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This page was last updated on December 14, 2000

Hello - I'm Erling. Click to see more (download 10Kb) see more

Hello, - I'm Erling !

My name is Erling, - I'm seven years old. I'm living at Kolbotn in Norway. Among my hobbies are football, - and drawing. I'm drawing indians, men bicycling, people riding, I'm drawing the entire world, - sometimes pirates - I'm drawing everything.

Please be welcome to spend a few moments here with me. I will share with you some of my drawings - please enter my gallery (now 110+ drawings)! Read my presentation - try to figure who I am and how I'm living up here!

Why I'm here ?   I would like to meet - and learn to know new friends. Thus I would particularly appreciate if you - young or old - dropped me a letter so we both learned to know each other - and maybe we both would learn some new things about life in foreign regions.

Have a good time - hope to meet you soon !!

Here : My Advent Calendar !

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samples from my guestbook
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Note : all text contained in these pages but the facts pages is dictated me by Erling and presented as accurate as possible to how he puts it (it's his homepage after all) - please remember he's six years old - and our native tongue is Norwegian...

This page "is not under construction" - but these pages are neither finished. This is just the beginning - and depending on the feedback from you, our readers - Erling will be encouraged to develop these pages. All letters will have a personal reply from Erling !

Facts about Kolbotn Norway - where we live and how we live