Hi my name is Lorrie and I am 5 years old. I asked my mom if I could have a Rug Rats page after I saw her looking at one on the web. She told me I could and now I have my own page(well....not totally my own...Mom is doing the work for me...you know, all that html stuff. And I'm sharing the page with my little sister, Tracey.....she's 3 years old)

Anyway, we both love the Rug Rats. Tracey watches it twice a day on Nickelodeon (now I only get to watch it at night - I started kindergarten this year).....sometimes I can even get mom to move our satellite dish over to the west coast feed of Nick and watch the shows over again!! What I asked Mom to do is to put pictures of the whole Rug Rats gang on here and to show you where there are other places to see Rug Rats stuff on the computer(links are what she called 'em). So hold on tight and get ready for a Rug Rats invasion!!!!!

Click the link to hearThe Rug Rats Theme song!

The Kids
Tommy Chuckie Angelica
Phil & Lil Susie

Here's some pictures from our 1998 calendar
NEW!!!More pics from the 1998 calendar.
Here are the grown-ups from The Rug Rats!
Here is a poster of the Rug Rats we have!

Here are some links to other Rug Rats sites:
The Official Rug Rats Page - from Clasky/Cuspo
The Rug Rats Movie Page - You can get a great screen saver there!
Power Lite's Rug Rat Page
Sarah's Rug Rats Page
The Unofficial Rug Rats Online page
Tom's Rug Rats Page
Rug Rats Zone

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