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++Date: 25:March:2003.M3++
Oddly enough, the website is still here! Haha! It was supposed to have been taken down last Monday but the servers are still running it! Anyways, I have managed to squeeze in a battle report aptly named CARNAGE! It was a stunning day as we battled it out!

Take me there :: [Batrep - CARNAGE!]

++Date: 16:February:2003.M3++
Once more, we have a nice update for you guys! Those of you who have seen these HUGE constructs on the PI battlefields would have wondered, "what are those??" Take a peek at our mad man Derek who has produced a strange way to go around the mad prices at GW! However, do take note that he can't play tourneys with an army like this. He just plays with us!

Take me there :: [Army - Derek]

++Date: 06:February:2003.M3++
The campaign has surely seen its quiet time so now, it's back in full swing! If you observe, you will notice that several players has exited the campaign mainly due to the fact that time is a factor to some and other's, a change of army! Only 4 powers remain in the sector but rest assured, a new map has been released! We are now recruiting players so if you are keen to play, drop us a note! Just be in Singapore!

Take me there :: [Campaign - Standing Tables]

++Date: 28:January:2003.M3++
We haven't had an update for a long time, and there's a good reason for it. Mainly due to the fact that the games have lessened as the Tourney has just cooled off and most of us are just getting ready for Uni again...

Anyways, some updates for ya all, WARPOD40K is looking at its shutdown really soon as our sponsors are shutting its site down. We have so far gathered the support of a number of people willing to contribute to the cost of running this site, so if there are more willing, do drop me a note! [email]

Anyways, this is today's update! Nick has entered the recent Singapore Tourney 2002 and have placed Best Painted and Warpod40k is proud to present you his FINELY painted army!

Take me there :: [Nick's Dark Angels Deathwing]

++Date: 06:January:2003.M3++

Happy New Year! May you beset by good forrtunes!

Another year passes and we are still here alive and growing! It is indeed very satisfying to watch this site come alive, from a fledging site that was hosted on Tripod now onto GamersParadox, we have evolved! Thanks to all who made it such a great year!

This game took place before the New Year but because I am such a holiday freak, i left before updating it. So here it is!

Take me there :: [TergaDare vs Tau (YC)]

++Date: 27:November:2002.M3++
Another game worth reporting! This time the enigmatic Eldar of TergaDare take on the bountiful Tau
in the Battle at the Barrien Pass. Both armies were at 1700 with Raymond at the helm of the Eldar, and YanXian, Tau.

Take me there :: [TergaDare vs Tau]

++Date: 25:November:2002.M3++
With the exams finally over, we have been playing a number of 40K games! So here it is, a battle between two armies, at 1700 points each!

Take me there :: [TergaDare vs Daggers Point]

++Date: 19:November:2002.M3++
Awesome battle report submitted by Azlan! Do take a peek at this concise report of how the Alaitoc did against the Iron Warriors from Balau.

Take me there :: [Alaitoc vs Iron Warriors]

Also to officially welcome a rather long-time member to this group, we present Azlan!

Name: Azlan
Designation: Farseer of the Alaitoc
Armies: Alaitoc Rangers, other Eldar, IG, Armored
Company, Ravenwing
Location: Malaysia

These are his projects for the next year:
1) 1700pt Thousand Sons
2) finish off the 1700pt Ravenwing (now it's 1500)
3) IG mech infantry (steel legion)
4) DBA early imperial Romans
5) Rebase and overhaul of 15mm Napoleonic Austrian
6) IG all-infantry
7) terrain

++Date: 17:November:2002.M3++
The campaign has moved to it's next turn! Turn 3 has started so do update yourself on who's fighting who! Challenger's, please declare your attacks and fix the matches. Another note, this turn shall take 2 months rather than the usual one as many of us are not in the country during this holidays.

An army being attacked can retreat if there is a friendly territory (owned by the player or ally) located adjacent to it. However, the retreating army will incur a loss of 10% of his army.

Allies may allow other allies to move through their territories without starting a war. Agreements can be made not to wage war.

Take me there::[Standing Tables]


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>>posted: 09:April:2002

This Tyrant has been given the mutation of wings allowing it to get into close combat ever faster. Fear the Nids...

>>posted: 11:March:2002

Raymond's Wave Serpent Conversion. The conversion article is above. Made with nothing but spoons and plasticard.

>>posted: 06:Dec:2001

Kai Chan's Dreadnaught conversion made from multi Gundam parts.

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