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You're in My Heart - The Methos and Amanda Chronicles

By JoLayne and Susan:

The Long Strange Trip (by JoLayne, Susan, and Dea) - Methos, Amanda, Fitz, Rebecca, and Byron experience Hotel California

What Is and What Should Be -  Why did Methos leave the Game 200 years ago?

Kiss the Sky - Methos and Amanda at Woodstock

California Dreaming - Methos and Amanda head back to Berkeley after Woodstock

She's Gone - Takes place during the last few days of Alexa's life

Won't Get Fooled Again - After Duncan marries Kate, Amanda and Methos reunite

Helter Skelter - Methos is captured by the Watchers

You Can't Always Get What You Want - Methos and Amanda sail on the Titanic

I Will Remember You - Methuselah's Gift revisited

By Susan: The ABC's of Seduction - PWP starring Methos, Amanda, and food. Yum!


Highlander Fanfic By JoLayne:

The Elizabeth Series NEW - Chapter 99 - Decisions Made

Desert Rose - A watcher and an immortal have fallen in love

End of the Rainbow - Crossover with Queen of Swords

Stand By Me - Joe's in trouble and it's up to his daughter Amy, Methos and Mac to help him out

Stand by Me 2: Artificial Immortality - Joe's been rescued from Peaceful Rest, but there are loose ends to tie up

Who Wants to Help Amanda? - Methos perhaps?

Two stand alone snippets from the Elizabeth Series:

Pyrius - The Horsemen left a survivor of one of their raids. They should have been more careful, for Methos' sake...

Reflection - Methos thinks back to his roots of immortality


By Other Authors:

The Cane - written by XWingAce - continuation of my Stand By Me stories

Amy's Death - written by XWingAce - years after The Cane

An Ordinary Life - by Susan - Methos tries his hand at an ordinary life with an extraordinary mortal woman

By Any Other Name - by Judith - Funny bet between Methos and Mac/Joe.

Evenings, Bright and Fair - by Paula - Heartbreaking story for Joe and Methos fans... A must read! But be warned, get out the tissues because there's a major character death.

Kronos - A poem by MnD!

Minefields of the Mind - The Aaron Series - by Jim - Sergeant Aaron Moss is a premmie turned while serving in the Viet Nam War. As he gets a teacher, and meets other immortals, the trauma he endured in the war carried with him to the world of immortality. Part Two

Son of Liberty - by Erik - An Immortal's teacher returns for a duel between Good and Evil

Part Two

Part Three - crossover with my OFC, Elizabeth

Part Four

The Three Pound Eight Ounce Warrior - By Teresa - Methos gets a friend. A furry little four pawed friend

The Virgin of Cheju - by Helene Lecuyer - In Seventeenth Century Korea, Methos washes up on shore after a shipwreck to find there is more than his own survival at stake.