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Hey! If you're looking for a site dedicated to Korea look no further. We aim to provide an online forum where people can find out infomation, find useful links like grey lists etc. We endeaver to provide the real scoop on Korea. So browse and enjoy!
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Essential Links
Answers To Questions Such As:
- Do I Need A Release Letter?
- How To Do A Visa Run?
- What Questions Should I Ask A Prospective Employer?
- My Employer Won't Pay Me
What Can I Do?
So You Think This will Be A Stroll By The Beach?
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That You Will Be Teaching Angels?
Soaking Up The Exotic Culture?
Looking For The Grey Lists? Look No Further:
The Korean "Mother Of All Graylists" Is Easy To Look Up Via An Alphabetical Index. This Is The Only Substantial Grey List Web Site Left Since The Other One Was Closed Down.
Dating Beautiful Women?
Counting Your Money?
The Japan Myth
Applying For A Job From Home Vs Applying In Country
Well Wake Up Brother!!!
Tips For Making Korea Work For You
Teaching And Discipline Tips
Taiwan vs Korea vs Japan
Its Time To Get Real,
Updates On The Teaching Scene In Korea:
The Job Market etc as at 9/00
The Job Market etc as at 1/01
Take Charge (and dress well),
Articles By Guest Authors:
by the redoubtable panthermodern: "you might have been here too long when..."
by "not famous yet": "foreigner sings the blues"
by John Bocskay: "The Great Mysteries Of Korea"
by M.R.Bradie A 24-hour Burnout on a 5 Day Revolving Door in a Doomed Megalopolis.Part1, Part2, Part3.
Gain Some Perspective,
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And The Information On This Site Is Here To Do Exactly That!!!
Map Of Korea
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