional state of the central nervous system, and a good decision criterion.” (23)


Lucinda Grant (USA) and a long term researcher of the literature on the ES/EHS condition  believes more studies of this  type especially by neurologists, would  stimulate medical interest in EHS.


EHS             Recognition/Perception 

Dr William Rea, during a lecture on Man and His Environment (USA) in 1991,  said that recognition of electro-hypersensitivity would assist in the treatment of the patient suffering from environmental illness. That EHS people can have reactions to the nervous system but not exclusively so. Neurological, musculo-skeletal, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, systems and dermal and ocular changes experienced by patients appeared to be similar to those seen in  patients with food and chemical sensitivity. In the experience of the writer and others it has been found that EMR exposure can trigger   other  sensitivities and allergies.   Dr Smith has found that exposing the patient to particular  frequencies  can  actually neutralize the food reaction.   Once again there is  a paradox .  (29) (31)


 Electromagnetic sensitivity in humans has been  clearly demonstrated in double-blind trials with 100% success by  Dr. Rea at the Environmental  Health Center in Dallas, Texas.  Details have been published in a  peer-reviewed journal  (28)


Dr Gunnar Heusar  (USA) has stated  “ As a clinician  I can state that electrical sensitivity  is a real medical disease. My more than twenty  electrically sensitive patients and all other electrically sensitive patients are in urgent need  of relief.  Exposure to any radio frequency radiation should be avoided by these patients.” From an affidavit dated  11:06:1998. (17)


Dr Anne  Silk an opthalmologist  in an article  on Biomagnetism and Electrical Allergy state. “The interaction of fields with the electrically driven human system poses  new clinical problems. It behoves  all professionals to examine the interface with their own disciplines.”    (64)


 A GP practicing in the U.K., Dr David Dowson notes that  "Electro-magnetic sensitivity is so rare, people often dismiss it as a psychological problem, but it is certainly not."  While  EHS  may go undetected  by many practitioners it most certainly cannot be considered rare.


Simon Best, editor of the medical news journal Electromagnetic Hazard and Therapy,  "A significant number of people are reporting  some kind of electrode sensitivity. It affects  both the working and domestic life. Sufferers can fall unconscious at any time. They are also plagued by nausea, blurred vision and migraines. It is a very serious condition."


Dr Cyril Smith,   a prominent  UK researcher into EHS says that “ The implications of such research over the past decade  are that levels of EMR are present in the environment whether man-made or natural and  can cause  stress and contribute  to illness in certain hypersensitive persons.  By the time  that such environmental illness has progressed to the stage of meriting  a formal medical diagnosis it may also have  progressed to the stage of  irreversibility  - early diagnosis is essential . He also states that  “It is most unusual to find those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity do not already have a long history of chemical sensitivities.”   (36)


Dr Mark Donahoe of Sydney, Australia is now convinced that EHS is a medical entity.  Three of his patients, at the time not having been diagnosed with EHS,  repeatedly reported reactions/symptoms that are EHS related,  as they  passed a certain point in his office building. Subsequent investigation  revealed the existence of an electricity  transformer behind the wall at the location in question . 


Martin Andersson - an environmental consultant in Sweden. ”Studies have shown that the nervous system can be affected by being  exposed to low levels of high-frequency EMF. (my  emphasis)  Our study shows that  people who are hypersensitive to electricity experience symptoms when  they are exposed to such equipment. Older electrical environments,  consisting mainly of EMF in the 50 Hz range are not felt to give the   same degree of irritation. It stands to reason that low level harmonics and electrical noise  frequencies should be taken into account in epidemiological and in  vitro/in vivo studies.”

One researcher claims  that  “EMR is a complex mix of frequencies, modulations and polarizations which are not addressed in studies and that  “controlled  lab studies  may not mimic the real world.”


Now available  is a  new book on Electro-Hypersensitivity - The Swedish Experience –first published in the Swedish language by the  Council for Work Life  (RALF) in March 2000.  Compiled from true personal accounts of  EHS  that were  omitted from  the official  RALF (Swedish) investigation  and compiled and commented  on by Rigmor Granlund Lind and John Lind this book  is a valuable contribution to the EHS awareness campaign  and will be welcomed by all dealing with this 20th century health issue.    

It has already been seen to have changed public opinion in Sweden having been released in 2000 in the Swedish  language. The English  language version was made possible by the generosity of  anonymous donors and is  intended for politicians, researcher and healthcare authorities in all countries where Electro Hypersensitivity is still a questioned disability. Email contact  < >  

Recommended reading:   "Black on White - Voices and witnesses about Electro-Hyperrsensitivity - The Swedish Experience", Rigmor Granlund-Lind, John Lind, Mimers Brunn Kunskapsforlag (2004) You can download the complete book at  PDF (1.3MByte)   

Finally,  a promising statement from the World Health Organisation  (WHO)  on EHS: "Sensitivity to EMF has been given the general name "Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity" or EHS. It comprises nervous system  symptoms like headache, fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances, skin symptoms like prickling, burning sensations and rashes, pain and ache in muscles and many other health problems. Whatever its cause, EHS is a real and sometimes a disabling problem for the affected persons, while the level of EMF in their neighbourhood is usually no greater than is encountered in normal living environments."  


