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Welcome to my new homepage!

I'm Engin Karabulut, I've graduated from Electronic Engineering,Erciyes University, in Kayseri,Turkey. I live now in Istanbul. I'm working in TUBITAK Marmara Research Center for one years.

This is my personal homepage where I represent my electronic projects. My main development area is embedded systems design and programming. For years I'm interested Microchip's PIC series microcontrollers, because they are cheap and easy to find in Turkey and serve lots of feature almost for free.

You will find in this page info about my projects and downloadable files. You can reach me via email:

email: engink@gmail.com

::SIU 2005 Memories::





You're able to view organization photos from here, beside this you can see me :)

I ported Adam Dunkel's uIP v0.9 TCP/IP stack to Microchip™ PIC18F452 successfully. This is an Hitech PICC18 v.8.35PL3 port of uIP v0.9. Click here for details.
There are also lots of project made by me. For example SMS PDU conversion implementation for microcontrollers. coming soon...

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