The Seychelles Islands archipelago, situated in the western Indian Ocean, consists of 115 islands scattered around in a large area of kmē. The central islands are granitic. Others are coral islands and some atolls are present as well.

Different habitats such as mangroves, mudflats, rocky shores and sandy beaches are home to numerous crabs adapted more or less to the life outside water. Most of the crabs inhabit different habitats or live on the edges of one habitat to the other.

Crabs living in rocky pools or shallow coral or crabs living in mangroves but mostly in the water cannot be generally classified as terrestrial, but are adapted to survive short or longer periods in dry conditions. They are included in this site.

 Habitats can generally be classified as following :

BulletBeach on Coetivy island  Sandy beaches

Bullet Bush close but behind the beach, sandy soil

Bullet   Mangroves

Brackish water pool at Grand Anse. The mangrove area is behind the pool.

Bullet  Mudflats

Bullet Rocky pools

Bullet Shallow and intertidal coral reef

Bullet Freshwater

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