At the present time  there are two studies of the EHS condition already underway, funded by the UK Government and the telecommunications industry.   A news report from UK dated January 2005, reveals  that scientists and  the National Radiological Protection Board  are carrying out a review of the  existing scientific studies.  We trust  that

the published  results of the review will contain the findings of the  two current studies.


EHS Perception: In recent times  it has been revealed that  certain individuals  are able to perceive the physiological / neurological  changes  taking place in their systems during exposure to EMR of various frequencies.  These individuals  have become aware  of unusually disturbing symptoms which repeatedly occur in certain revisited  zones of EMR.


Sufferers of EMR effects  have been prompted to  ask  these   questions found in  a public affairs document  on EMR  (USA ),  “I can perceive electric and magnetic fields, what can I do ? Where is it coming from? Are there other people like me ? My doctor can’t help.  Where else can I go ? Where do I find information ? Can you do  something to make it stop ? I know it is coming from......“  (50)


Few answers are forthcoming from authorities, where the policy for dealing with the public is to downplay any  EMR association with adverse health outcome.  Some  authorities,  however,  do offer  suggestions as to how to reduce EMR in keeping with their policy of    prudent avoidance.   (55)


It has yet to be discovered why some  people and not others are  adversely  affected  by   EMR and    how the interaction of  electrical energy, of both natural and artificial origin, exert both beneficial and detrimental  influence on living organisms.  In addition, not all cases respond favourably to treatment   with EMR.  (18)  (22)


Symptoms Difficult to Describe

Sufferers  may describe sensations that sound a little strange, or they may have difficulty finding  suitable  words to describe  their symptoms.  Some examples; “my brain is frying/burning ” or   “it’s cooking my brain “ or my blood is fizzing like lemonade “   or is “boiling” . While these symptoms are not obviously visible, they are  usually  dismissed   by the doctor  as “all in the mind” and believed  by many doctors as delusional. 

See: Mental Health under item  # 10  also See: Apherisis Blood Donor )  .


Who May  Develop EHS ?

Prone to developing EHS are those people who have  endured :

acute or chronic toxic chemical exposure, (pesticides, herbicides, petrochemicals either by physical contact             topically or by inhalation of Volatile Organic Compounds   (VOCs) .


an electric shock

electro-stimulation  or sedation,

prolonged exposure to fluorescent lighting

other sources of electromagnetic energy associated with machinery or electronic apparatus, 

severe  trauma

severe or prolonged stress,

chronic toxic chemical  exposure.

some medical diagnostic procedures

near death experience

Not all EHS people can trace the  source.


Are  We All At  Risk ?

Claiming that  everyone is likely to be susceptible to  the harmful effects of  EMR    sounds like scare mongering . While this  is exactly what Dr William Rea has stated and  Professor Olle  Johannson  of Sweden,  found people in a study of  TV radiation exposure which  he conducted, that the changes in  skin  cells of healthy people reacted  similarly to that of the skin cells of EHS people. This  reveals that – all those exposed  to certain frequencies of EMR  may be similarly affected – but only the hypersensitive person will be aware of the fact at the time, due to the acute level of  awareness of that  person .  (29)    ( 54)


Developmental Stages  

Empirical evidence gives a strong indication that the  EHS   condition  can be a reliable  indicator of impending ill health if  EMR avoidance action is not taken.   Studying the literature on EMR biological effects,  which covers a considerable  range of human disorders and illnesses,  there appears to be three  stages of  EHS development which precedes possible end-organ disease including cancer.


(1)   symptoms that are mild and transient- diminished by avoidance ( electro hyper sensitivity);

(2)   symptoms that are more severe and which remain for a time  after exposure ceases;

(3)   symptoms which have become  chronic and irreversible;

(4)   end organ disease develops – investigations often  reveal chronic  or acute high level; EMR exposure


Symptoms  of  EHS

Depending upon  the  bio-chemical individuality of the person some reported symptoms are  (23) :

*          extreme glandular pain and speech problems when passing beneath high voltage power lines

*          Migraine and fatigue when using  kitchen appliances during humid weather and  during the approach of storms (during high positive ion count)

*          Severe headaches near video terminals and  breathing problems  and fainting  near high power transmitters.

*          Hyperactivity in the presence of electric light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, computer games and televisions. 


Dr Alan Frey reported in 1971  that  the  Soviet research  indicated that the nervous system was most sensitive to  radiofrequency (RF) energy.  

Central nervous  system (CNS)  symptoms as reported by Soviet researchers studying microwave exposure effects are :

Loss of memory, 

migraine headaches, 




dermographism (skin  condition) 

loss of appetite.

Autonomic nervous system disorders reported were  cardiac, hepatic, and gastrointestinal  malfunction.


