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Report any broken links you find to me by clicking on "E-Mail Me" above. For the subject line, type in "Broken Link" or "Broken Links." Then, in the e-mail's body, type the section of my site that you found the broken link in such as "Movie Gifs." Then, tell me what the link says such as "Twinkle Yell."

If the link that is broken is a picture in an image gallery, state the image gallery such as "Elios and Chibi Moon," then (if it applies) type "Manga" or "Anime," and then type the picture's number such as "21." I do my very best to keep this entire site free of broken links. This site has become so vast now though that it is hard for me to do so. Your help with this would be appreciated so much! ^_^

If you have any questions or comments or you need help with HTML, just e-mail me. Your e-mails are ALWAYS welcome! ~*~

-Mandy *Sailor June Princess*

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