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Here is my web page. I mostly buy, fix, and sell dirt bikes. My name is Endre and I have been doing this for about six years. On an inspirational note, I always wanted a dirt bike but my parents wouldn't let me get one becuase "they were too dangerous", but... I found a bike for sale in the area for $250, a '77 Hodaka Road Toad, (the catch was it needed so much wok it took me almost a year to get it working). I bought the bike and hid it in my yard under a tarp and some how when my parents found out I got away with keeping it (partly because I played it off like I just wanted to fix it). Now my parents don't mind and my Dad even helps me get more dirt bikes:)

All my stuff is located in Yardley, PA (five minutes from Trenton, NJ). However I am now a sophomore attending RIT college in Rochestor, New York. The advantage is I can do bussines in both areas but you may have to be more persistant to buy something from me. My Dad can handle it but you have to let me know you definately want to go look/buy something of mine and if you want any information about the item you have to e-mail me about it because my Dad doesn't know much about my stuff.

So take a look at my web page, just click on any of my links above to see the page you want. Let me know if you have any bikes for sale at a low price, and let me know how you like my page.