Skate Bails
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Going for the big league!
Finally, the director finds the animator. Welcome Tim, or Eco, Timo, or Timoteo, or whatever he wants to be called, because he can draw. And he can draw well. I've decided to make something worthy enough for the big guys, so wish us luck and cross your fingers, we're coming home!
Coming Soon:
MORE STUFF would have been coming, had there not been a virus that destroyed half of enjoimento's backups. will arrive when I get some funding because I need my money for "more important" things.
6/8 Walk On mini-clip. Just a quick 30 minute attempt at nothing. Enjoi :)
6/18 Enjoimento welcomes Ryan to a new page on the skateboarding bails.
6/22 New password prompt (non-hackable) and lovely picture of Mathwhoo
6/23 Maria mini-clip added. This took me 15 minutes... just something to waste your time watching.
6/30 Step-by-step intructions on how to hack a hack!
7/19 New Affiliates page, links to friends' crap.
8/6 Love Doug Movie!! Make sure you see this, and give Doug your loving support!
8/7 Another link in the affiliates section. Join Drakkar today!
8/24 Little cartoon under the secrets section, also a pre-loader for the Candy animation
Many new animations are on their way, these are gonna take longer to make (hopefully they're gonna be of a better quality too)
10/11 I've been doing small things, just not posting them... Check out the biking page for one under the misc section
11/1 Finally added a link for the No Problemo Preview
11/18 Matrix Inc. (the upcoming flash project) can be seen here.
11/24 Flash Animations Updates/ Upcomings, and Previews page. See sketches from the director, a kick-ass intro, and half a pic from our new animator!
Flash Animations!
-Walk In Park
-Study For Spanish
2/8 Yeah.. I've made animations, just didn't post them until now. Check out Walk In Park, Study For Spanish, and Eff-Time