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Pagan, ecofeminist and druid! Peace, knit don't hit, saved a chi, extreme harping in progress, cats and dogs living in peace together, proud true red head, tree huger everyday(!), write and read strange books (my librarian can tell you so!).

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Transformation– Force & d’Ossché

Biodiversite et Ecosysteme
by Celine Caron

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"Make every day a celebration to Earth and yourself by keeping in your mind and heart that Earth is like you."

Defending Mother Earth
no compromise!

June 14th 2007

Ok! Making and maintaining a blog, in English, is more difficult than I thought. lol  With school, work, mundane and magickal life...it is not easy! Well, sometimes I'd like to write, but time is short and the dogs and the garden is keeping me very busy.

I think I will do some change here. I won't write any "blog-like" every day (as I would), but I will create here something more like a website. A kind of "how-to" website. A section with helpful links is in the making right now. Hope I will have the time to publish it this week or the next. I think that this kind of website will be more helpful than a blog.

A "program" to help people doing the transition is also in the process. It is more in "gestation" for now, but there's progress. Hope that this little thing will be helpful and that people will share it with their friends and family. Maybe there will be a book! Who knows what's in the Future?

Well, those are the news! Saint-Jean-Baptiste is coming, and with it...SUMMER!

In fact...wile I'm thinking about it...are you ready for Summer?

We will talk about it later. For now...enjoy the good days in front of you!

It is now time to act!

Why did I chose to create this pseudo-blog? Well...let put it right...Dana, Gaia, Mother Earth, is greatly sick and in pain. Everyday, in the news, we are talking about the Earth and what we can do to help (well...what we should do but still not doing). And this is happening, right now, for real. Things changed, and not in the right ways.

But it is not too late to do something and wake up, to shake this little planet of ours and take the road of good change. To do better. To be real and true to what we are. To be good citizen of the Earth.

By creating this pseudo-blog, I'm doing my part, my little mission of mine, shaking people around to push them in the green road and change their habits. But yes, it is difficult. I am doing this change, a drop at the time, by baby steps. I'm learning to be green and free from chemicals.

Yes, changing. Taking that green wild road. No chemicals, no useless plastic bags, no lights on in the middle of the night when it is absolutely unnecessary, no stuffs in garbages that could be recycled, buying products with the leaping bunny on it, eating organic as much as I can find them, buying organic home products...I'm sure you know what I'm talking about!

I'm working on all three levels; mind, body and spirit. For Dana, for me, for all living creatures.

What I am doing here, with this kind of website, is sharing my experiences with you, dear readers. I will take the road to change, start my mission, and share. I'm doing it since I'm 12! Ok, I'm still young, in my late 20s, but I'm doing it and I'm very serious with it. You can do the same, of course. This is a Quest, after all. I'm learning to be green, to be free, to be with Dana, and to be serious. 

So, join me, and change your habits! This is important!

If you are reading this first article, this webpage, it is because you are interested on the subject, maybe you are willing to do something. Great. This is the first step.

If you found this website, it is because you understand that something is wrong with Dana, with Gaia, and because you understand that we, humans, are not doing things right (and mostly industries and governments). So, you wake up, get yourself green gloves and seek that road to change. Bravo, this is the second step!

But it is not easy. I know, I am in it too. There is so much to do, to learn, to plan...Any "Green Warriors" would say so. But by taking 2007 by the throat like I chose to this month (and year!), you will learn with me new things, learn the "lessons" that I'm taking by myself (if I can call it "lessons"). Well...I so deeply wish you will learn something here.

This will not happen as a miracle in a week or so, of course. I still have so much to do and learn. And maybe you will share with me your experiences and/or try some on your side.

Dana need our help, just as we need Her. 

So, join in, surf around, learn, explore, experience...and ACT! Become the Green Warrior that is deep inside of you!

My webpage will be huge.
In time (crossing my fingers!). Changing habits is not easy, though. This is why I'm choosing to have babysteps. Like I said earlier, I'm working on all three levels (check the Themes section). So, keep coming back. And keep working! Keep acting!

Are you ready to act?

I know I am!


Inspired by Druidry, Anthroposophy and the Goddess Tradition, deeply linked to simple Eco-feminism and traditional herbology, I will share a new way of life that is friendly to Dana, Gaia. Can we heal the Earth? Good question...but for sure, we can heal the Self linked to Dana.

"Most of us sense that the Earth is more than a sphere of rock with a thin layer of air, ocean and life covering the surface. We feel that we belong here as if this planet were indeed our home. (...) As time passed this warm relationship faded and was replaced by the frigidity of the schoolmen. The life sciences, no longer concerned with life, fell to classifying dead things and even to vivisection. "Dana" (Gaia or Ge) was stolen from theology to become no more the root from which the disciplines of geography and geology were named. Now at last there are signs of a change." http://www.ecolo.org/lovelock/what_is_Gaia.html

Dana existed before everything; she existed before Time. Dana, the eternal, prehistoric Earth Mother goddess (known by the Tuatha de Danann), is fertility incarnated, a nurturing and protecting mother, mysterious and powerful, yet gentle and as gracious as a swan. She is life, pure energy, nurturing mother; everything that lives, breathing or not, flows with Her, toward Her, through Her. She is the Earth, the Sea and the Sky, She is Life, She is spirit.  All that is living eventually return to Her, into Her darkness, Her fertile Earth. We are born from Her, and reborn, once again, from Her.

She is a reminder that we must ground ourselves in the reality of Nature and incorporate all sides of ourselves, be they pleasant or unpleasant, light or dark.