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Year 2001/2002

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Hello my name is Abdulhadi and I'm from Tripoli Libya, I have many things which I like to do, like Swimming, Aerobics, Chess, and Computers. there are other thing I like to do but I mention the most I love. I have stopped school for over 8 year I felt really sorry for that stupid decision on and I have decided to go back to school last year so I had to finish high school and I did, then I have attended English department in AL-Fateh University, I'm quite happy about that but my ambitious is limitless so I'm trying to learn many things like web designing, I enjoying it very much, also I wanted to learn some languages like Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese , my star is Leo,  I'm honest, hate people who lie, and I hate rudeness in chat and in general... I'm still looking for the right girl but it is very hard to find.. and I don't know where is she, sure she is hiding some where in this world..:)


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Since 1993 I have been working with my father's company which imports spare parts for Garman cars. I'm solely in charge of one of the shops which involves me in the ordering of spare parts, dealing with customers and all aspects of the administrative side of the business. I get bored with all of this so I have decided to do something interesting, as my computer skills are excellent. so I have built this site myself trying to help all friends and mates to learn English language ...I have added the schedule for...
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