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Since you have taken the time, permitting your mind to walk this path, I will tell you a grain about myself.  I am a writer and a lover of the arts, a lover of museums and galleries, a lover of fantasy, a lover of seasons and nature, a lover of food and drink, a lover of music, incense and intimacy...a lover of all things borne of sensuality, especially "cradling". When I am not involved in teaching and bonding with children, I am writing, dancing, reading, working out, cooking & baking, following winding trails through nature, finger painting, attending festivals and carnivals, enjoying scavenger hunts and hayrides, bonfires & lakeside barbeques, meeting new people and helping those who are in need of a loving, nonjudgmental soul. Nature is my tonic, my narcotic and the inspiration for a great magnitude of my writings. 

I'm a gypsy who was born and raised in the House of Bread.  People from many lands, different cultures come to be seduced by the beauty of Christmas we offer. A whimsical collection of beautiful lights adorned in an array of colors cascade from buildings all throughout the city, angelic stories are depicted in flavorful plays, scents of evergreen fill the air and people stroll around allowing the visual effects, aromas and talents to saturate their senses.  If lucky, the sparkle of freshly laid white beauty glistens with glittery gold as carolers walk the streets harmonizing in angelic voices.  It is potent this time of year, and typically, people leave with their spirits moved to another dimension.

One of my favorite times of the year is the week in August when multitudes of ethnicity merge together, share cultural music, food and art in a gala Festival of the Year.  It is a time of wandering, of soulful pleasures, learning and losing oneself in the warmth of fellowship.  What better way for people to meet, let their spirits roam free within the same arena, laugh, sing, dance, join hands and unite in this sensuous atmosphere.

I am a family oriented woman, I have two wonderful parents who loved me enough to raise me with the freedom and knowledge to expand my awareness of who I am, and to never see my lines as straight.  I have two younger sisters and an older brother.  Everyday with my family is a holiday, moments I cherish as Presents.

  I believe in Peace and Privacy for Everyone, I believe in To Each His Own, I believe in Loving my Neighbor as Myself, I believe in Random Love. I believe in allowing Simple Pleasures to always lead my path toward Rainbows, I believe Angels walk in our midst, I believe Men are the Sculpted Art of God and I believe Windows Never Close, instead they gently sway...and for those inquiring minds, Yes I am "In Love" with my readers!

In this time of conflict, tribulation and trepidation...may the peace of the Lord guide and sustain you onto paths of wisdom, optimism, and liberty from the chains of enmity!

A time to live, a time to love, a time to heal...

Feel free to roam; may these mazes be the epiphany to your mental, physical and emotional freedom...

Thank you for drifting with me...

God Bless and Be Safe

*daria's friend*
The Cheetah