Welcome to the New Kids Graphics! Here will be all kinds of kids graphics for your pages! All that is asked is a link to my pages so others can find something for thier page too! Not much to ask is it? Oh yeah and don't link to the graphics themselves. You can save them to your hard drive. If you need help you can always mail to me! Mail to Kids Graphics

This page was signed up for on Jan. 14 and I will have some graphics for you today!!! Have fun and look around! OH yeah come back too! *grin*

List of the Backgrounds I have to offer you so far

{Angel Babies} {Angel Baby 2} {Blues Clues} {Lion King} {Little Mouse} {Valentine Teddy} {Baby Gifs}

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All these Graphics were made by me, by using Clip Art images or items I have scanned. Please add a link to me if you use them! Not much to ask!

Created by Barb Copyright 1998 and 1999