Enlisted Spouses Club
Our Motto: "A place to go, a smile to greet, a cheerful word, a friend to meet."

The Enlisted Spouses Club of MCAS Cherry Point meets the first Thursday of each month at the Meeting Place, Bldg. 229, at 7:00pm. Membership is open to active duty and retired spouses of E1 to E9.

At these meetings we discuss upcoming events, proposed fund raisers, donation requests and monthly socials.

We have a secret pal program that you can join if you desire. A secret pal is an exchange of gifts. At the December Breakfast the secret pals are revealed. Come join the fun of giving, receiving, and the mystery of trying to figure out who your secret pal is.

Each month there are several prizes that are drawn for. In order to win one of the prizes, the member has to be present.

We have various socials throughout the year. We have shopping trips, holiday parties, meet for dinner at restaurants, Bunco parties, bowling parties, and more.

Throughout the year we have several different fund-raising events that take place.

Our first main fund raiser is the bingo games that are held at the Staff NCO club. The funds that are generated go to the different charities that come up.

Also throughout the year we do many projects to raise money for the large requests we receive from charities and ect. Our most recent one was doing gift wrapping at the Cherry Point Exchange during Christmas.

We just installed our newly elected board on May 18, 2002 into their offices. They are Sandy Cence as President, Tammi Iversen as Vice President, Shannan Martin as Treasurer, and Cyndi Sanders as Secretary. The whole membership wishes them luck in the coming year as our elected officers.

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