Meet My Sweetie
My sweetie... now my husband, Kyle.
He is such an adorable and lovable person that I ever met.Of course, I had few(?) boyfriends before just like other girls when I was in college, but this man really got me!
Sometimes, he makes me so furious with such minor stuff... well though, he knows how he can make up later.
So, what shall I do about it? Haha...

His stats: 5'8" 155 pounds
His attraction: Wondering pure Blue eyes
HIs hobbies: Laying on the couch watching the IDIOT BOX!
His favorite food: He thinks the four food groups are sugar, salt, fat and beer....?
His favorite movie: He doesn't like movies because he says it costs too much!! Well, we rent the DVDs....~!
His music: He likes both kinds of music-Rock'n Roll!
His favorite Musical: The Phantom of the Opera.
His favorite color: Brown and Khaki.
His job:Computer Network Engineer
In words, COMPUTER GEEK....
His Task:Washing the dishes, clothes, and mowing the grass every weekends. Well... of course I don't let him all of my work, you know...
HIs favorite country: Paris, France.He didn't want to go there before since he was told that French people are so snobbish and arrogant, but after his actual visit, he was so impressed on their attitude and kindness. 
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