Additional Symptoms

EHS symptoms may include but are not limited to:


eye irritation,


skin rash

facial swelling,

weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles,

buzzing/ringing in ears,  (tinnitus)

stabbing pains in head

prickling sensation in head

sense of swelling in eardrums

internal sense of shaking  especially of extremities

feeling nervous system ‘turned on’ sensation of  blood racing through veins.

skin numbness,

abdominal pressure and pain,

breathing difficulty

irregular heartbeat


balance problems

body and/or muscle spasms,



depression      (41) (45)


Mental Health  See: # 10


EMR /EHS and  Colour 

Light and colour  have therapeutic value and each colour has a specific wavelength or frequency. Colour is known to influence mood and wellbeing in humans.  A room painted in a particular shade of pink has been used effectively in calming excitable individuals in custodial situations in USA.  Dr Rea treated an airport employee who  became sensitized to the frequency of the colour yellow to the extent that he collapsed every time he saw that colour.  


Black  Cloth  Used  to Shield Head  From EMR

John Diamond, author of  “Your Body Does  Not Lie”  was asked to find  the cause of the strange  weight gain of two women, which was centered  around the trunk, while their arms and  legs and  faces remained thin. Twelve  months previously, 8 mercury vapour lamps were installed in their work-place. Kinesiology, (muscle testing)  determined  that the  lights were   involved. It is  believed, the pineal gland  in the brain  was affected by the light. It was recommended that a black cap  would diminish the harmful  effects . This finding proved correct.  One woman used the cap and one refused. Within two months the woman with the cap regained her health and former weight,  while the other  remained  overweight and unwell. 


Suggestion: Attach a  piece of black cotton fabric about  14 cms in diameter,  poplin has a dense weave and works well, inside a hat, cap or scarf. The idea is that the top of the head is covered with this cloth during EMR exposure.    The colour black is necessary as it  is believed to block out certain frequencies of the light spectrum, to which some hypersensitive individuals react adversely.


Our records show five people who have  found it works for them.   Many don’t like the idea of a black hat or cap therefore,  line  any  piece of headgear with black  fabric. While scientific explanation is lacking to explain this case, it is but one  of many  positive results, including drug and EMR treatment for which  so far,  a clear scientific  explanation eludes us.  ( 8)



With a basic knowledge of the EMR health factor, it is recommended that medical  practitioners could  offer patients, when indicated by  medical history and based on a suitable patient questionnaire, a list of resources for avoiding EMR exposure.  Patients could be encouraged to keep a diary of EMR exposure events and their reactions and then note changes  after taking simple avoidance measures.  Practitioners could log the progress of the patient to determine to what extent more serious EMR avoidance should be taken. This action would also authenticate the benefit of EMR  avoidance and give the patient added encouragement for a satisfactory recovery.    


Expensive and complicated EMR avoidance practices may not be needed in many cases. Simple strategies such as keeping a diary  to note reactions and location of  obvious EMR zones, taking avoidance action and  restricting use of mobile phones or moving a bed a few inches, more  if possible,  from a wall may suffice. Where space is a problem – the patient can sleep with his/her  head at the foot of the bed, a wise strategy to avoid exposure to the head as the surface  area of the head  attracts  a greater percentage of EMR than the extremities. All the above listed strategies are known to  have made a significant difference in many cases.  (45)


Test your EMR Environment

An inexpensive means of determining  zones of EMR can be achieved with an electric field tester, as used by electricians and available from electrical wholesalers. One brand recommended is the MEET® which has both an audio and visual  signal.   Remember though,  that any tester/instrument   has a limit of detection, perhaps only five to 20 centimeters, where by comparison the human body can detect EMR  up to one metre  or more  from the source.  So ideally,  observe a distance of at least a metre from any source where EMR is detected by the tester, though if  space is a problem,  observing a distance of  even a few inches can still make a difference.


 The electric field tester will reveal the presence of electric current either at rest or when the current is flowing and the magnetic field is active.  In either event, the location is to be  avoided as both components of electricity – the electric field and the magnetic field - are biologically active agents and  has the potential  to adversely  affect the human organism,


 31.                 DENTAL  WORK and EHS

There is strong evidence that mercury, a toxic heavy metal, and a component of  amalgam dental   fillings  can leach out from the fillings,  causing adverse health effects and that RFR/EMR exposure can accelerate that leaching process.


Swedish researchers  found some years ago, that  some computers and  certain frequencies and a little known aspect of EMR called ‘time derivatives’ (a measure  of the rate of change in field strengths per second)  were implicated  in  the  mercury vapour and particle release. This gained negligible attention at the time and further research in this area was not encouraged.  Gunni Nordstrom , in her excellent, recently published book  ‘The Invisible Diseases’ dealing with chemical pollution recognizing the EMR connection,   relates the facts surrounding the omission of the time derivatives equation  from the computer safety standards  of Sweden.  Most countries adhere to the Swedish TCO standard which would  appear to be compromised by the omission of  both the chemical exposure issue and the time derivative factor.


So dental fillings, as can metal bridgework, pose a problem for EHS people.  A specialized  protocol  for removal of  amalgam fillings is essential for  the procedure to  be successful.   Not all dentists follow this protocol, therefore it is important to ensure your dentist of choice  is familiar with  this specialised  procedure. For more information  contact the Australasian  Society  of Oral Medicine  and Toxicology (ASOMAT)  on (02) 9264 5199   and in USA    DR Hal Huggins, Phone: 1-866-948-4638


Regarding  dental fillings, over a period of one month,   four individuals, unknown to each other,    and living at four different locations, reported to the  author that they were having dental problems i.e., fillings falling out.  Leading to speculation that there was a possible  EMR connection  with these four events,  were the two of :

a mobile base station  (MBS) had been installed in  the  district  in the recent past and each home was within the range of influence of the  station each person was electro-hypersensitive and had reported other EHS  symptoms since the MBS installation. Questions regarding dental health in any EMR related health survey could prove interesting.


