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Hi Friends,

We are Girl Scout Troop #1905 from Port Chester/Rye Brook, New York. We are Scouts-On-Da-Go. We would love to share with you our travel ideas.

Each year we progressed in our travels. Our leader Debby loves to travel and we do too. She has given us many opportunities to see a little of our country. When we were Daisy scouts, at 5 years old, we visited our local police and fire stations. It was a nice experience for us at that age. When we visited the police station we were given a tour of the station that included the dispatchers area, the Chief of Polices office and the prisoners area. We experienced first hand what it was like to be locked up as a criminal. It was a scary experience but a very interesting one at that.

As 6 year olds we went to an amusement park called Playland in the neighboring city of Rye, New York. They have a beautiful carousel, roller coaster, log flume, witch house, Ferris wheel, house of mirrors, dozens of games and many more rides. They even have a kiddie land for your lil ones.

In 2nd grade we went to The Bronx Zoo. That was kewl. This was our real first trip out of our area. We were very excited to go on this trip. We got to see all our relatives. Hahahaha! We saw tigers, lions, monkeys, birds and many many more. They had a few rides for us and were were able to take a ride on an elephant. There was also a skyline ride which at 7 years old, makes you feel like your on the top of the world. That was very exciting for 7 year olds.

In 3rd grade, at age 8, we moved up in the world and went way out of state and stayed with Debbys brother Gary in Philadelphia, Pa. We couldn't believe our parents let us go. But we understood when they asked if our leader could keep us a few extra days. While in Pennsylvania, we visited the home of Betsy Ross, who as you know made the first American flag, Benjamin Franklin's grave site, The Mint, the Liberty Bell and many government buildings. The last site we went to was Hershey Park. That was very fun to see, how they make chocolate. We were able to buy chocolate at a lil bit of a discount and we didn't have to worry about our parents saying NO, you can't have that. :)

Then our leaders brother moved to Baltimore. So we decided our next visit would be Washington. We went to the White House and saw where the president holds meetings, the library and we also saw where he eats dinner. We went to many museums. By the way... do any of you know what color the White House is?? Hehehe...

Our next trip was to Plymouth, Massachusetts. We went whale watching and had the opportunity to visit the Plymouth Plantation and Ocean Spray Cranberry factory. Whale watching of course was the highlight of this trip unless of course you suffer from "MOTION" sickness, like our leader does.

Our next trip was a "BIGGIE". Our leader took us to Orlando Florida. We were only in the 6th grade. We had a blast. We earned all the money ourselves. Talk to us about fund raising if you want. We are the experts now. We raised enough to go to Disney for 2 weeks with everything you could need. We rented a car, we stayed in suites with kitchens, we went out for meals, we saw Mickey for 5 days, went to all the water parks and we had a wonderful experience traveling on the train all the way down the east coast. We had a fantastic time.

Next in 7th grade we went to New Jersey for a long weekend and enjoyed the likes of Great Adventure and Medieval Times. Of course we rode the newest ride called Batman and we cheered on our knights at Medieval Times. We posed for pictures with them as they swept us off our feet.

In 8th grade, which was last year for most of us, we went back up to Massachusetts and visited with our leaders family this time. We went witch hunting in Salem. Her ancestors really came from Massachusetts so she learned a lot up there and found a lot of interesting things out about them. Her ancestors were the Mather's.

This year, in July, we are planning another trip to Florida. We are just beginning to fund raise now. This trip will be a little different. We are actually staying on the grounds of Disney and will be utilizing their transportation and taking advantage of many other perks.

Besides traveling we are also just in the beginning stages of our Gold Award Requirements. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Well, thanks for listening and write us soon. We would be more than happy to share our trip sense with you.

Please feel free to e-mail our leader Debby or anyone of us if you want or have any ideas about traveling, crafts, fundraising or service projects. Our troop consist of Danielle, Lori, Mckinley, Autumn, Alexis, Catherine, Jessica, Katie and Emily. We are also working on our GOLD award! So any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!


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