History of 11th/17th Arkansas Mntd. Inf.

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In March of 1863, the 11th Arkansas Infantry and the 17th Arkansas Infantry were consolidated to bring the strength of each unit to an acceptable number. This new command would serve in this capacity with Col. John L. Logan in charge, since he was the senior Colonel superseding Col. John Griffith of the 17th Arkansas Infantry. Companies H and I of the Eleventh Arkansas were combined with Company C while the remaining companies while the remaining companies remained the same. The Companies of the Seventeenth Arkansas were combined into 3 companies, H, I, and K of the new consolidated regiment. Almost immediately the War Dept. ordered the unit mounted with plans for it to serve as a mounted infantry rather than rather than Cavalry. The "footsore" troops gladly accepted their mounts and spent long hours drilling in this new branch of service.

Col. John LoganCol. John Griffith
Col. John LoganCol. John Griffith

The men still carried long muskets but were not issued sabres and when in battle still operated on foot but only traveled from place to place on horseback. This decreased travel time by a large margin.

The first duties of the Eleventh / Seventeenth Infantry was to travel to Southeast Louisiana to slow Union advance while preparations were made upstream to meet the enemy. The men of the Eleventh / Seventeenth Infantry would spend the remainder of the war in Louisiana and Mississippi and in November of 1863, with the departure of John Logan, Col. John Griffith was given command of the brigade which consisted of:

  • 11th/17th Arkansas Mntd. Infantry
  • 14th Confederate Cav.
  • 9th Louisiana Battalion
  • 9th Tennessee Battalion
  • Stockdale's Miss. Battalion
  • Wilbourn's Miss. Battalion
  • Robert's Miss. Battery

Wirt AdamsThe Eleventh and Seventeenth Arkansas was now commanded by Lt. Col. McDuff Vance of the Eleventh Arkansas and on November 23, Col. Wirt Adams was promoted to Brigadier General and was given the brigade commanded by Col. John Griffith. Col. Griffith returned to his original regiment and the men he had led previously. In the winter of 1863/1864, The Cavalry Brigade of Gen. Wirt Adams now consisted of:

  • 11th/17th Ark. Mntd. Infantry
  • 14th Confederate Cavalry
  • 9th Louisiana Battalion
  • 2nd Miss. Battalion
  • 4th Miss. Battalion
  • Wood's Miss. Cavalry (Wirt Adam's old unit)
  • 9th Tenn. Battalion
  • Robert's Miss. Battery

By May 13, 1865, most of the 11th/17th Arkansas had turned themselves in to Federal garrisons in Jackson, Miss. and were paroled.

This History of the 11th/17th Inf. was taken from "Ranks of Honor"
© Anthony Rushing of Benton, Arkansas

11th / 17th Arkansas
Mounted Infantry
Battle Reports

Wilson's Creek, MO - Aug. 10, 1861

Elkhorn Tavern, AR - Mar. 7-8, 1862

Iuka, MS - Sept. 19, 1862

Corinth, MS - Oct. 3-4, 1862

Clinton, LA - June 3, 1863

Jackson, LA - Aug. 3, 1863

Catlett's, Scott's Ferry, Livingston, Clinton, Edward's Depot, MS - Oct.16-19, 1863

Natchez, MS - Dec. 2-6, 1863

Clinton/Baker's Creek, MS - Feb. 5, 1864

USS Petrel capture, MS - April 22, 1864

Concord Church, MS - Dec. 1, 1864

Franklin, MS - Jan. 2, 1865

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