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Enrique A. Woll B.
At the beginning of my naval career... 1964
General Adrian Woll
Noguchi & Battistini
Mattia Battistini
Perú - Pictures
Chloe's school
My precious Chloe
Familia Woll
Some thoughts on Google Search
The best résumé is the briefest one, listing one's foremost achievements. Though I can only claim partial credit, at best, I would list Heather, Erika, Tamara and Chloe. Adam would be an unearned bonus.
Medical advice
Creativity in mathematics, science, engineering, music, and art in general was my first calling. Advising those I love, and looking out for them, has been my driving goal. Providing for them is my dream.
My family is large, and spans fours generations, with several hundred members. Most live in Perú, and a relative few in the USA. My friends are few but loyal, and date back to my navy days.
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Daniel Woll Duran
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Chloe Rose Less
...from July, 2005
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Nathan Bedford Forrest
My sweet little Heather at seven...
L.O. High School
Lakeridge High School
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