The Real World...

Welcome, to my world.

Whether you know me by Kitto Neko, The Mighty Fluff, Sochikiwa, Izora Jade Issac, Twila, or you don't know me at all, this is a little...shrine (no.. that makes me sound stuck up..) page about me and my friends and collective works, stories, art, etc that I have done.

Enjoy yourself (that's a laugh) on this page.

It's not very fancy or any of that jazz (yet) but what can I say? I hate to use ready made site thingies now that I know HTML. It drives me out of my mind so you'll just hafta stick with me, ne?

And if anyone knows where I can get more 'k' than geocities has to offer me, I'm begging the knowledge!

Check it Out:

^o^ -- Warning! Before you proceed, you might want to read!

^o^ -- Updates

^o^ -- Real World Pics Me and the People I Hang With and the Dirt On 'Em!

^o^ -- Improv Comic

^o^ -- My Writing

^o^ -- My Ramblings (see, I had to have somewhere to put this shit!)

^o^ -- My Music Corner (under heavy construction until I'm back home with my hundreds of CDs... ::sobs::)

ANYways... More when I think it up.... (scary..)

In the unlikely chance that someone might want to contact me, do so at