In this modern day the Temuan are still holding to their custom such as :

1.Respecting their oldery-if failed to do that their will strike by bad luck.
2.Cannot praised a baby cause it will make the child sick and die
3.When a little rain fall , their must slip a leave into their ear so it will protect them during their jurney
4.Must said "pinah hunan' and putting their saliva into their neck if their desire anything whom their cannot get.Fail to do so will result accident
5.Must 'tempot' ( touched the food to their skin ) if their leave in hurry without eating the food. Failed to do so will result accident or death.
6.Must stay quite during the thunder strike. if their making the noise the Thunder god will strike them because He consider them as a satan. The Temuan belief that thunder strike occur when Thunder god were hunting the satan. That's way their must stay quite to prevent the Thunder god from strike at them.
7.Do not kill a person cause the person ghost will hunt them back.
8.Stay away from a place that was haunted because there was evil spirit will disturb them.


The Orang Asli Temuan must light up fire every evening.










Light up fire evening at their own backyard to chase away evil spirits or ghost.Their still practising this taboo even though their area had become city ( for example at Desa Temuan, Damansara Perdana)

Must smoke up the food at night if the food is buy or carry from outside.










Is is just because for the Temuan were afraid that evil spirits will join eating the food without their notice it with naked eyes.

Throw away a little food









For open door or window at evening or night, when the Temuan having lunch, they must throw a little bit of food to prevent evil spirit or ghost to join them eating without their notice.If not do so, the Temuan belief that they will get sick stomach because their eating with the ghost or evil spirits without their notice it's.


The Temuan believe that Loyok is an Evil Demon Bird whom flew at the evening.This bird will make people sick and die.So their must stay inside home if the Loyok flew around their roof.

Kelong Kuat bird

Kelong Kuat bird is a messenger from death realm telling the Temuan people that someone had already died. The Kelong Kuat bird not regulary making any sound, but if it's making the sound the Temuan belief that someone had died.

Aii Mambang Kuning

Aii Mambang Kuning is when the cloud at the evening continue become yellow color for several minutes.The Temuan believe that Aii Mambang Kuning will make them sick and then their will die if their exposed to it.To prevent Aii Mambang Kuning continously appear at the sky, the Temuan use their mouth and spray a plain water into the air to make Aii Mambang Kuning vanished.