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Gotta love a man with a sword!
I rode all the way from Texas just to steal your apple!
Open your eyes, Doc, she's right in front of you.
Cute? I can do cute.
Queen of Swords Fan Fiction
The Queen and the Doctor spend the evening together after the demise of the Serpent.
While Montoya's away, Grisham will play.  Helm and the Queen flirt. Tessa and the Doctor grow closer.
Santa Helena is all a buzz with rumors of a budding romance.
This story is a Work in Progress.  It will be posted in parts. Enjoy!
Hear ye, hear ye!
I do not own the characters or concepts of either Highlander or Queen of Swords.  From time to time I play in their Universe. Believe me, no maney is made and no harm is intended.  
You're In My Heart
The Amanda/Methos Connection
The series that details the long, shared history of the ROG and the Thief. Co-written with JoLayne!!
Won't Get Fooled Again
She's Gone
Kiss The Sky
Helter Skelter
Disclaimers and Notes for An Ordinary Life
Part One ~ Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Match!!
You Can't Always Get What You Want
I Will Remember You
Part Two ~ Nice Running Into You
Part Three ~ Getting To Know You
Part Four ~ Pierson, Pity Party For One (AKA Drowning Your Sorrows)
Part Five ~ Guess Whose Coming To Joe's?
Part Six ~ I've Gotta Secret
Part Seven ~ New Year, New Beginnings, New Drama
Part Eight ~ The Old Man In the Modern Day Market Place Coming Soon!!
The ABC's Of Seduction NEW!!
One Night Love Affair NEW!! 03/04/04