Here are links to some of the best pages on the web! All these sites are worth checking out so please do! If you want me to link to your page just e-mail me and I'll be happy to (once checking it out of course ;))
This page belongs to one of my best internet friends :D I've known her for like.. ever! And we met in vzones! (Where half the pics off here have come from!) Check out her page there are some cool pics and stuff :D
LiLi's Page!
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This is the official Darren Hayes page!!! So as you can imagine I am a frequent visitor! <g> Theres lyrics, a journal, and a BBS that you can join (forums). Very cool :P Check it out :)
VZONES (newHorizone)
This page is Louise's, hmm if I'm not mistaken this is about John Lennon (one of her obsessions!) but I think she has links to loadsa stuff! Tis a good read so check it out :D (BTW sorry if I got the name wrong lol!)
Revolution in the head
This page is Eve's :D Despite the notices it is more that just a 'waste' of webspace!!  Complete with interactive time wasters and pictures of her secret (or not so secret) obsession....bats!! The site rocks :D Check it!! xxxx
Eve's Space on the Net :D
This is the official Daniel Bedingfield page! Another place where I'm a frequent visitor. Again forums you can join, I'm Leanne at the UK ones.. the USA forums I tend to steer a bit clear of! You may be able to see why ;)
A fab page by a fab person! This is Sue's page, a lovely place which you can look around whilst waiting for a nice cuppa tea!
Sue's Page
With sections devoted to Darren Hayes, Daniel Bedingfield and Matt Wilkins, where else would you rather be?! Gorgeous pictures, Janet has put a lot of work into this and it shows so check it out!
Janets Page
Have you too become hooked by the gorgeousness and fabulousness that is Matt Wilkins?! Then this is the place to be! Check out the latest news, gossip and sexxxxy pictures right here!!
The Matt Wilkins Fanclub
This site is devoted to another fabulous DJ, Scott Hughes! Check out the latest on him right here!
Scott Hughes' Fansite!
Bought to us by Tina, this site give us insight into the real Tim Lichfield. Page comes complete with a bio, facts and gallery so is really worth a look round! :)
Tim Lichfield's Fansite
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