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    - Russian Zelda64!!!
    Work on new design of a site emux began.




    are proud to present you

    New dumps of Sega Genesis / MegaDrive Games

            Hi everyone, I wrote a little story for you. Novaja Igrushka (NG) is russian software/hardware developer/distributor. They have developed a lot of Famicom/Genesis like hardware, even NES laptop.
    These guys have a lot of different stuff - tons of pirate famicom/genesis carts but they don't know much about emulation. Some time ago they got Genesis dumper and since they are manufacturing many pirate carts they know how to dump latest Hong Kong games. Right now they have redumped about 700 megs of Genesis games. There are some rare undumped before titles and we are going to release them later, but most of titles have region hacks so it'll be different to identify 400+ roms.
    Soon you'll see some extra stuff like Bug's Life, Sonic 5, Lion King 3 and some more odd stuff!

    Updated @ Jan 23 2002: I want to mention that we have "english" version which now is located at http://emuz.tk/. Good news: we got our domain "Romov.Net" back. Bad news - we lost contact with NewGame.Ru about a month and half ago when they started a project to finish some translation projects and publish translated games. I'll inform if something will happen. I'll not release Chess and Monopoly in nearest time - I just don't have rights to do that.

    Bookmark our page and don't forget to visit us sometimes ;)
    Remember, russians doesn't have emuScene yet, but we'll do our best TO GIVE THEM ONE! We just need your support.

    WIP Dump Info

    Chess (Russian)
    Monopoly (Russian)

    Current Releases

    N` CRC Game/ROM Name Whatever Length Info Get It!
    #1 c5c5a4b0 FIFA Soccer 99 (F) [p1][!] c9c0-ed13 L-2097152
    #2 647df504 FIFA Soccer 2000 Gold Edition (C) [p1][!] 72ef-6bec L-2097152
    #3 721b4981 Lion King 2 ffff-e97e L-2097152
    #4 c0f348eb Pocket Monster 2 47f9-2871 L-2097152
    #5 001fc68f Donkey Kong 99 0000-7cdc L-2097152
    #6 11e367a1 Mortal Combat 5 0000-cc97 L-2097152

    Please mail to emuxrom.cjb.net

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