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    Hey! If you're looking for a site dedicated to Taiwan look no further. We aim to provide an online forum where people can find out infomation, find useful links like grey lists etc. We endeaver to provide the real scoop on Taiwan. So browse and enjoy!
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Answers To Questions About Visas, Climate, Pay Rates Etc
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The "Mother Of All Graylists" Is Easy To Look Up Via An Alphabetical Index. This Is The Only Substantial Grey List Web Site Left Since The Other One Was Closed Down.
Korea vs Taiwan vs Japan
How NOT To Do 20 Hours/wk Lesson Preparation!
The Taiwan Black List - An Online Forum Where People Can Post Their Experiences
Whats The Likelihood Of War Breaking Out Between Taiwan And China?
Articles By Guest Authors:
by "not famous yet": "foreigner sings the blues"
Photo Tour Of Taiwan
Pearls Of Wisdom From Battle-Scarred: Chain, Sometimes. Schools, Not.
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Click here for a superb aerial pic of Taiwan curtesy of George Yu
Teaching Tips For Maximizing Success In Taiwan
With money you are a dragon, with no money a worm.
                  -Chinese Proverb

"Be so subtle that you are invisible.
Be so mysterious that you are intangible.
Then you will control your rivals fate."
                  -Sun Tzu
My Two Weeks In Taiwan by Eugene Trabich
A 1-2-3 Guide To Getting A Job In Taiwan
Map of Asia