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                     Welcome to Ifeanyi Mbonu's Internet Home

 You are welcomed most exceedingly to my personal home page. As a matter of  fact, this personal  home  page offers  a  little  service to  everyone  on  the  web  for  free.  It is one of the best Nigerian home pages  designed  by myself.

This site is the blending of my experience in web design technology Precisely, this site is poised to making the whole world  realize that


 Nigerians have good young talents  which  are yet to be developed in times to come

Bill  Gates once  said  "The  internet  will  create  thousands  upon thousands of new millionaires in  the next  four years. Those that do not learn how to  use it will be left behind.

It is hoped  that in this  work,  web designing  will  be  looked  upon  by  people  and youths  as  a  useful, fascinating  and  a  very  necessary  function  of  our  society.

We  believe  the  challenge in web  designing will be met at  least in  part by all of us who  work   hard   in   academics  and   practical   pursuit  throughout  the   country and the world and  we  hope  this  will  be  of  some  help  in  meeting that challenge

Those  of us who currently do research and  designs on the  internet  are in  debt to and wish to especially recognize and thank the past efforts of  our pioneers, legends, webmasters and tutors who provided the academic platform on which current efforts rest.

  Once  again, you're welcome to  Ifeanyi  Mbonu's  Home  Page. I wish you the best  as you browse through, run  well, be smart, follow rules of  the game  and  remember


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