32                   EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE  OF EHS

While EHS may be mild, moderate or severe  in severity,  examples of extreme EHS are given here to highlight the debilitating degree of sensitivity that can develop in some people.


While these people may look physically well, they  lead very restricted and often socially isolated lives. 


CASE # 1   (New Zealand) of a 49 year old man who  became electro sensitive in late 1989, unemployable since that time. His condition was medically diagnosed  as sick building syndrome.  His physician’s medical report (1990)  includes   electro sensitivity as  well as    chemical sensitivity as  components of the symptoms comprising  sick building syndrome.


An Occupational Medicine Specialist  report,    dated October 3rd 1995, confirms the  diagnosis of  sick building syndrome and concurs with  the previous  diagnosis which included EHS and MCS.


The effects that Mr B experiences, the types of pain, fatigue and the symptoms described above, makes it possible for him to distinguish  between types of EMR exposure such as electricity current draw when a hot water cylinder heats up, the high speed  electrical switching that occurs with a cell phone or computer, or a motor vehicle engine management system and even a  digital watch.  He cannot tolerate other people’s battery operated watches in his immediate environment. He likens his ability to determine the presence of these fields  as that of comparing  sweet from sour, heat from cold or the pressure of a slight breeze to a gale or a touch as opposed to an assault.


Mr B. needs to control his environment and all levels of pollution to a degree that his system will tolerate.  His capacity for employment and for social and personal contact is severely restricted. To ignore his body’s tolerance level in regard to EMR and chemical pollution is to invite physical pain and illness.   When staying with friends on three separate occasions and though his special  needs were respected, validity was not established until it was found that the  VCR had been programmed to record  without his knowledge,  resulted in Mr B experiencing severe  pain on each occasion.


Following  is a list of situations  Mr B must avoid to maintain some quality of life.  (Extended exposure to these EMR sources will result in kidney, back and joint pain, he then is unable to stand straight and his tongue goes a dark brown colour.)

*    EMR stress from TV viewing on a  daily  basis of over some minutes duration which cumulate  causes heat and redness on the face and is always worse if the VCR is recording.  

*    Painful  flu like headache develops in the vicinity of TV and computer screens.  

*    Using an electronic camera  caused an intolerable  burning in the head. He can only use a manual  model without  LCD display, auto focusing or auto ISO measuring.  It took years to work  out why a camera caused him pain even when switched off.   

*    Any device that has a battery operated memory system causes pain.  

*    Headache, slurred speech  and bad memory  result from  the  use of a modern phone with inbuilt memory features. The silicon chip used  in these  phones  emit a field on the radiofrequency range.  

*    A long conversation on the early model phone can also cause a hot headache and humming in ears.

*    He experiences on a regular   basis  ’flu  like symptoms from short time exposure, bones in the face ache (like neuralgia) ears hiss & ring and brain feels  hot and raw. Skin can become blotchy and itchy.

*    Long term exposure causes muscle pain  all over,  marrow in bones feels on fire  The pain can last for a week which is severely debilitating.

*    Sleeps with the mains power switched off at night after finding that the power company’s automatic ripple  control system of water heating, via radiofrequency signals on the house  cabling,  was seriously affecting him.  He now manually switches on & off the heating apparatus of the  household hot water system.

*    Computerised automatic washing machine  could not be tolerated. Nausea, head  pain and aching muscles result.

*    Dryer causes nauseous headache.

*    Radio: cannot tolerate digitally tuned or mains operated radios.  

*    CD player, after 20 minutes listening pain develops.

*    Digital system of the car alarm  caused  severe headache and swollen wrists.    

MCS symptoms  include:

skin becomes blotchy on contact with some  products. 


stinging eyes, 

strange  taste that lasts for  days  from inhaling odours of some products


 Mr B needs to avoid:  

shaving foams, 

detergent aisles of supermarkets, 

perfumed laundry detergents, (AMWAY not offensive) 

air fresheners,  


Full report and name and address supplied.   


CASE #2  (Australia) A lady of  50+ years with  MCS, CFS and EHS            

Exposed to EMR from railway line, Mobile phone and domestic  appliances. While   using mobile phone for 2 minutes  develops + burning -  headaches – tingling sensation through head. The phone itself gets hot  -   The more frequent the use of  phone  the  sooner the effects occur and intensity increases. The  phone   feels hot to touch.   When this lady is reacting to chemicals, the microwave  oven ‘automatically’ switches  ON when she  enters the kitchen  and  EMR reaction generally becomes more severe


CASE # 3     New Zealand   - Penny Hargreaves

RF hearing comes under pages 37 and 88.  of document on Ouruhia website .

