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A pleasant visit to my site. This page contains all about myself. The music being played is a music of my interest. I play it always on the piano, and find it romantic. I always loved classical music especially this romantic nocturne from Franz Liszt titled "A Dream of Love" -Liebestraum No. 2.

           Symphonies, chamber music, opera, ... that is my view of classical music. There is really a reason for its name.


You may use this site for additional information, research and entertainment.





Listen to Beethoven's Fur Elise. One of the most popular pieces the composer composed.



The ancestor of the modern day piano...



old printable sheet music through Portable document format...


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Notice that my page has a background music. This is my favorite piece on the piano. (If you do not have a working default player, the media will not play.)

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