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The above picture, taken by the Hubble Telescope, is the Galaxy Cluster Abell 2218. (Isn't it fantastic?)
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Total Solar Eclipse!! (Thursday 21st) Unfortunatly for us in the US, we will not be able to see the event, but those who take the journey to southern Africa will be treated to the eclipse at it's very best. An interesting quote from Science.Nasa.gov is as follows:
"For nearly four minutes a curious twilight will descend where the afternoon Sun normally beats down bright and hot. Nocturnal animals like bats, owls and astronomers will suddenly become active as the New Moon passes in front of the Sun blocking out our star's fiery disk."

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The Space Station Mir has come down!!! (and no one was injured) It was abandoned due to it's constant breaking down, the cost to maintain it, etc. But do not fear! The new space staion is up- the ISS, (International Space Station) and will be up and running to it's full potental soon, we hope. When it is compete, it will be the third brightest object in the night sky. So watch and see- if it is going to pass over your hometown, then go out and take a look! :)

The Hubble Telescope has been fixed! Yes, and it has taken some fantastic new pictures,
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NASA's STARDUST spacecraft is on course to observe comet Wild-2. In 2004, the spacecraft with caputre bits of comet dust and debris, and then return to earth in 2006. Luck to it then, on collecting space dust. That's all the news for now!!

-Last Updated June 20th, 2001

For more information on any of the news listed above go to NASA's space science news website at www.spacescience.com

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Here are links to two more awsome astronomy/space websites:
- www.Astronomy.com
- www.UniverseToday.com

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