My body reacts adversely to FM and microwave beams and I can tell you where they are 20 plus kilometers from the source and in many cases they do not lose their strength. I can tell you where a power line is by the buzzing noise but I do not feel ill under those lines. I believe the reason why is because that frequency has not been responsible for my illness. However I do now react to computers, TV, burglar alarms, lights in some shopping centres etc. I understand the condition I suffer from is called electromagnetic sensitivity and it makes life very difficult. Most people cannot understand how ill the reaction from EMR exposure can make sufferers from this illness feel.

Prior to my RF exposure I did not have a problem in the vicinity of anything electronic. I did not feel ill immediately after exposure at my farm but over a period of time my health deteriorated dramatically as did my animals. Later, I discovered neighbours had similar problems. When we left the area health improved, when we returned health deteriorated again. (See Ouruhia website. )


CASE # 4  In  UK Mrs Stock's allergy has been diagnosed as a  reaction to the EMR generated by  microchips,  whose signals  interfere with the electrical pulses in her own brain.  She suffers blinding headaches when near a computer or other high-tech electronic equipment is unable to  shop in supermarkets, watch a colour TV travel on public transport or  in a modern car, or even cross a road at a  pelican crossing.


Her GP Dr David Dowson, said: "Electro-magnetic sensitivity is so rare, people often dismiss it as a psychological problem, but it is certainly not."  Her symptoms are described as classic by Simon Best:" A significant number of people are reporting some kind of electrode sensitivity. The allergy is very restrictive. It affects both the working and domestic life.  "Sufferers can fall unconscious at any time.  They are also plagued by nausea, blurred  vision and migraines. It is a very serious condition."


CASE # 5   (Australia)

Two children 8 years and 4 years  remarked on the ‘smell’ in a large store  where  the  four year  with a history of hyperactivity,  behaved in an extraordinary manner, adopting an awkward, splayed-leg  walk, then overbalancing  and laughing uncontrollably. This all took place  within minutes of entering a store where a strong chemical odour was present. She repeatedly displays similar uncontrollable  behaviour  in supermarkets and shopping malls until taken from that environment.  A combination of  fluorescent lights and chemical outgassing from synthetic  materials and packaging  in stores are suspected as the cause.


Electronic Pest Control

On record are reports from women who cannot remain in the home while an  electronic  pest control device is  operating. The radiofrequency  pulses  that are imposed on the house wiring  cause them considerable distress.   The manufacturers  of the product caution the consumer that pet mice may  not safely tolerate this device. We have found that humans also  cannot tolerate this device.


Electronic Air Freshener

Most people with EHS  and MCS cannot tolerate  these devices and their use is not encouraged  in the interest of the  individual if not the entire family.   Good housekeeping  and adequate ventilation will  assist in controlling  both household pests and  indoor air freshness.  There are also other remedies for pest  control.  See:  Recommended reading list for alternate  remedies. 



EHS  and Homeopathy 



Scheussler Tissue Salts                                    

Homeopathy: Dr Schuessler's Tissue Cell  Salts (Combination 12), and particularly Mag Phos (Magnesium Phosphate) have relieved symptoms of EMR exposure.  Follow dosage on packet. ( 4 tablets hourly or while symptoms persist )  Dr Bach Rescue Remedy; four drops under tongue or used topically  every 30  minutes until symptoms abate  Both Cell Salts and Bach Remedy have been  used  simultaneously with good results.  A First Aid Book on how to use the Salts is available from Vitamin suppliers & Health food Stores


Westlake Radiation  Remedy

A remedy recommended by Dr Aubry Westlake: (From "Radiation, What is it, What can we do about it?" 1986) The combination of  Dr Bach flower remedies including,   Cherry Plum, Gentian, Star of Bethlehem,  Rock Rose, Vine,  Walnut, Wild Oat. To make up; In a 25ml bottle add 4/5  spring water, and 1/4 teaspoon sea salt then add four drops each of the remedies and succuss 30 times. Use externally on inside of wrists as required.


Skin Moisturizers  and Fabrics Softeners

Using an organic based, non-perfumed skin moisturiser to reduce the build-up of static electricity on the body mass is also helpful as is wearing natural fibre clothing. Synthetic fabrics generate and hold electrostatic charges. Replace use of  fragranced fabric softeners by adding  one tablespoon of Epsom Salts to washing machine rinse cycle.


Avoid  Hot   Showers

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a common  component of EHS.  We  should therefore  heed the same advice given to CFS patients regarding  avoidance  of hot showers and baths which have been found to so enervate the  patient  that often bed rest  is needed  after showing or bathing.


EPSOM Salts Footbath

Epsom Salts   foot bath,   2 ozs Epsom salts  (Sulphate of Magnesium) in  3 litres comfortably hot water, soak feet for 20 - 30 minutes.

OR  combine 2 ozs Epsonm salts, 2 ozs bicarbonate of soda, 4 ozs Sea salt, 4 Ozs Borax, shake well and store in an airtight  container. Use  two tablespoons of mixture in 3 litres water for a foot bath or add 4 tablespoons to  a warm  bath. Recommended by a Biochemist for arthritic conditions, found to alleviate reactions to both EMR and chemical exposure.


Salt Water Bathing

Swimming in sea water, walking on beach are all beneficial.   Some people report that for some obscure reason,  benefit from  both a  salt bath and sea bathing is greater if the entire body and  head  is immersed. 



