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The Enya Webring

LAST UPDATE: October 30th, 2000
Welcome to the Enya Webring! It's been a while but we're back with a brand new, streamlined design and, hopefully, an easier-to-use and more informative site. :)


The Enya Webring was originally founded in October of 1997, by David Smith, Angelo Bautista, Joe DeFilipo, and Ted Remark. Additional input and help here and there has been given by Jean Debord and Chris Hansen. At present, the site and Webring are maintained only by David. (That would be me, if you haven't guessed yet.) Sigh! The work I do for you people.... ;)


It is our goal here at the Enya Webring to bring together as many Enya sites and pages as possible. However, in general we do have a few standards and criteria we like to see in sites that we admit to the ring. Here is a basic list:
  • A potential site should have an appropriate amount of Enya content; something more than just a few sentences and a picture or two.
  • In general, a page or site should be as exclusive about Enya as possible; in other words, "John's Enya Page" would be more likely to be added to the ring than "John's Favourite Musicians" page, in which Enya only gets a small section. There are exceptions, of course: "John's Celtic Musicians Page" would probably be accepted.
  • We will not admit commercial sites to the Webring. By "commercial sites" we mean sites or pages, whether personal or that of a corporation or company, whose primary purpose is to promote or directly sell products and/or services. (Yes, we have had such sites ask for admission in the past!)


The Enya Webring is not officially endorsed by or connected to Enya, her management, or her record companies Warner/WEA/Reprise. We reserve the right to refuse admission of any page or site to the ring. (See the guidelines above; however, in such cases where we do refuse a page or site, we usually at least let them know why!) And, I cannot stress this, I AM NOT ENYA!!! :) I do not know Enya! I (sadly) have never met Enya! (Although to be boastful, I did meet her brother Bartley once.) Please do not send emails to our email address asking us basic info, or expecting a response from Enya! The best online resource for Enya information, as always, is, formerly the Enya Unofficial Home Page. Release information about Enya's upcoming new album can be found at Reprise Records web site.


Yes, the new album, A Day Without Rain, is scheduled for a November 2000 release.

See the above links or the News & Links page for more information.

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