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Sept 6th, 2001
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Welcome to the

Top Notch Company

We're the company that offers superb customer satisfaction to the world and the most interesting stuff you've ever seen!

Please Note: This is NOT a professional web site.
(I made it myself.) And without the help of Mr. Cohen!

NEW New school year promises new and exciting opportunities.
TNC's CEO has just entered his final year at Oak Bay High School. He noted that he hopes this new year bring new friends and lots of fun. Lets hope he gets good marks for university.

TNC expanding business to Asia!

Company's International Marketing Manager Davey L is currently trying to create business links in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

TNC wishes Grads a safe and prosperous future!
Mr. Dave attended the Oak Bay graduation ceremony last June. It was a joyous evening but it was also a farewell to all the friends of TNC. They will be missed. GOOD LUCK.
Heres a picture from this ceremony

TNC results are in!

The Top Notch Company gets a Whopping 39/40 on the website. That was the highest mark in the class.

See where it all began..
See the Leader of TNC, the CEO, COO, the everything. Humble as he is.

Amazing Ideas
TNC's amazing new products are loaded with useful features. You'll never leave the house without 'em.

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WARNING: You may experience trouble breathing when viewing the TNC web site. If this happens, quickly turn your head away from the screen. Take a deep breath, release. Resume viewing.

Email: eq_daveliem@yahoo.com

TNC Jokes are Hilarious!
Our Newly added jokes section will make u laugh your brains out. Also, we have a section to contribute to one person.

Gadgets and More Gadgets

The stuff that TNC has been
cooking up in the labs will surely shock your mind

Our Products are Top Notch
Buy a Piece of History! Everyone needs a little TNC in their lives.You can always have a bit more.

Information Scam
The Media Accuses TNC for publishing false data on its own company. Today that issue was cleared up by company spokes persons.

Your Friends
Have our Top Notch Team
in less than 24 hours. How we get there... thats another question...

Extra Help
Email Company Representatives. We also needs testers for our new revolutionary software.

First Visit to TNC?

I suggest just clicking around, read everything you see, look around and wonder if all this good stuff is really. Ask question, email me. Talk to me at school. Give me suggestions. This Top Notch Company is never Top Notch unless we get some viewer input.
Email me with your answers.

eq_daveliem@yahoo.com Thank You
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