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  Location of the Seychelles islandsThe Seychelles Islands archipelago, situated in the western Indian Ocean, consists of 115 islands scattered around in a large area of km². The central islands are granitic. Others are coral islands and some atolls are present as well. Different habitats such as mangroves, mudflats, rocky shores and sandy beaches are home to numerous crabs adapted more or less to the life outside water.

  This site attempts to give information on which crabs are living on the islands and where they can be found. Whenever possible, other information on the ecology of the crabs is added. A general desciption and pictures are also included.

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Cousin and Cousine



This page gives a list of islands catagorized by type.

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The Habitat page gives a description of the different habitats where land or coastal crabs can be found in Seychelles. Each habitat contains a list of crabs observed. Habitats can be classified as following :
Creek at Grand Anse, Mahé

BulletSandy beaches



BulletRocky pools


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Go to the Classification page for a detailed classification of the families of decapod crabs. Each family contains a list of crab species observed in Seychelles. You can also go straight to the page for the families below.

BulletSpecies found

Each Family page describes the species observed.

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A list of references used.

 Some other crabs

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