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ghost Boo!
Hope I didn't scare ya! Don't worry, I'm a friendly ghost! My job is to protect your website and your other virtual friends at night. There are alot of ghosts here looking for a home, so go take a look and adopt one for your site today!

PS: We are currently in the middle of redoing our site, so please excuse us if it's a bit messy!


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Since 7/21/98

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This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on April 30, 1998.

Look! We were reviewed in Trout on Nov.3, 1997!
Click on "Henry the Virtual Cat", then his archives and select "Ghost in the Machine".

We were featured in a Swedish magazine "InterNet Guiden" under the heading "Weirdest On the Net"! Click on "Alla Lankar" (All Links) and we are in Nummer 7/98, sid 24. InterNet Guiden

dripping red blood

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