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This is dedicated to my favorite Sci-fi stuff, including Star Trek (TNG, DS9, and Voyager), the X-files and any other sci-fi stuff that catches my interest. I love Sci-Fi books, too, and I hope to have alot about them soon. When I do, it will be intermingled with my Literature page, so check back.

There are just a few pics and info as of now, but there is more to come. There are tumbnails for your convinience with the pictures (just click on the picture and you can view the full size) and information about the shows will follow!

Star Trek


More to Come!

Star Trek
TNG, DS9, and Voyager
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The Enterprise

Romluan Warbird

And Warp Speed ahead with this little gif

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Scully and Mulder

The Searchers


My Alien____Tibbar
It's my alien Timlox and his pet Tibbar.

Links to other sites on the Web

Startrek homepage

X-philies alert! This is a great website- For anyone interested in being part of an x-files group! Click here to go there! The Unofficial X-files Site - If you are interested in not just things like pictures (my site for example) then click for info on the show and charicters!

Scully's Filing Cabinet- visit this excellent x-files site including some x-files storys!

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