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About EHS Network

The EHS Network, are a collection of employees, safety and health professionals, business', and manufacturers who have joined together to form a group promoting all aspects of safety that relate to our daily operations. Reaching out to Environmental, Health, and Safety Professionals across Central Kansas. Promoting a Cleaner Environment and A Safer Workplace through training and education. 


We believe that responsibility for Environmental, Health and Safety issues must be driven to the employee level and integrated into our daily operations to be successful.  Therefore a group was formed in 1999 to promote all aspects of safety that relate to our daily operations.  


We encourage your company to participate in FREE monthly training and annual OSHA/DOT Workshop provided by EHS Network.  We also encourage your company to participate in FREE consultation services provided to Kansas employers by the Kansas Department of Labor. 


EHS Calendar of Events                                        

Over the past several years, we have invited local specialists, Kansas's regulatory agencies, and even Federal agencies to present on topics of interest to our members. Topics vary, but in general, programs have come about because of interests or requests of those attending. Local Companies host free monthly training meetings in Hesston, Moundridge, and Wichita Kansas.  Meetings are usually limited to one-hour sessions, unless a special presentation is taking place.  Due to the growth of our organization, EHS expanded in 2004 to accommodate the growing needs of our members. 


Safety Training

We believe that training and education is a key element of a successful Safety and Health Management System.  Regular monthly meetings were established for members to network with others in their related industries and provide an easily accessible means to obtain training and education on important environmental, safety, and health topics.


Feature of the Month

We occasionally feature the monthly speaker and/or provide a copy of their presentation or a link to their website for those who were not able to attend the meeting but don’t want to miss the topic.


Sign Up for reminder Notices or RSVP for Event

We post monthly meetings in the Business Section of local newspapers including the following:  The Hutchinson News, The Newton Kansan, and The Wichita Eagle. If you would like to receive monthly reminder notice; just click on the link below


The Events Calendar for the year lists the monthly topics, speakers, time and locations.  We also provide a monthly email reminder notice to our members.  Please sign up for the monthly reminder notice to receive the confirmation of topic.  Monthly Reminder


We do ask that you RSVP for events so that we may better plan for attendance; but it is only mandatory for the OSHA Workshop.  Please call the contact listed on the Calendar, or email us to RSVP.  To RSVP for a monthly training session: RSVP for EHS Topic or click on the email link below the event information on the Events Calendar.  To RSVP for a workshop: RSVP for EHS Workshop


If you have suggestions for future topics or speakers, please give us your suggestions by sending us an email to Future Topics


BE Prepared!!!

As an Environmental, Health, and Safety Network, we recognize the importance of being prepared for emergencies.  We also recognize that when a disaster occurs, all our resources are stretched to the max.  “The best laid plans of men and mice”.   During an emergency things may not go as planned.  Emergencies create confusion!  Practice/Emergency Drill is the only way to help eliminate some of that confusion.  Is your company prepared to deal with an Emergency?  Does your company have an Emergency Action Plan?  Has your company trained management and employees of what to do?  Have you practiced what you will do?  Is your company prepared to handle the confusion?  


Writing an Emergency Action Plan is ONLY the first step in being prepared.  Companies must coordinate their efforts with local EMS and other agencies.  It takes all of us working together.  We encourage you to participate in local organizations efforts.


September is usually the National Preparedness Month.   Visit for tips on how you can be prepared!


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Updated December 2008

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