Hey, folks.
You know, I had completely forgotten about this web page.  I signed up for it could.  At the time I had absolutely nothing to say, so it got left blank. 

As it is, all I've got to say is that it's time to get George W. Bush the hell out of office....why hasn't that ^@#)* been impeached yet?   ....Oh yeah, the Democrats are about as useful as a fart in a spacesuit.  Vote for somebody else.  Vote for anybody else.  Just don't vote for a republicrat!

Hey, that's actually pretty good.  Maybe I'll start a Republicrat party.  It'll be so damn centrist that everybody will be required to vote for it.

On second thought, maybe I should start a "The Buck Stops Here" party.  More of change from what we've got now, where the buck never stops until it hits a taxpayer in the eye hard enough to cause vision problems forever.

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Microsoft ruined everything!

Clearchannel ruined everything!

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