Some of the funnier stuff I have found...

The Invisible Killer
Before the jokes this is an important safety warning everyone should read. I will post it to the mainpage when I get a chance.

Thinking "Outside the Box"
One of the militaries new catch phrases...although this is a non-military story.

Conversational Latin
My website is fun and educational

The Snake Model
The Differential Theory of US Armed Forces upon encountering a snake in the AO (Area of

Real NCO's
There are a few left that they haven't managed to run out of the Army

1945 And Now
Why the US doesn't win wars any more.

Thank You for Calling the US Army

This Sucks!
Why I love the Air Force

Good bullets for NCOER's
Of course the people who deserve them will never get them...

Something for all the Dads out there
A tribute to dads by Bill Maher.


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