Mire se erdhet, Welcome Enhalon, please wait this page to be downloaded... Welcome ... Dobro dojdovte... Mire se erdhet The best place in Struga honored to keep it's ancient name - ENHALON Struga - ENHALON - Struga
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The staff
str: Ezerski lozja nr: 86;  Struga 96330; R. Macedonia
tel.+389 96 78 02 33;+389 96 78 00 30;mobile: ++389 70 232 407
e-mail: enhalon@yahoo.com, www.oocities.org/enhalon
contact person: Burhan Hani
The most beautiful place in the world. Place were you can rest, have fun and enjoy the national  food prepared in the best possible way. Any way this is my first home page and it is under reconstruction.
You donít want the noise of traffic?!!!
You donít want to be placed somewhere far from the beach?!!
You want to be creative?!!!
You need impression to write Poems?!!!
So you need good place to rest?!!!
Of course you donít want to spend a lot of money?!!!
There is a chance for you and your family.

Enhalon, offers you the best place for resting and spending your summer holidays. Named by he most beautiful city Ė Struga. Placed near by the Shore of Ohrid Lake. And it exists almost 15 years, tending to keep common tradition alive. We exist because of you, to keep your fantasy alive; to serve you as one can wish.

Some words for OHRID LAKE
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