Welcome to Allen's World.  This will never be a fancy, graphic-intensive page.  This is mostly an information reference page about my various interests including Star Trek gadgets and gizmos, my observations about Star Trek, my jukebox restoration, my house renovation, and anything else I can think of.
I offer several pages of interest for my site visitors.  Firstly, there are hundreds, if not thousands of great Star Trek websites full of information, much of which repeats from one page to another.  My site will hopefully be unique.  In the Star Trek section of this site, I make my best attempt to explain the technological gadgetry on TOS, Enterprise and the first six Star Trek movies.  I also make general observations about different occurances in the show, ie events on the Enterprise and different actions of the crew.  My explanations are my own theories, based on technical observations of the shows and movies, on why the gadgets are the way they are, OUTSIDE OF A TV EXPLANATION.  In other words, it's easy to say that TOS's special effects looked cheesey because of budget constraints.  Well, that's a fine explanation.  But, what if we wanted to look at the Star Trek universe in a real kind of sense and offer explanations as to why the bridge was so noisy and the computers so clickety-clackety?  I try to offer real explanations as to why the props are cheesey, ignoring the fact that TOS was--in fact-- a 1960s TV show.

Also, I now have a section where I discuss specific TOS episodes and why I recommend them as classic, very very good science fiction, very good Star Trek.
Another point of interest is my Jukebox page.  I'm currently restoring a 1935 Mills Deluxe Dancemaster jukebox, which holds twelve 78 RPM records.  I collect 78s and play them on the jukebox.  Click on that link if you have that interest.
My wife and I own a house built in 1924, and the list of projects I have to do on the house is endless.  Click on the House link for pictures and renovation information.
NEW!  The Completed Bathroom, but on a different website.
Star Trek Gadgets and Observations
The 1935 Mills Deluxe DanceMaster
Our House Renovations and Improvements
My Cavalier CSS64FS Coke Bottle Machine
My Old Radios Page.  Antique Radios I have restored
My sister Julie's page
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Another great movie and TV site:  Nitpickers
The King of all movie sites:  The Internet Movie Database
Ever wonder what Stanley Kubrick's great movie The Shining is really about?  Click here to find out the truth.  He analyzes the movie the way I analyze Star Trek.
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