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Welcome to James' Page.  I'm gonna keep it simple so I don't waste too much time on this thing, but eventually this page is going to have information on stuff I'm doing at school, photo albums, etc.  It's going to be interesting.

I WILL BE MOVING FROM GEOCITIES VERY SOON because they cut off free FTP access.  I'm gonna move to because it's free for students and you get 60 megs of web space.  Yeap!  As soon as I apply for an account, that is...

April 15

I missed my advising session for meeting with the faculty advisor to chose classes for next semester.  It's okay I hope...I can just go to his normal office hours.

The Classics 10B lecture room is soo sleep inducing, so soporific!  It's warm, dark, yeah.  Just can't sit too close to the professor.  Today during lecture someone was reading a newspaper and the prof took it right from him!  It was very smooth by the prof--props to the prof for keeping his cool.  Oh, that reminds me of all the fun slang to use for "mad props" nowadays.

Mad Props = Much Respect = Mad Ups = Big Ups.  Got any more?

Weather around here has be awesome!  I love this weather...a little too windy today and a little too hot last weekend, but sunny clear skies can't be beat.  The first picture is me standing at the very end of Berkeley Marina, shooting towards Berkeley.  The second is Da City.  What a nice day!

I have an interview tomorrow over the phone for a SBC-Pacific Bell internship, one next week for Microsoft internship.  If I don't get these, I'll consider summer school.

As for major stuff, I'm considering now a minor in Chinese.  I still need to look up the requirements to see if it's worth it.  If I continue with EECS, I can graduate only taking 3 classes every semester starting now!  Of course that's the bare if I didn't want to be an overachiever I could take it easy, just kick it, and get through college.  But that wouldn't be very James-like, would it?

One solution to BioE vs EECS is a compromise.  There's one EECS option that deals with bio electronics.  I could chose that option and just take some more BioE classes on top.  It would require like 4 classes a I don't know if Chinese will fit in.

This weekend one of the ppl in our suite just left.  We are down to 2 single rooms, 1 double room, and 1 triple room.  He didn't tell me he was going to leave, but my suitemates said it was because of financial reasons.  He was a nice guy too...

I got a parking ticket yesterday for parking in the Foothill lot w/out a permit.  Sucks huh...

I had some more "theories" or "definitions" to include too, but I can't remember them now so they will have to wait.

Tonight our small group is going to go to Uno's for pizza dinner.  I've been there only once before when I was in middle school.  Does anyone remember middle school?  Those were the days...

I don't know what to do with all these digital camera pictures I have taken.  Too many to put can be a hassle to prepare them all to be put online.  Maybe I'll just burn them unto a CD and keep them around, and in like 20 years I'll dig up the CD and be like, "what's this?!" and if the CD still works I'll put it into the computer and be like, "whoa, that was my life in college."  yup.  ::nod nod::


April 11

Hello everyone!  I updated finally.  What's up now?  Nothing much.  A little too much Counterstrike is what's up, actually.  There's a little respite (hope that means "hiatus" or something) between now and the next midterm, which is next Friday.  Between now and then I have a cs homework and 2 physics homeworks to do, which isn't that bad.

I find out later today whether I got the computing assistant job or not, which I think is a good job.  Yesterday I was sad cuz it was getting too late to find a summer job/internship, so I was cruising around job listings and found some interesting stuff!  Another computer lab job that pays more than the CA job.  Interesting...if I get the second computer lab job I just might take it...if.  Lots of ifs.

Friday is worship night at Crossroads, so I'm excited!  I could have been on one of the teams, but elected not to this time.  I think it's a good idea...I have sunday worship team practice on saturday neways.

Basketball is fun, except for the very unfortunate fact that I've lost my shot.  My follow-through is non-existent, my arm isn't relaxed, etc etc.  In our IM game I remember chucking up a was so terrible!  Hehe...but later I had a nice little floater.  If I could dunk, it wouldn't have been "nice" or "little," but alas I cannot dunk so that's not really a concern.

I hear there's lots of theorizing going on about the definition of "attraction" and "liking" and I'd like to remind you all that my personal takes on those issues have been answered in previous blogs, but just in case, they are re-posted below.

One last thing: I'm getting scared of Chem 3A!  Discussions, labs, and lectures...5 units...aiig!  Lesse, that plus phys 7b plus ee20 is already 13 units.  Plus another humanities...18 units!  I don't want to take 4 technicals.  =(

Attraction: the feeling you have when you think someone is funny, cool, good looking, or has some qualities that you think are really cool.  I know other people might call this part of "liking" but this is my definition.  I can cry if I want to!  (Allusion to "This is my party I can cry if I want to").

Like: when you've seen the person when he/she isn't acting funny, when he/she isn't acting cool, when he/she isn't dressed up, and you still feel the same about them.  By now you don't just know of some of the person's qualities, you know their good and bad habits, and you still feel the same way about them.

Love: when you decide that you'll stick to this person through thick and thin, come what may.  Sometimes there will be low times, sometimes good times.  Low times can get as low as the other person saying that they hate you.  Or even saying that you hate the other person.  But once love is there it overpowers everything.  There must be forgiveness, there must be patience, there must be no regret.

Another random definition: the difference between being pretty and beautiful.

Pretty: You know how people say beauty is only skin deep?  I think it's completely the opposite.  Someone can be pretty but not beautiful at all.  Someone can be beautiful and not pretty at all.  Someone can be called "hot" and not be pretty at all.  But most of the time things fall somewhere in the middle.  Prettiness is therefore mostly natural physical look but also how one uses one's looks.  People who want attention may flaunt themselves and to me, they become not pretty.

Beautiful: More important than pretty, beauty is basically "love" in my book.  You can do something that is very beautiful, like help someone or do something honorable, etc.  Hence a beautiful person is loving, caring, resolute, moral, yeah, stuff like that.

Where does Infatuation fit in?  I think it's on a different scale...but again that's just me.  I think that you can be attracted and infatuated with someone, or you can like someone and be infatuated, or you can love someone and be infatuated.  I think there are situations where infatuation clouds one's judgement and stuff, but there are also situations where infatuation is perfectly safe because the two people in the relationship really are sold out for each other, and that's a beautiful thing.


April 1

It's April Fool's Day but I really don't feel like fooling anyone.

Today Jerry and I had another epiphany.  We are tweeners.  Tweeners in basketball are people who don't really fit in.  Too slow to be a guard, not big enough to be a forward, stuff like that.  We are not studious/smart enough to hang with the really smart folks in our class (well, barely right now.  I think if we worked on it we could hang with them) and we're not cool enough to hang with the cool people.  Sound like you?  Welcome to the club!

These be hard times...

I got a housing letter just now, i'm opening it as I type!  Let's's just the receipt for the contract that I signed last month.

My legs and glutes (hopefully that word means what I think it means) are so sore from basketball...I may chose to not play tuesday night for our IM matchup against Court Jesters.  They are the most dominant team in our league...ususally in a co-ed league, the guys are better than the girls.  But I am worse than every player on their team, guys and girls.

Classics essay due friday, cs project due next monday, physics midterm next tuesday.

I made a new resolution to study harder....I wonder how long this one will last hehe.

I think I'm going to take O-Chem next semester too to open up the possibility of doing Bio Engineering instead of EECS.  The more we go into low level computing stuff the more I don't like it.

Best wishes to all of you wonderful readers.  I hope we all figure out more stuff in this sometimes twisted and confusing journey we call life.

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