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ABdA's Philippine Philatelic Web Sites
 The Philippine Postage Stamps Catalog list the stamps issued by the Philippines from 1940s to present. Sections include: Catalog, E-zine, Virtual BookStore, MailList, Discussion Forum, Philatelist Club, WebRing, StampLinks and a lot more!

01. The Philippine Philatelic Issues Discussion Forum
02. The Philippine Philatelist and Stamp Collectors Web Ring
03. The Philippine Philatelist Club
04. The Philippine Philatelist E-Zine On-line
05. The Philippine Philatelist E-mail Server

Philippine Philately Project
Here are on-going web projects on Philippine Philately. Most websites herein are either under construction, on modification / revision or somewhere in-between, but still they are worth visiting!

01. The Philippine Philatelist News Online
02. The Philippine First-Day Covers Catalog
03. The Philippine Souvenir and Miniature Sheets Catalogs
04. The Philippine Postcard Catalog
05. The Stamp Collecting: Tips and Tricks

Sections: Philately | Literary | Web Mastering


Rey AdelRey Adel's Prose and Poetry Site
As a budding writer, I have delved into the realm of letters way back during my secondary schooling. My literary "attempts", previously published in the school paper, corporate and mainstream journals, are the highlights of my SoHo site. ABdA a.k.a. ReyAdel, offers you a piece of his mind, crazy thoughts, mind-boggling ideas, far-fetched dreams, and all other things he could do with his pen. Sections: Prose, Poetry, Novel, Short Story, Columns, Critique, Puzzles, and Wysiwyg. Mirrored at Tripod.

StingValparaiso: The House of Sting
Know the latest news about Sting, a.k.a. Matthew Gordon Sumner, voted the 2000 Music Awards Best Male Vocalist. Sections: Bio, Rockstar, Actor, Solo, Champion, Sites

EMT 11The EMT11 Official Web Site
Engineering Management Training is a development program of National Steel Corporation, a steel manufacturing company situated on the southern part of the Philippines. The program was discontinued after Batch 11 due to the company's austerity measures. The website debuted on the batch's 10th Anniversary last January 18, 1998 at Pajo Beach, Lanao del Norte. Sections: Tenth Anniversary, Batch TimeLine, Updates and News, Future and Plans, Profiles, Database, Whereabouts of BatchMate, Feedback, Request for Contact.

Pinoy Book of ListThe Pinoy Book of Lists
Listmaking is a fascinating and honorable pastime; for the listmaker it provides a mempory bank, a therapeutic release, a self-education, an ammusement. For the list reader, lists provide entertainment, a stimulus, a learning process. The idea of lists sounds very moden, so much a part of the miniaturizing, capsulizing, condensing that is prevalent in this hustling 20th century. Yet lists are anything but modern, they are as old as written history. Sections: People, Nature, Things, Events, Awards, and Miscellany. Also includes a mailing list.

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Best of Tokyo: Pearl of the OrientThe Best of Tokyo: Pearl of the Orient
As Committee Head of the Best of Tokyo, where we select the best sites in Tokyo and give out the Pearl of the Orient Award. Awards for exceptional sites in the following categories: Animé, Martial Arts, Culture, Language, Entertainment, Sports, Hobbies and Recreation

Tokyo E-zineThe Tokyo E-zine
As the Editor-in-Chief, the online magazine gave homesteaders a quick glance at everything Asian.

GeoNeophyte's Home on the WebGeoNeophyte's Home on the Web
A web-creation guide to GeoCities and HTML neophytes. Answers to the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Internet publishing, authoring, graphics, imaging, multimedia, e-mail, web promotion, linking, awards, feedback, guest book, content, design, layout, navigation and a lot more.

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