All gentle relaxation methods are recommended,  walking, Yoga, Feldenkrais, meditation Tai Chi, and  gentle massage. Use a rocking chair.  Relaxation and subtle massage of many areas of the body give excellent  results.


34.       WHAT YOU CAN DO

Important Advice 

Before making a purchase of any household electrical appliance or electronic device

PC or mobile phone for example, ask the retailer and  phone the wholesaler regarding the EMR emission levels.  Let it be known that you are an informed customer who values health of your family  and need to have this information.   You will no doubt be told that the goods comply with health  regulations,   but you have let the industry know that the  current EMR levels are now in question.  Consumer concerns are taken seriously. 


People should be encouraged to approach their power supply authority for information regarding the proximity to their homes,  and the EMR emissions,  from  all high voltage and low voltage power lines, both underground and overhead and transformers .  Ground currents imposed upon  metal water pipes  entering a building can carry unacceptable EMR levels. We encourage people also, when purchasing electric appliances and electronic equipment to question both retailer and manufacturer regarding the  EMR emissions  from these products. Levels of magnetic  fields should not exceed 2 (two)  milliGauss and electric fields should ideally be background level (0.5mG).  These are levels  recommended  by expert committees yet to be officially adopted.


While it is not always possible to achieve complete avoidance of  EMR the aim is to reduce it to the lowest possible level, particularly at night. Even so – keep in mind that lower is not necessarily a safer exposure. If some symptoms  persist at the recommended  low levels    then total avoidance is required. Close attention to lifestyle and general health is important to alleviate the effects of environmental  contaminants.  Consult your health professional about the use of antioxidants  to combat the free radical production caused by unhealthy environmental exposures. If he/she cannot help, suggest they research this area of health  on your behalf.


There are now ENERGY RATINGS applicable to electrical appliances and consumers are  encouraged by the power industry to  buy accordingly, in order to save energy and lessen damage to the environment.  EMR EMISSION RATINGS  should enjoy the  same attention by industry in order to lessen potential damage to consumer health.  As the health warnings on cigarette packets   are now commonplace, perhaps electrical goods may gain the same attention. You can make a difference by commenting on this issue.


Regarding EMR Exposure:

Before making a purchase of any household electrical appliance or electronic device.  PC or mobile phone for example, ask the retailer and  phone the wholesaler regarding the EMR emission levels.  Let it be known that you are an informed customer who values health of your family  and need to have this information.   You will no doubt be told that the goods comply with health  regulations,   but you have let the industry know that the  current EMR levels are now in question.  Consumer concerns are taken seriously. 


Contact your  local power authority regarding the proximity of any power source that is external to your home and  register  any  concern you may have about  how  EMR  from these sources may affect the occupants  of  your home  such as:

*    location of the electricity meter board

*    high or low  voltage power lines

*    either a  pole mounted or footpath mounted transformer

*    an electricity substation –ground currents from these  facilities  might impact  your home

*    corner block of land  - where high or low voltage power lines border the block, forming  a right angle.  The magnetic field levels  found within a  house located within this  right angle will be considerably higher than those  found outside the right angle


Ask for an EMR survey and a written report.   Some authorities will survey the EMR in the home especially if there is illness in the home.  There are few people in private practice doing house surveys. Learn to find the EMR sources with an electric field finder  and avoid these sites  by moving furniture especially  beds,  from that source. Even a few inches can make a difference but a metre  distance is advised, bearing in mind that the very sensitive person may require a greater distance for comfort.


At work, advise your employer of any symptoms you experience that may reasonably  be caused by an EMR source  you are exposed to in the course of your work.  Talk to your union delegate. Supply them with reliable  material on the EHS issue. Recommended – Black on White the Swedish Experience and  the ACTU document (See Bibliography)


When contemplating purchasing new electrical appliances and equipment, check with the manufacturer regarding the level of EMR emissions. Ask the retailer also.  While there will be a standard reply that all products are designed to comply with existing  safety standards,   your  query is registering   a legitimate concern that  serves to alert the authorities and manufacturers that the  public are aware of the EMR health issue.  


Regarding  Chemical Exposure 

Report your adverse reaction to a product to the manufacturer initially,  followed  by a

 report  to:

Dr Margaret Hartley

The Director of Chemical Safety

Australian  Government  of Health and Ageing

Office of Chemical Safety

Addres: GPO Box 58 Sydney 2001


Phone: 02 8577 8800

Fax    : 02 8577 888


Support Groups

Danish Association for the Electrically HyperSensitive  C/- Aase Thomasson Lunden 1,  Alum, DK-8900,  RANDERS, DENMARK  Tel: (+45) 86 46 61 14 


Swedish Association for the Electrically Injured


Lief Erikson,  

 Box 6023 SE - 102 31, 



Electrosensitive Association, Finland    

Erja Tamminen,   


30A 4, FIN-04, 400  



Suomen Sahkoyliherkkien Tukiry  

Association SSYHT ry,  


Contact Person:  Vice-President in charge of correspondence: Per Erik Lindstrom. 

