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Helllooooooooooooo! Welcome to my humble page!! More updating is in the process (or hopefully will be in the process!) of being done! *shock horror* see sometimes I am good for something =P. The Darren Hayes section is coming along nicely and the part devoted to the gorgeous Matt Wilkins still gives links to the unofficial fanclub (and maybe some suprises if I ever get round to uploading them!!) Hmm, there have been major updates in my friends section though more pictures are still on the way!!
I still have forums! HELLOOO I have forums! Lol seems to be only me who will post in them! *Sniffle!*
OO I am working on some webspace devoted to my brand new obsession ~ Daniel Bedingfield. WHO HELD MY HAND!!!! Hehe look out for that to be developing real soon :) Check back soon.. I may have added something new! Ciao for now! Mwah! :-*