D.O.B- 05/06/1984

Biggest Influences-The rest of the guys and of course all the ladies in the house tonight!

Fav Bands- NOFX,Millencolin,Propagandhi, Craigs Brother,Dogwood,Strike Anywhere, Mad Caddies,Frenzal Rhomb

Quote- "You gonna finish that?"

Contact- Beanzy@Muffpunkband.co.uk
D.O.B- 11/05/1984

Biggest Influences- Friends And Family

Fav Bands- Thrice,Crane,Oversight,
Dogwood,Craigs Brother,Strike Anywhere,Twenty2

Quote- "Have fun"

Contact- Gianni@Muffpunkband.co.uk
D.O.B- 10/04/1984

Biggest Influences-  family and  friends

Fav Bands- Craigs Brother,Rufio,Thrice,Slick Shoes,Adhesive,Crane,Bigwig,My Dad Joe,NUFAN,District7.

Quote- "Big Davey SHREADER Next Door"

Contact- Ross@Muffpunkband.co.uk
D.O.B- 26/01/1984

Biggest Influences- Alcohol

Fav Bands
- Blink 182,Fenix tx,Less Than Jake,Rancid,Los Destructos,Nofx,Bad Religion,Millencolin

- "This Aint A Fucking Taxi"

Contact- Stu@Muffpunkband.co.uk
D.O.B- 29/03/1983

Biggest Influences- My friends and my girlfriend

Fav Bands- NOFX,Beerbong,Slick Shoes
District7,Craigs Brother,Rufio,Dogwood,
Bigwig,My Dad Joe,Skirtbox

Quote- "If it aint punk...it sucks"

Contact- Steven@Muffpunkband.co.uk

Msn - Steve_Muff@hotmail.com
Msn - Ross_muff@hotmail.com
Aol - Rossmuffpunker