Email:  pelind@nettifi



C/- Martine Charpanet, 

1 Rue Pommard, 



Burgerinitiative Elektrosmog   

Walter Ruck,  

Robert-Schumann - Weg 4,

D-23556, LUBECK      


Mrs E Walker,  

Calderstones Court,  

102 Beech Lane,  


Tel: 0151-724-6277   


The Environmental Medicine Foundation 

Registered Charity No. 326777, 




Andrea Ruck    

1F2 11 Ferry Road




Anti-electrosmog Group   


Fluehli 17, CH 1350,  


Tel: 0041 31 731 04 31,   

Fax: 0041 031 731 2854,   



Leopoldine Gaigg, 

Fliederweg 300,   CH-4814,  


Tel/Fax: 0041 62 721 41 87,  



Complimentary Medicine Organisations and Support Groups (Australia)

Soma Health,   



Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Assoc. Inc. (AESSRA),    

PO Box 298,  




Australian Chemical Trauma Alliance Inc. (ACTA)  

 309 East Bonville Road, 

 NSW, 2441   



35.             POSITIVE ACTION

From U.S.A.

"The FCC's exposure guideline is considered protective of effect arising from a thermal mechanism but not from all possible mechanisms.  Therefore, the generalization by many that the guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified."  October 2002  

(1)        In 1998, the  working Group under the  Research and Public Information Dissemination program  (RAPID USA) recommended classing EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) as a 2B possible carcinogen. 

(2)      As a result in June 2001, the International  Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has publicly  announced that  they have classified EMFs  as a possible human  carcinogen. 

(3)     The California Dept of Health Services (CDHS)  has also classified   EMF as a possible human carcinogen. 

The low key language used in the results of the findings is typical of that employed by the scientific fraternity and  should not detract from the importance of this latest, long overdue decision. Source:  Microwave News May/June 2001.   


Positive Action  at Important Levels

R/EMF health issue is  addressed by:

* The Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine has for the past 4 years conducted courses for  qualified medical practitioners from all over Australia and New Zealand. The courses also include EMF health effects. Don Maisch of EMFacts, (Tasmania) regularly gives presentations on this topic at the college.   Their web site has many published papers on the topic. 

* The Commonwealth Public Servants Union (CPSU) advises on EMF radiation to its members and has EMF meters available for CPSU members.

* The Tasmanian Trades and Labour Council (now Unions Tasmania) has for some time included EMF issues in its OH&S training programs and also loans out EMF meters to union members.

* The Victorian Trades and Labour Council in Melbourne has had a working group on workplace EMF issues.

* The   Australian Council of  Trade Unions (ACTU) publishes a digest of Occupational Health and Safety Information that usually has information on EMF/EMR issues as it pertains to the workplace. "There are now over twenty doctors in Australia  with knowledge of the EMR health issue who have their own survey equipment as well as training on how  to conduct EMR/EMF surveys."


There are now over twenty doctors in Australia with knowledge of the EMR health issue who have their own survey equipment as well as training on how to conduct EMR/EMF surveys.


It is suggested that you inform your local power and telecommunication authority of  your  concerns regarding  the possible harmful effects on  you and your family,  from the  electric and magnetic  field emissions and radiofrequency radiation surrounding  any power lines, transformers or  substations or transmission antennas  near your home.

Ask for an EMR  or RFR survey to  ascertain the levels of  these emissions.  Keep a  diary and document  your family’s health prior to and after the installation of any new facilities. 


Though the outdated magnetic field level of 1000 milliGauss is still the  guideline/limit  for public exposure as quoted by officialdom, the latest scientific evidence dictates a more  biologically  acceptable level of 2 (two)  milliGauss.  We  would  prefer to see this  adopted  as the guideline for human exposure, no matter how difficult or costly  this may be for industry.  It is a level that has been found to be less  biologically challenging.  To date, studies of the electric field emissions in regard to adverse health effects have generally been neglected, thought  to be of little consequence as a health issue.   This is of considerable concern as some researchers and   electro sensitive people are all too aware that the electric field, in the absence of the magnetic  field can indeed adversely impact on health.   (See No. 4 Electric Fields)


It is recommended that  you  contact your radiocommunications authority regarding the proximity of any radio, TV or operational telecommunication  transmitter near your home or  child’s school  and how this may affect your  family. In Australia it is the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA),   Ask for a survey in these locations. 


Though the  magnetic field level of 1000 milliGauss (mG) is still the outdated  guideline/limit  for public exposure as quoted by officialdom, the latest scientific evidence dictates a more   acceptable level of 4 (four) milliGauss  yet we have  now studies which reveal 4mG  as a exposure level where childhood leukemia develops.  The electric field emissions are  duly ignored though, as if of no consequence. This is omission is of some concern a number of  researchers  and electro sensitive people are all too aware, the electric field in the absence of the magnetic field is biologically active.


Energy rating - EMR rating ?

Most large electrical appliances now have an “energy rating ” pertaining to the amount of electricity it requires to operate the  device. This is purely a commercially oriented  economy factor. What we need is a health factor consideration  so that not only the electrosensitive person can comfortably use  technology such as vacuum cleaners, hair driers and personal computers but so that all users can do so without undue biological stress occurring.  


One large computer firm has included in it’s product sheet, that  while EMR is not generally considered a health hazard, the magnetic field emissions  from their product have been reduced to accommodate those people who have a concern in this regard. Others should take note.


