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*Mandy's Sailor Moon Ice Palace*

was established on January 30, 2000


I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this site. I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me in my dark hours and kept me going when things were looking bleak.

Special thanks goes out to Grace *Sailor Earth* for contributing so many drawings to my fan art gallery and also for being such a special friend. I want to thank Amber *Sailor Celestial* as well. The drawings that she contributed are very pretty and I really appreciate her taking the time to draw them. (I know how lazy she can be. lol!) Thanks for being there for me. I also want to thank my cousin, Brandy *Sailor Ruby Princess*, for her support of this site and for her constant friendship as well as the little dolls that she made of me and her contributions to my fan art gallery. ^_^ I also want to thank her for the wonderful times that we've had together over the years, especially our manga reading sessions. ~_^

Special thanks also goes out to Katie Ann *Sailor Rainbow* for getting me interested in Web site design and helping me with HTML when I got confused. lol. I also want to thank Tanya *Sailor Crystal Keeper* for being a great friend and supporter. Thanks for the banners, especially the neat animated one! ^_~ I also want to thank God because without Him, nothing would exist and last but not least I want to thank Naoko Takeuchi for Sailor Moon! ^_^

-Mandy *Sailor June Princess*


I do NOT own Sailor Moon. I do NOT own any of its characters. Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi.

*Mandy's Sailor Moon Ice Palace* was created by Mandy, Sailor June Princess, Princess of June. This site was created for one reason and one reason only. I created this site so that I could attempt to show you the fascinating world of Sailor Moon as I see it. I hope you enjoy my web site. May God bless all who enter my online castle.

-Mandy *Sailor June Princess*

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