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Ever wonder where the idea for the heart shaped tags on Puffkins came from? Not where you might think! SWIBCO had a line of small plush animals introduced in 1984 called 'Somebody Loves You'. They had T-shirts that you could get for them with names and sayings on them and they all had the heart shaped tags!

Somebody Loves You Plush

Somebody Loves You

NEW 4th Generation Puffkins Swing Tag 4th Generation Tag

Effective November 1, 1999, all old and new Puffkin styles feature a new Puffkins logo on a lavender shield style swing tag.
Along with the style changes, note the TM after the Puffkins' name and that both website addresses are listed on the left side of the inside of the tag.

3rd Generation Puffkins Swing Tags3rd Generation Tag
The original Puffkins tags (red heart with a dark purple border) were replaced with new tags (red heart with a light purple/lavender border) with the batch of Puffkins released in February of '98.The original dark purple tags can only be found on the first 3 batches of Puffkins. (See Swing Tag Generations Table)
Tasha has the distinquished honor of being the first Puffkin to have the new lavender tag.
Many of the older dark purple border tags we have seen DO NOT HAVE www.swibco.com on the inside of the tag. They have ©Swibco Lisle, IL.
Why the new tag? According to a reliable source the old tags were made from a different paper stock than the new ones. The color rubbed off easily and the tags were scratched leaving a scuffed appearance. Apparently the color was not exactly what Swibco was looking for either.
After communication problems with the tag manufacturer were solved the new tag was created. It is of a sturdier material and the colors are the ones Swibco originally intended.
These new lighter purple or lavender tags are referred to as 3rd generation tags.


**August 20, 1999** - We noticed with the New Years '99 releases that Swibco added a trademark symbol (TM) after the name of each Puffkin (except Lenny). As far as we can tell all tags made after that time have the TM symbol after the Puffkin's name.

1st or 2nd Generation Tag 'First Generation Tags'
Check your older (dark purple border) tags carefully.
If you look on the back of the swing tags you will find a UPC number.
On the very first Puffkins that were released the UPC number is all the same.
This number is 44046 01362.
These tags are considered 'first generation tags'. (See Swing Tag Generations Table)
We can confirm 'first generation tags' on Lily, Shelly, Honey, Benny, Peter, Aussie, Fetch, Lucky, Chomper, Nutty, Paws, Bandit, Gus, Quakster, Lancaster, Tipper, Snowball, Percy, and Murphy

It appears that the earliest shipments of the first and second batches of Puffkins were released with these tags.
Puffkins with 'first generation tags' may prove to be more valuable as time goes on.

(03/06/98) - BUYER BEWARE! It has been brought our attention by a reputable source that a retailer was seen advertising first generation Puffkins, however they did not have the original UPC code on the swingtag. Please use caution when purchasing your Puffkins!

The older (dark purple border) tags where the last 4 digits of the UPC number are unique to a particular Puffkin are referred to as 2nd generation tags.


Puffkins with the wrong swing tag (mistags) do not necessarily increase in value. Also, when considering buying a Puffkin with the wrong swing tag, please keep the following in mind:
1. Swing tags are easy to remove and switch around. There is no way of proving that a wrong swing tag was put on at the factory or at some later date.
2. If a Puffkin with a wrong swing tag loses the tag, the novelty value of the Puffkin immmediatly drops.
3. Half the fun of getting Puffkins, especially for children, is having the correct birthday and poem of the Puffkin just purchased, not that of another Puffkin.
4. Most collectors feel that a Puffkin with a wrong swing tag isn't worth any more than that same Puffkin would be without a swing tag.

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