When chaos has broken free,
all that exists must flee,
to make way for chaos to run its way,
through the past, future, and today,
there is no stopping the chaotic onslaught,
but withstand it's mighty blow,
when it strikes, it hits hard,
you are trapped with no where to go...

                                      - Council member Terminus

In this region of the place humans call cyberspace, something has arisen. Something which wasn't supposed to happen, but has nonetheless. This, is chaos, the unstoppable force which wreaks havoc wherever it goes, leaving no one to be spared. In this site, one member, of one council, of all that is, spoke out, and told the story, of why all is, and why things aren't. This is the last remains of the once mighty council, who ruled the multiverse, and destroyed themselves in tragedy... from a chaotic point of view...

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