HI, I am Sean Jeremy!!!
Hello, my name is Sean Jeremy! My mommy named me 'cause those two names were her favorites so, she already had my name even before she got pregnant!! I am almost 28mos!  Man, time goes so fast! I have a  pretty good time with my mom and dad. They are nice enough to live with, hehe.
I like playing with dirt so I always bring my shoes to my mom or dad so she/he can take me outside. My mom speaks  Korean, so I learn two languages at the same time. Oh well.. my dad was kinda worried though. Because for him I seemed to understand Korean more than English.. So, he often says I  may have to go to ESL program before my school. DAD.. I am SMART enough!!
And whatelse...? I like watching Sesame street.. especially "Elmos' world".
I am  not a picky-eater. I have a pretty good appetite, indeed. Do you want me to name some of it?
Carrots, broccoli, peas.. See, I told you!
My mom is very proud of me and she always reminds me how much she loves me. She is a nice lady... And my dad is a real good-player. We get along with each other well. My mom often says we two are sooo cute together!!!

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