Before deciding to buy a product, phone write the marketing manager of the manufacturer  of your chosen  product and  ask  for details of the  magnetic and electric (EMR) field  emissions of that product. 


Be prepared for a cool response and or a reassurance that EMR emissions are ‘within the current ‘ guidelines.  Do not be intimidated  into accepting that there is ‘no problem’. Your queries are valuable in alerting  those responsible that the customer is sufficiently informed  and concerned  about the  EMR health issue to pose these questions.  

Consumer pressure  can be most persuasive  as  is the possibility of future litigation.


FIRST COURT RULING ON  EMR AS A HEALTH HAZARD  In  Murcia, Spain  a court has accepted  that electromagnetic waves are  a health hazard. A married couple in 1997 successfully sued Iberdrola, the Court considered that  an electromagnetic invasion  existed and the power company had stated that there  was no danger at all in the emissions  from the transformer affecting their house.


This is the first sentence of it’s type, which has considered that it is the power supply   company who must  prove their products  are absolutely safe, not the affected consumer who must  demonstrate the hazardous nature of magnetic emissions.


From USA

The city of Albequerque   - approval was delayed  for  the proposed upgrading of an electricity substation  until there are investigations regarding the EMR associated with the facility.


From Korea

In response  to  concerns re EMR the Government  is considering a five year plan to  protect the  environment  at a cost of $18.5 million (US)  A 2 billion dollars  will be spent over 5 years to develop antenna that will minimize dangerous radiofrequency radiation.


Scotland  - Have warned  school children of  risk to health of unrestricted use of mobile phones.


UK  - Warned school children   of  risk to health of unrestricted use of mobile phones.


Switzerland  - Microwave News January/February 2000
Switzerland Adopts Strict Limits for Cell Towers and Power Lines



 Courtesy  Dr.  Cyril Smith.  U.K.  (2004)     

 The following references may be as near as I can get you to  official recognition of the condition of   "Electrical Sensitivity"   


* The European Parliament adopted in 1994 a resolution on combating the harmful effects of non-ionizing radiation (OJ No C 205, 25.7.94) and called on the Commission to propose regulations and standards seeking to limit the exposure of workers and the public to non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation.


* In the light of its framework for action in the field of public health (COM (93) 599 final), the Commission adopted in 1997 a proposal for a program of Community action 1999-2003 on pollution-related diseases  (OJ No C 214, 16.7.97).


* Health and safety protection requirements for work with display screen equipment were adopted in 1990. Council directive 90/270/EEC (OJ L 156, 21.6.90)


* Council Directive 92/85/EEC  relates to measures of health and safety at work of pregnant workers (OJ No L 348, 28.11.92).


* OJ No C 77, 18.3.93 amended as OJ No C 230, 19.8.94 concerns physical   agents including optical radiation, fields and waves.


* Council Directive 85/337/EEC relates to certain environmental projects (OJ No L 175, 5.7.85 -amended OJ No L 73, 14.3.97.


* EEC Review Document - ISBN 92-827-5492-8


* Symposium Report -"La pollution electromagnetique et la sante - vers une maitrise des risques" Ed. Paul Lannoye, Paris: Editions Frison-Roche 1994.


* Belgian State Council applied "Precautionary Principle"   Arret 20 August 1999.


* DG XXIV - Scientific Steering Committee 25-6 June 1998  Meeting Report -

Considered Hypersensitive Individuals in section 4.5 

ON CHEMICALS – at the Social Level.

From a US company employee newsletter “ It is no longer considered  considerate or correct to wear perfume aftershave or  cologne to the office or cinema, religious services  or social events, where people with  fragrance  sensitivities or allergies  may be present.

Fragrance & Health  PO Box 29629 ATLANTA 30359 USA


36.          UPDATES

EMR Exposure Effects 

As a result of an undertaking by the Australian Government  based on the final report of the  earlier governmental  Inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation  (May 2001)   the  ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION HEALTH COMPLAINTS REGISTER was launched in  April 2003.   The public response  was very  with  few registrations received. 


Chemical Exposure  Effects

The South Australian Government  has unanimously endorsed the Democrats Inquiry into Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).  Submissions will be accepted from  both Australian and  non-Australian residents – this is an opportunity to  relate your  adverse health experiences involving  chemical exposure.  Submissions may be presented  by post to: Ms Robyn Schutte, Secretary Social Development Committee, Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide South Australia , 5000, Australia. For information regarding verbal or phone submissions  call Parliament House in S.A. (08) 8237 9100   Or by email  to:    We encourage your participation.



In Toronto, Canada the  the Sunnybrook and Women’s Hospital Environmental Health Clinic  uses a 15 page questionnaire and lengthy patient interview to document patients environmental exposure histories, including that of her occupation.  They do not treat,  but gather information for research purposes.  There is a 5 month waiting list for appointments.

Sunnybrook and Women's Hospital
Environmental Health Clinic
76 Grenville Street
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 1B2    tel 1-800-417-7092    tel 416-351-3764   fax 416-323-6130

In the U.S.A : Greater Boston Physicians for Social  Responsibility asked for recognition of EMR in relation to public health